1. interstellarum Sternstunde März 2013


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    ASTRONEWS • Folgenschwerer Impakt: Explosion über Tscheljabinsk (0:57) • Asteroid flog dicht an der Erde vorbei: 2012 DA14 (5:12) • Amateure vermessen Kleinplaneten Sylvia inklusive Mond (7:15) HAUPTBEITRÄGE • C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS: Interview mit Daniel Fischer (9:20) • interstellarum packt aus: 100°-Okulare von Meade (19:21) ASTROVORSCHAU (Auswahl) • Planetentro Merkur, Venus und Jupiter am Abendhimmel (24:22) • Saturnopposition am 28. April (26:00) • C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS (26:32) • Partielle Mondfinsternis am 25. April (27:23) • Der Sternhimmel im April/Mai 2013 mit Virgo-Galaxienhaufen (28:21) ZUSCHAUERVIDEOS • Griechische Amateurastronomen filmen 2012 DA14 (29:54)

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    • ScienceCasts: What Exploded Over Russia?


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      Visit http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2013/26feb_russianmeteor/ for more. Two weeks after an asteroid exploded over Russia's Ural mountains, scientists are making progress understanding the origin and make-up of the unexpected space rock. This week's ScienceCast presents their latest results.

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      • Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14


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        Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14 2013.02.16 AM4:30~5:51JST 

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        • 2012 DA14, un asteroide fugaç


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          NEO vist el passat 15/02/2013

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          • Asteroid 2012 DA14


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            More here http://simoninthelakes.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/7/ This is the edited and processed result of a three hour astrophotography session at the top of the Shap Road, north of Kendal, Cumbria on the evening of 15 February 2013. Each frame in the video is a large file jpeg (12MP) on a Nikon D90 exposed for 13 seconds at ISO 6400, using a 28mm lens at f/4. I took a total of 323 frames at 4 frames per minute. They are joined and played at 10 frames per second, making the video 150x normal speed. Asteroid 2012 DA14 is only 30 metres across, and is heading away from the Earth having approached to within 28,000 kilometers. For the whole of the shoot, it was invisible to the naked eye (magnitude 7+ by this time) and moving across the sky at about one degree of arc (that's about twice the visual diameter of the moon) per minute. The forecast clear skies turned to clouds, the fog spread from Kendal, the motor drive on my equatorial mount failed, it was about minus 5 celcius and I had forgotten my down jacket, hat and gloves. Apart from that everything went quite well! It was pitch dark throughout. The orange clouds are reflection of urban light, only showing because of the long exposure, wide aperture and high film speed setting. 2012 DA14 is the dot moving from bottom right to top left of the dark panel. I had no idea I'd succeeded in catching anything until I put the video together back home. Processing details (Photoshop): -The dark panel is an area where I eliminated all data below a certain threshold. That's a quick and easy way of reducing the skyglow. -For each frame in the dark panel I then isolated the asteroid in a small disc-shaped layer. I maximised the contrast within that disc, then increased its brightness to match its background to the surrounding dark panel background, effectively making the disc disappear and increasing the brightness of the asteroid. Nothing has been cloned or otherwise added to the original data.

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            • Asteroid 2012 DA14 fly-by


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              The record-breaking close fly-by by asteroid 2012 DA14 as seen from Bonn. 173 frames, taken with the 0.5m rooftop telescope (Argelander Institute for Astronomy).

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              • 2012 DA14 Asteroid Path


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                The path of the 2012 DA14 asteroid as seen by the Anglo-Australian telescope at the Australian Astronomical Observatory last week. Credit to Lee Spitler, Andy Green and Steve Chapman at the Australian Astronomical Observatory for capturing the footage, and Angel Lopez-Sanchez as the author of the video.

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                • Night Wanderers


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                  Asteroid 2012 DA 14 passed very close to the Earth on February 16th 2013, local time. Australians, and Western Australians in particular were in a great position to observe the asteroid, being on the night side of Earth as it flew by. I captured this footage starting 3.24 am from a dark sky site 350 km east of Perth. Just after camera rolling, a beautiful meteor burned across the sky, and amazingly, passed right through my camera's field of view, lingering while the debris train swept up and out of view. In addition, the sky was also very busy swarming with countless man made satellites. The asteroid is the bright object at left moving down the screen. The scene was captured at 50 mm, iso 8000, f/2.2, 8 second shutter, 9 second intervals. For more details and other examples of my work, check out - https://www.facebook.com/ColinLeggPhotography

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                  • Asteroid 2012 DA14 close approach to Earth on 16 February 2013, preview timelapse sequences


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                    Asteroid 2012 DA14, photographed on 16 February 2013, from Western Australia (70km east of Perth) These timelapse sequences are previews. Three timelapse sequences of the asteroid were obtained. 1: Canon 5DII with 24mm lens, on a fixed tripod, 2. 300mm F2.8 lens (FD) and Canon 5DII, tracked timelapse, and 3. Canon 550D 18-200mm lens at 18mm, tracked timelapse. Copyright: John Goldsmith. Credits: Sequence 1 and 2, Copyright John Goldsmith Sequence 3 Copyright Divya Palaniswamy Notes: Times and location data are approximate. Perth time is GMT +8 hrs. Celestial Visions www.celestialvisions.com.au

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                    • Asteroide 2012 DA14


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                      Como se veía desde el observatorio Mpc J37 Huelva el asteroide 2012 DA14 poco después de su máximo acercamiento a la Tierra, la noche del 15 de febrero de 2013. Durante la secuencia de este video el asteroide se fue alejando de la Tierra desde unos 53000 km hasta unos 86000 km. La musica es "Elsewhere" de Vangelis.

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