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    Animal Tropical Music Videos

    by Jorge Rubiera

    2 Videos

    Animal Tropical is a band from Miami, FL. These are their music videos, created by themselves and their close collaborators. www.animaltropicalband.com

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    Animal Tropical Live at SweatStock 2010

    by Jorge Rubiera

    2 Videos

    Sweat Records in Miami, FL turned 5 years old on Saturday, April 17th. Animal Tropical was among many bands to play including ANR, No Age, and the Jacuzzi Boys.

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    The Skeptical Operetta

    by Jorge Rubiera

    2 Videos

    The Skeptical Operetta is a fictional interview series hosted by Jonathan Rose. Miami's Animal Tropical performed along to the projected film on 4/3/10 at CinemaSounds at the Tower Theater.

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