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Susannah Tantemsapya is a creative producer, journalist and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

In 2005, she founded Creative Migration, a nonprofit that produces documentaries about art and social engagement with a focus on sustainable filmmaking practices. She has directed and produced several projects including POST NEW BILLS: The Story of Green Patriot Posters, which is part of Project Green, an international sustainable filmmaking initiative based in Paris and New York. It features interviews with Shepard Fairey, DJ Spooky, Michael Bierut and Mathilde Fallot.

She is also a regular contributor to Whitewall Magazine, focusing on the ever-burgeoning contempoary art world in Los Angeles and beyond.

Susannah earned a degree in Photojournalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she began as a music journalist and editor for ‘SUP MAGAZINE. This evolved into a 10+ year career in the music industry working with clients such as V2 Records, Capitol Records, Lucinda Williams and Eels. Her experience extends to branding and marketing at the creative agency Articulate Design in San Francisco. She began working in film as a PA for director/theater artist Robert Wilson.

She is also a dual citizen of the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand.

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