1. My Day "Living the Dream"


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    My quintessential day here in Boulder Colorado. For most of the last 6 years I've been a traveling vagabond following my passion for rock climbing. This existence involved sleeping outside in wild places, hitching rides, having very little belongings, a drained bank account and some gourmet dumpster diving for food. I climbed everyday and lived my dream. These days I'm a domesticated man. By most people's standards I'm still living in the ghetto with my 1988 beater car and trailer-like house. Each day I find time to escape to the nearby rock spires and bag a summit. Making this creative short I realized that I still live my dream everyday...! some making of: http://vimeo.com/8323339 some art: http://www.rockmonkeyart.com/Home.html

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    • TAWOCHE 2k10 dispatches #5


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      “This is our decision to live fast and die young. We've got the vision, now let's have some fun. Yeah it's overwhelming, but what else can we do? Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?” MGMT As we told our sponsors before the climb, we’ve gone rogue like Sarah Palin. We are off the grid… As we wake up battered and depleted, everything points us towards bailing. Only we are too hard headed to concede defeat, not realizing in fact that we are just too stupid to know when to call it. We haven’t had water in a day or so…but who needs hydration anyway? Talking with this degree of cottonmouth makes me sound like I am speaking in tongues…Renan looks at me with confused, puffy eyes. Are we really going up? I am as confused as him…the answer is a surprisingly emphatic ‘yes!’ I dodge rocks as Renan leads through some choss. He short fixes, I jug, dry heave, swing leads, dry heave more, and suck down hard candies like an addict locked in the throes of withdrawals. I can’t wait for the snow, for the water, but we still have hours to go before we get there…if we get there. But the unspoken common ground is that we are down to go up… As are artists, we are locked in a constant struggle between what we want to capture, and the energy our bodies can afford to give. It’s an instinct to reach for the camera, but one that nearly always falls second to the tasks at hand. Often times, I criticize myself for not shooting more…for not nailing the perfect image…but then again, I am fighting just to move. As athletes, we are succeeding, but as creative individuals, we are flailing…it hurts. There are multiple points in any given day, during any given hour, or on any given pitch, where I want more than anything to call it in. I want to yell up at Renan that I’ve had it. I can’t swallow, can’t talk…can barely breath, and all of it makes me want to descend. I know he feels the same because I can see it in his face. But our mouths stay shut, moving upwards steadily as a cohesive unit. No, it doesn’t make any sense…but we’ve never pretended to understand. Life is reduced to a consecutive series of familiar motions. Our arms begin to cramp due to lack of fluid. The glands in our mouths stop producing saliva. We are dried up… All the variables in the equation equal out towards descent. But math was never my strong point…apparently Renan suffers from the same learning disabilities. c & r

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      • TAWOCHE 2K10 dispatches #1


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        It’s 5:45 a.m. and Renan and I are up and throwing the last of the goods into barrels and duffels. What stays? What goes? Where are my shoes? Our days in Kathmandu have been good…a productive and creative time to sink back into Nepali culture before getting on a plane to fly into the mountains. There is no doubt it is time to get out of the city and up into the hills. The flight to Lukla is a time-warp…you get on the plane surrounded by the amenities of modern life and 45 minutes later, after landing on a super sketchy runway that angles steeply uphill, find yourself surrounded only by trails, monasteries and deep gorges. No more car horns and pollution…it’s sick! The motivation and creativity are running thick and Renan and I are busting at the seams to capture our trip and bring everyone back home along…it’s good to be here, but the extended tribe is never far from our thoughts. ~Cory

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        • TAWOCHE 2k10 dispatches #2


