1. The Yummy Balmy Dance Music Jam


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    Recorded at 848 Community Space, June 24, 2000 to celebrate the opening of Tasmanian photographer Tony Ryan's show. This is when I performed with my CHEROTIC ALL-STAR BAND at the opening of the first U.S. exhibition of the work of the tasmania's erotic photographer Tony Ryan. It broke out in the second half of the performance into a very juicy erotic dance which pulled in several audience members! When I reviewed Tony Ryan's first book of photography, “Beauty/Reality” for the 7th issue of my zine, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary, we had not met in person. I met Tony on the Internet. I was searching for erotic art that wasn't legs-spread, beer- can- in- the- ass- dildo- in- cunt- sucking- cock parody on sex (such parodies have their place, but ...). And that is where the world also met Tony. On the Internet is where Tony broke out of the isolation that is felt by most artists who do not do fashionable art, who do not fit in, or who run afoul of the local art power structure, and/or live in the boonies ... In Tony's case, Tasmania! As our correspondence continued, I encouraged Tony to live out one of his dreams, to come to the Bay Area and show his photography in the U.S.. He was able to actually come twice, appearing on my live internet show, The Shaman's Den, both times. In 2000, Tony showed his photography at 848 Divisadero, a radical art space in San Francisco, where I had done a series of performances in the late 90s. We did a great music jam to launch the exhibit. He also showed his work at Passion Flower in Oakland, an adult shop where I also performed over the years, doing all-night and other extended time ritual audience-participation performances. Tony was eager to return in 2001, so I set two of my students to work finding spaces that would host Tony's photography in San Francisco and Oakland/Berkeley. This time, Tony was able to show in four different spaces, including a repeat visit to Passion Flower, and an exhibit at Artists Television Access (ATA) in San Francisco, an underground film/video house where I have also shown my films. I was happy that Tony could show his photos here, to expose a live audience to his work. He was also able to do a series of photo shoots in the Bay Area while he was here. Tony shows that by putting your art directly out into the world, you can by-pass all road blocks that the power structures put in your way. The work is humanistic (thus, truly feminist), completely erotic because it is not limited by sex. Tony, as do I, admits to being especially attracted to working with women, to what he calls the special tension. In fact, he subtitled his first book, "Male Eye-Female Mind". By doing so, he called attention to the major and active role of the female models in the creative process. I think Tony's art and my own have evolved from similar beginnings. Some of my earliest performances were what I call “street performances”. I had been painting oils for years, painting with a brush strapped to my forehead, painting nudes from magazine photos. One day, a rich woman asked me to paint a nude of her. My wife set me and my paints up in the fancy living room as the woman undressed. On that day I realized how art can give people permission to do what normally is forbidden. This began my street series. I sat on the center plaza, "selling newspapers". But selling papers was only a context. The context for me was an excuse for watching people, talking to people who had the slowness and the insightful curiosity to stop and talk...a way for me to ask them to model for me. I painted a lot of the special people from the street performances. I noticed the changes in the people when they took off their clothes; how they relaxed, how they started talking on a deeper level about important personal things. In this same way, the nude body in each of Tony's photos is just the starting point to reveal the "subject's" personality/spirit, to explore relationships, and to dive into the magical intimate altered reality of the shooting session, the special intimate reality created when artist and model come together in art.

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    • CP, The Colorful Pedestrian - raw footage


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      This video is by far the most warmly erotic of my videos! When I put up GESTURES [ https://vimeo.com/46380391 ], it reminded me of this video because Allison was the plant in that performance. This video was the first time I worked with Allison. I was in a bad film. Not only could my co-star not act, she would barely touch me! We were lovers in the film. She disappeared before the end of shooting and the director had to go back to Los Angeles. So I took over. One of the things I did was to get a body double who looked nothing like the bitch. Allison was a great actor and totally comfortable with nudity and eroticism. Most of this video is she and I nude erotically playing together fully and juicy fun cosy explicit exploration. I GOT A LOT OUT OF BEING IN A BAD FILM! Gestures - Allison: https://vimeo.com/70515303

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      • Out Of Isolation: Rehearsal - Studio J, Berkeley, California, April 24, 1995


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        This is another rehearsal mid- week between the weekends of the play. I was still trying to figure out why the performances before audiences frankly sucked and had little erotic juice when the rehearsals were about the most warmly erotic thing I had ever done. After the run was over, Bonnie finally admitted she didn't think people could handle it full strength, so she kept watering it down for the audience! I NEVER WATER ANYTHING DOWN!

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        • Out Of Isolation - Rehearsal, Curtis Street, April 18, 1995


          from Frank Moore / Added

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          This video of a rehearsal for OUT OF ISOLATION when I directed it as a play is one of the most warmly erotic things I have done. In fact the whole rehearsal process with Corey as Jim [my role in the film] and Bonnie as Jane was always deeply erotic. But when they got on stage [where I as the director was powerless] most of the erotic juice disappeared. This rehearsal was in between the two weekends of the play. Obviously the erotic juice appeared again for this rehearsal!

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          • Nonfilms - Maya


            from Frank Moore / Added

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            Recorded February 25, 2002 Maya played the violin in my band dressed in only a tiny loin cloth and a chain metal halter. But in this we see all!

