1. Inspiration Corridor by DigitasLBi Paris & Klepierre


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    Together with Klepierre, DigitasLBi Labs created “Inspiration Corridor” to illustrate the ongoing revolution and future opportunities for unique shopping experiences in malls. An infra-red Kinect camera analyses individual visitors as they enter the “Inspiration Corridor”, thanks to body scanning technology. A device equipped with QUIVIDI video analysis and PigData product recommendation scans the users and their outfits within 10 seconds and registers the collected data: gender, age group and style of clothes. This analysis generates a personalised ‘mood-board’ of products to consumers upon their arrival. They can also scan the bar code of another product purchased within the shopping centre if they wish to accessorise it: for example, to match shoes with a dress. This produces a selection from the Socloz-supplied database of products and catalogues of partner brands presented in the shopping centre. Then, just like window-shopping, the user has to walk through the corridor and select their favourite products on the screens. Each chosen item affects the recommendation engine, made with PigData, and simultaneously updates the product selection. Thanks to Carlipa technology, we were able to push real-time content on all screens and interact with customer movements. Upon leaving the corridor, iBeacons technology Bluetooth® 4.0 allows customers to synchronise their product selection on their Klépierre mobile application. They can then geo-localise all the pre-selected products within the shopping centre.

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    • MRI scan - Wat kun je verwachten?


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      Lees hier meer over MRI scan: http://www.ziekenhuis.nl/onderzoek-diagnose/m/mri-scan

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      • Body Scan (early sketch)


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        A sketch/ unfinished idea to be developed (or not...) a later date, which I presented over Skype to a workshop seminar called 'Austerity and the body' at Autoitalia on 9th August. Initially the idea was for him to take the photos (using camfind app) but we got distracted, so I took some when I couldn't sleep and then more when I got to Athens later that day.

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        • Total Body Scan / MRI scan voor Vivian Boelen bij Privatescan


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          Nieuwslezeres Vivian Boelen ondergaat een Total Body Scan Met de Total Body Scan kunnen ziekten en aandoeningen vroegtijdig worden opgespoord. De kans op genezing is hiermee vele malen groter. De Total Body Scan van Privatescan is momenteel één van de meest uitgebreide en geavanceerde preventief medische onderzoek, welke verkrijgbaar is. De nieuwste en modernste 3.0 tesla MRI scan, open MRI scan en dual source CT scan technieken worden gebruikt om u van top tot teen te onderzoeken. * MRI en/of CT-apparatuur * Total BodyScan * gerichte MRI scan * preventie klinieken

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          • ASUS XTION 3D scanner - Handle and Lens Cover


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            A 3D printable grip and lens cover for the ASUS XTION motion sensing hardware which is very affordable and popularly used as a hand-held 3D scanner. The XTION normally stands on a base for table-top use which is not aimed to be hand-held. This 3D printable file was designed to fit the ASUS XTION making 3D scanning much easier and the device more comfortable to use. It has the following features/advantages: - Makes it easy to ergonomically hold and aim the 3D scanner - The lens cap protects the optics when the XTION is stowed away - The lens cap can be snapped to the back of the XTION while 3D scanning. This keeps it always together with the device so it is not lost - The XTION can stand upright on the flat base surface of the grip - The holes on the base make it easy to attach the device to a table top, wall, camera stand, etc - The grip has a dedicated pocket for the ferrite core of the USB cable, thus making the design slim. - The USB cable resides inside the grip and comes out on the back part of the base. This keeps it out of the way while 3D scanning and lets the XTION stand on flat surfaces. - The cable is held in place by inserting short pieces of 1.75 mm 3D print filament. No glue or screws required. - The four legs of the lens cover and flat base makes it easy to wrap the USB cable and keep it tidy when the XTION is stowed away. CAD FILES The original Rhino surface CAD file and a STEP version is supplied to make it easier to modify and adapt in a CAD software. 3D PRINT FILES A high resolution STL file of the handle and the lens cover is supplied. Ready-sliced files in .x3g format for MakerBot Replicator 2 are also supplied. 3D SCAN SAMPLE A sample 3D scanned file is supplied in both ready-to-print STL (with supports) and the original MeshMixer file where the raw scan data was treated. (Se video) DOWNLOAD THE GRIP Get the 3D file for this grip for free from: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:126936 THE HARDWARE - ASUS XION - http://www.asus.com/Multimedia/Xtion_PRO/ KOMPATIBLE 3D SCANNER SOFTWARE - Artec Studio - http://www.artec3d.com/software/ - ReconstructMe - http://reconstructme.net/ - Skanect (for Mac!) - http://skanect.manctl.com/

