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I’ve been tethered underneath a helicopter over the ocean in a rain storm, seen 45 foot waves crash on to a ship IN a class 5 typhoon, and been literally shot at, with assault rifles, while shooting footage. I have recorded footage of real explosions that can put movie special effects teams to shame. I’ve captured footage of presidents, dignitaries, joint chiefs, rock bands, and movie stars without batting an eye. I’ve been so close to wild animals, I have the scars to prove it.
The phrase “improvise, overcome, and adapt” (with a Clint Eastwood impression) is my mantra. All of this just to get the footage that’s needed, and that is only one of many skills I apply this determination to. I have artwork archived in the Smithsonian US History Museum and have recently won a regional Emmy, just to show how determined I am.

Just imagine what I will do for you.


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