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            • Nonfilms - Inga & Anne


              from Frank Moore / Added

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              Recorded in the early 1980's. These are another platonic female couple of friends who lustily played together intimate sexy fun! But can anybody explain why, even after they had gone around topless, they then hid their nipples? And while you are explaining, why are bare female nipples so taboo?

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              • Getting To Know Her


                from 5-Second Films / Added

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                There is a battle that rages in all men, between the cordial fellow attempting conversation and the wounded, jealous cad expecting athletic sex in the near-future. Woe unto the red and white Battleship (TM) pieces that are caught in such a crossfire of the soul.

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                • Uncomfortable Zones of Fun, June 25, 2011


                  from Frank Moore / Added

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                  Frank Moore’s The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun experiments in experience/participation performance Recorded at Temescal Arts Center, Oakland, California Saturday, June 25, 2011 This is the performance we did last Saturday (my sixty fifth birthday). Well, sometimes I have an actor planted in the audience as an extremely uptight and extremely irrational person. This person sucks up all the hesitation from the room, making being afraid look so silly to the rest of the audience that they jump fully into the meat of the performance if only to not to be like him. "The artist's model" played this role perfectly! But this group didn't need such a plant. They came to play to change society! Quite a few had come to past performances and understood what was happening on deeper layers. And the new people were using art in their lives as their means to change society. So this just took them to a new level. The artist's model just provided the right amount of resistance so that we could explore important issues. And then we melted much deeper than ever before in performance into direct explicit erotic friction rubbing pleasure arousing states of play which released great amounts of freedom and exploring of intimacy. This was made possible in part by Nat's lusty willingness to rub Linda and me into her without any limits as we rocked and danced extremely nakedly together to the music of Tomek and his playmates. But others matched Nat's amazing beautiful sexy willingness while playing gestures together. This opened new doors in their relationships! WHAT A WAY TO SPEND MY BIRTHDAY! More: http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/uzof/uzof-june2011/index.html

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                  • The Intimate Playing Workshop, San Francisco, California, February 19, 2005


                    from Frank Moore / Added

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                    This is the second performance of five at a San Francisco new age sex center. This series is an example of what often happens in my work. If I did just sex, this series would probably be still going on! But I got them to experience real intimacy with one another, to start expecting real depth with one another, and other things that gummed up their superficiality. So during the sixth performance they kicked me out!

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                    • The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun, January 22, 2011


                      from Frank Moore / Added

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                      Recorded at Temescal Art Center, Oakland, California. This one shows the possibilities of going all the way into sexy aroused fun when everybody takes personal responsibility for going all the way! Well, the first performance of the year was the kind that would spoil me if I expected every performance or most performances to reach the depths of this one! Everything went there! In my performances there is an invisible hidden secret state of erotic friction of arousing human intimacy rubbing between bodies without limits or glamour. Because it is invisible, you can not see it, only feel it. For example, we didn’t enter that state at the performance at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco last summer, even though that was very erotic, visual, communal, tribal, etc. In fact, we last entered that state last February at Temescal. The first couple to arrive actually set the tone, anchored /rooted the performance. The guy, Bobby, did that just by being there. Vicki turned out to be an actor. Her reading /acting out my poems throughout opened the door into the holy madness. Everything worked! It was possible to do a lot of the rituals [GESTURES, ROCKING, DRESSING, PROJECTING SLIDES ON NUDE DANCERS, etc] that have either set upon the shelf or haven’t reached the depths of arousing unknowns for awhile. And new rituals were introduced [UNDRESS THE CAMERAMAN, THE SIAMESE WAIST BANDS, TAKING /READING NOTES, etc]. There was just the right amount of resistance so that important issues could be explored, and to reveal that zones of comfort are silly and really prisons. [I am imagining the shit about being a homophobe a straight guy would get if he gave the reasons for not wanting to undress the cameraman that the Lesbian gave!] But Amy and her friend stepped up and by being actively lustfully abandoned willing to play and trust, broke everything open for everybody. And they did it as just fun, no big deal. I liked exploring his butt! Everything started floating into that juicy secret space as Amy started rocking on my lap, prickly freedom going all the way into both fusion and infusion of arousing magical pleasure erotic friction of comfort. Tomek’s surreal music created waves connecting the holy dancers together as they [us] webbed and flowed into different combinations and forms and roles without limits or judgments. Amy and her friend [he obviously hadn’t done anything like this before!] made it possible by simply trusting… Trusting so deeply, they could reshape the dance without avoiding anything. A whole band appeared at this point to join Tomek [they would disappear when the dance was over!]! Things got hot and surreal, while staying simple and human. Intimacy, closeness among everybody who stayed welded us into a cozy tribal body. Our skin [the organ of connection] webbed all of us together as the rubbing went all the way deeper into calm pleasure, as Vicki threw herself on the floor and rocked and belted out the words of the poem. I wish I could take credit for creating such a dramatic, erotic turn-on of an event. But I just followed the possibilities that the willingness people brought to the space created. More: http://www.eroplay.com/Cave/uzof/uzof-jan2011/index.html

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