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Sweet Spirit Productions specializes in filming weddings & events creating cinematic-style HD video productions with DSLR cameras, as well as with Super 8mm film.

From the owners of Sweet Spirit Productions:
"We capture the emotion and beauty of your wedding and bring a unique, artistic vision to your wedding film. We are a husband and wife team and are grateful to make our full-time living by following our passion. We have a laid-back, organic style of shooting and do our best not to interfere with the actual events. We use cinematography techniques and exceptional audio to heighten the storytelling. Our clients (even those who added video at the last moment, not considering it a priority) will tell you that it is the best thing that they did for their wedding!" --Sandy & Janet Buller
SSPWSE.com Studio: 281-375-5377

We also provide documentary film/video production for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organization.

Find out more by visiting sweetspiritproductions.com or by emailing sandybuller@gmail.com

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