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            • Mindfulness Practice for Sleep


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              Visit- www.TheMindfulCoach.com Since insomnia, like other stress-related problems, is fed both by our fight against the symptom and by other disturbing emotional issues, it's no surprise that practicing mindfulness can be helpful. This works best when combined with other techniques. Conventional non-drug treatments for insomnia focus on three broad strategies: 1. stimulus control 2. sleep hygiene 3. relaxation 1- The first approach, stimulus control, is designed to teach us to associate the bed with sleep. To do this, you are advised not to read, watch TV, or eat in bed. Most approaches instruct patients to reserve the bed for only sleep and sex. Furthermore, they suggest that if you are not sleeping, after around 20 minutes you should get up and read or have some (caffeine-free) tea, returning to bed when you feel tired (the idea is not to associate the bed with tossing and turning). 2- The second approach, sleep hygiene, is designed to establish a regular pattern of nighttime sleep. This is done by getting into bed at the same time each night, getting out of bed at the same time each morning, and avoiding naps—regardless of how long you've slept. This way you won't fall into the pattern of napping during the day to catch up on sleep, only to feel wide awake at night. 'You may wonder why you would reserve the bed for sleep and sex if you're trying to create an association in your mind between the bed and sleep. The answer is that health professionals are too prudish to suggest that you sleep in the bed and have sex in the living room, though this would be the better strategy. 3- The third approach is relaxation training. The idea here is that by practicing relaxation you can reverse the arousal of the fight-or-flight response and more readily get to sleep. Experiences gathered during mindfulness meditation retreats have led to the development of another approach, based on three observations. 1. First, when we practice mindfulness intensively, we find that we have a reduced need for sleep—we feel refreshed and alert with fewer hours in bed. This suggests that either some of the restorative function of sleep is met by mindfulness meditation or it helps us sleep more deeply. 2. Second, fighting insomnia just keeps us awake. Mindfulness, with its emphasis on accepting whatever is happening in the moment, tends to defuse this battle. 3. Third, mindfulness practice helps us let go of goal-oriented thoughts and work with difficult emotions—so it's an effective way to deal with the tigers within that keep us up at night.

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              • Body Awareness Technique (BAT) - Lær dig selv at slappe fuldstændig af


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                Stress - Søvnproblemer - Muskelspændinger? Akupunktør Achim Steinhäusser giver en introduktion til BAT - en simpel afspændingsteknik som du selv kan lære for at opnå dyb afspænding. Anbefalet især ved stress og søvnproblemer. Læs mere på: http://www.lifeinspire.eu Gratis download af guidet afspænding som mp3 fil på: http://lifeinspire.eu/index.php/selvhjaelp-a-inspiration

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                • IBC Project Teaser 2


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                  A new documentary from the creator of the award-winning film, My Longest Day, The IBC Project discusses the struggles of one woman's fight with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and the general lack of knowledge about a disease that is commonly, and incorrectly, considered rare. Both the general public and the medical community are amazingly unfamiliar with this virulent affliction (the most aggressive form of breast cancer that is known), and the IBC Project is fighting against this ignorance. No Lump. Still Cancer. Coming this Fall Get educated at: ROTNblog.com

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                  • Total Body Scan van Privatescan | Chimène van Oosterhout legt uit.


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                    Een Total Bodyscan is meer dan alleen MRI- en/of CT-scan. Voorafgaand aan uw Total Bodyscan vindt een uitgebreid lichamelijk vooronderzoek plaats. Naast het meten van uw BMI (Body Mass Index, een indicator voor overgewicht), uw vocht- en vetgehalte en spiermassa, vindt een cardiologisch onderzoek plaats. Zo wordt uw longfunctie gemeten, worden er ECG’s van uw hart in rust en bij inspanning gemaakt en een echoscopie van uw hart en halsslagaderen. Chimène van Oosterhout is een Nederlandse omroepster, was benieuwd hoe het met haar gezondheid is en liet een total body scan doen. Ze vergeleek de twee aanbieders in Nederland, koos het voor haar beste programma wat beschikbaar is om zo een goed totaalbeeld te kunnen vormen van haar gezondheid en onderging de Total Body Scan. De onderzoeken worden uitgevoerd in Duitsland met Duitse artsen. Voor een Total Body Scan komt vrijwel iedereen in aanmerking.

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                    • Mindfulness Kropsscanning (9 min.)


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                      Kære Du, Dette er en god liggende mindfulnessøvelse. God fornøjelse ;-)

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