Barrie James Sutcliffe

Göteborg, Sweden

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Barrie James Sutcliffe is a Canadian intermedia artist. He recently graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Gothenburg, in Sweden.

Presently Barrie has been working with sound installation and various methods of recording and re-processing sound in an exploration of trans-media degradation. Key questions relate to the use of sound in space and the bodily perception of it, the persistence or survival of meaningful information through various destructive processes, and a focus on the act of selection and decision as central to the identity and function of consciousness. Within all this, the idea of the space and context encoding itself within the sound recording or performance is primary.

His focus over the past years has ranged from neuroscience, quantum mechanics, urban theory and planning, architecture, information study, western occult literature, contemporary particle physics, graphic expressionism, valve electronics, microcontrollers, analog audio tape, turntables, and other such noise-making devices.
He is interested in art practice as a research process that is not reducible to a textual form or otherwise easily explainable, specifically rejecting the the idea that an art theory could explain both the creative process and the contemporary climate of art production, as well as a finished work of art.

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