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Camera Crew Corp. has offices in Toronto, Canada and Kyiv, Ukraine. There are 3 main business areas:

• TV commercials production & representation of creative talents
Company represents Dima Bondarenko, tabletop director and dop, with wide international experience. We are interested in development of cooperation and shooting tabletop commercials worldwide.

We represents wide range of Ukrainian and E.European advertising creative talents & resources (directors, photographers, animation, post production, digital studios).

• IT outsourcing and out-staffing business solutions.
Camera Crew Corp. provides IT outsourcing and out-staffing business solutions through providing of audit of IT needs. Business domains include financial services, insurance, healthcare, gambling, digital marketing. R&D office located in Ukraine.
Company provides services for mobile applications and web development also.

• TV production
Camera Crew Corp. provides high quality services for media people working in Ukraine (equipment, local crew & personnel, logistics, accommodation, transport etc):

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