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          The good news is the plane didn't crash...and there is no bad news. The lights that dot the hillside outside our window go out one by one...it’s late in Namche. Our floor is less carpet space than duffels overflowing with camera and climbing gear. Namche is the hub of almost all activity in the high Khumbu and yet now in the off season, it’s hard to find a shop open before noon. We’ve been here for two days, breathing the thinner air, adjusting to the cooler days and hanging out with the Tibetan traders below the village. Thamserku, Kwangde, and Kusum Kanguru tower above us in an impressive trifecta of ice and stone...conditions look good and we are stoked. Tomorrow we’ll leave before the sun hits the village and wander up the Thame valley towards Tibet. Our friend Chhewang Nima will come along fort he ride.. You’ve never heard of him...but you should have considering he’s climbed Everest 17 times (yeah, you read that right)! His is just another example of Sherpa modesty and stoicism. The next four days will take us over the Renjo La at roughly 17,400 ft., down to Gokyo, and finally to Phortse where we will stage for our attempt on Tawoche. Three friends, two cameras, one trail....epic.

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          • Bumbles & Out-Takes


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            A bit of behind the scenes on the My Day "Living the Dream" piece...footy of the funky POV setup

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            • Overcoming Obesity Through Rock Climbing and McDonalds


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              I met Lloyd at my local rock climbing gym a few years ago, and discovered that he had an amazing story to tell about his transition from obesity to Ironman hopeful. As I became even more surprised to find out, he was an avid McDonalds eater, and claims that he couldn't have made his life change without fast food. I decided to put together a short video interview with him so that others might find inspiration, motivation, or merely entertainment through it. This video is not an endorsement for any fast food restaurants, or the eating of fast food. For more information on Lloyd's success, go over to his blog: bodybymcdonalds.wordpress.com/ Synopsis: Lloyd Brombach is a triathlete, but wasn't always that way. In 2008 he was nearly 300 pounds heavy and struggling to find his way. Through his own will and dedication, and a diet consisting of fast food, Lloyd was able to lose the weight and compete in the 2012 Arizona Ironman. One of his biggest passions is rock climbing, and the experiences he has had while climbing and the people he has met only reinforces his motivation to stay on the track of proper health. This video was shot on location at West Virginia's New River Gorge. The interview was shot just outside of the climbing area known as Summersville Lake, with supporting broll shot in town or around other NRG areas. The climb Lloyd does in the last segment is "Chunko Goes Bowling" on the Orange Oswald Wall. There is a behind-the-scenes write up on Fstoppers here: http://fstoppers.com/shooting-location-video-interviews-rock-climbers-dslrs Credits:
 Directed, Shot and Cut by Mike Wilkinson - vimeo.com/mikewilkinson
 Second Shooter was Seth McCubbin - vimeo.com/sethmccubbin
 Additional Climbers/belay help were Jennifer Meunier, Sujay Kawale, and Lynn Zwica. Still photos courtesy of Lloyd Brombach, Jenn Holly, and FinisherPix 
Music by Athletics "Why Aren't I Home" - themusicbed.com/#/Why-Arent-I-Home-Instrumental-896.php
 and by Trog'low "stone.mountain.wave." and "Gymnopedie" - soundcloud.com/milchizzy#
 Typeface used is Aller. - fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Aller No rock climbers were hurt in the making of this mini doc.

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              • Like a Prayer


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                Matty Segal sending the first ascent of "Like a Prayer" 5.13- at the Battle of the Bulge Wall, Indian Creek.

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                  On December 26th Enrico Baistrocchi climbed Shadowfax in Chironico, Swiss. Here is a short about his interesting story about the problem.

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                  • Martina Mali - Rumble in the Jungle - Hueco Tanks


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                    Martina Mali sticks it out in Hueco Tanks way past the seasons end to finish off one of Hueco's coolest roof climbs-Rumble in the Jungle. Check out her recent article in Dead Point Mag to hear the rest of her story. http://www.dpmclimbing.com/articles/view/martina-mali

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                    • LA SPORTIVA LEGENDS ONLY / 2014 / BEHIND THE SCENES


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                      Join us on a trip through the whole process that goes on behind the best climbing competition of the year! Check out the video to see the top 6 climbers in the world working with the best route-setters to achieve the most amazing problems possible, footage from the competition that brings you so much closer to the action, what the climbers are doing when they are waiting for their go and of course a little something from the crazy afterparty!

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