1. 30 by Summer Bat (ff009)


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    directed by Summer Bat filmed by Lisa Cummings edited by Mark Mitkins Forever Fortress, 2014 (ff009)

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    • 《Wave Form 聲的形態》跨媒界創作展


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      由我們主辦的展覽 《Wave Form 聲的形態》跨媒界創作展,邀請到 16 位不同界別的創作人以黑膠唱機為出發,創作代表他們對聲音形態想象的作品! 展期: 29 Aug 2014 - 28 Sept 2014 地點: HMVideal,中環, 娛樂行3樓 主辦 Presented by Dimension+ 展覽建築師 Exhibition Architect LAAB 實現室 視覺設計 Visual Design Jerry Luk / innoise 場地贊助 Venue Sponsored by HMVIdeal 媒體伙伴 Media Partner Milk Magazine HMViss Magazine 活動伙伴 Event Partner GO SEES shop+art tour 執行 Executed by LAB by Dimension+ HK 參展藝術家 (按姓氏英文拼音) Artists 又一山人 / Anothermoutain 蔡劍虹 / Choi Kim Hung 朱⼒⾏ / Henry Chu 梁基爵 / Gaybird Leung 何博欣 / Vvn Ho LAAB 實現室 林欣傑 & Dimension+ / Keith Lam & Dimension+ Kim Lam milkxhake 羅豆 / Miss Bean 梁偉庭 / Prodip Leung 陸貽敏 / Jerry Luk Paul Lung MO Design 胡卓斌 / Renatus Wu 張亞東 Turntable 工作坊 Workshop 於本工作坊中, 我們將指導參加者組裝並完成我們的木製黑膠唱機,實行一手一腳製作這台香港設計及製造的黑膠唱機。 日期:6 Sep 2014 (Sat) 第一場:2:00 – 5:00pm 第二場:5:00 – 8:00pm 費用:HKD 1,500(包括所有材料費用) 名額:10 人 地點:LAB by Dimension+ HK 九龍觀塘駿業里 10 號業運工業大廈 3 樓 C 座 詳情: http://www.facebook.com/labdphk 報名詳情: 請於 3 Sep 2014 (Wed) 之前,連同姓名、聯絡電話及報名場次發送電郵至 lab@dimensionplus.co 留位,我們會將付款方法通知已留位者,名額先到先得。 *本工作坊為與 GO SEES shop+art tour 合作活動

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      • Songs for My School Bags 1.0


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        produced on Fanguito Estudio, 2009

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        • Making of ... - island6 Arts Center


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          A video filmed by Ryan Nimmo to show us the artwork shooting process.

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          • If I should live in the past, I wouldn't need a memory.


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            This installation is about the unhealthy situation of miners in charcoal mines. It all refers to the location in Amsterdam where the exhibition takes place. In the early days a gas plant, running on charcoal, was situated on the same spot and the exhibition is in one of the remaining purification halls. The installation consists out of two 'lungs' which give a cracking sound when breathing in and out slowly. In the opposite a very delicate charcoal birdcage (for a canary bird) is hanging under the air pump. It refers to a canary in a coal mine. Miners took them into the depth of the mines as a warning sign. When toxic gasses appeared the canary would die which was a sign for the miners to get out of the mine as fast as possible. Materials: PPE plastic bags, pvc air hoses, air pump, electronics, brass, steal wires, charcoal, wood. Measures: 440 x 140 x 32 cm (2 lungs) 40 x 28 x 36 cm (birdcage) Location: Center for Contemporary Art CBK Amsterdam, Netherlands. Organisation / curators: John Prop & Loes Diephuis: www.polderlicht.com Year: june 2014 Production and design: Ronald van der Meijs website: www.ronaldvandermeijs.nl

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            • Time Sketch 4


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              Ten minute tree Another study in a motif

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              • Fish Poems: Documentation from the Installations


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                A step behind the waterfall grants access to the alien birdbath. Being stung by two bees twice in two days is lucky if I say it is. This is a short film that attempts to capture or re-create something of the feel of the four installations that were part of Jorge Boehringer's exhibition Fish Poems at the Titanik Gallery in Turku, Finland. From Titanik's website (http://www.titanik.fi/jorge-boehringer-fish-poems/) Näyttelyni tiivistää suuria etäisyyksiä ja toisaalta asettaa pieniä asioita suurennuslasin alle. Muutamat kokemukset irtoavat ajasta ja toiset taas laajenevat jatkuvaksi läsnäoloksi. Yritän ymmärtää joitakin havaintokykyni puolia. Korvaan, abstrahoin ja muovaan havaittuja asioita tai havaittuja tapahtumaketjuja elektronisilla toisinnoilla ja edelleen rinnastan niitä keskenään uusiksi kokonaisuuksiksi. This exhibition simultaneously compresses large distances and magnifies small things. It takes some experiences out of time and expands others into a continuous now. I am attempting to understand some aspects of my perception by replacing the perceived object with electronic simulacra, or by abstracting and modeling those perceived systems of events, and juxtaposing them into new configurations. Jorge Boehringer on amerikkalainen säveltäjä, muusikko, taiteilija. Suurien ja pienien pintojen tutkija. Boehringer luo performansseja, äänityksiä, installaatioita, moniulotteisia esineitä ja visuaalisia ilmiöitä. Beohringerin työt tarjoavat erilaisia kokemuksia ja palasia todellisuudesta. “Multiple systems of events, appearing and disappearing, and evolving at their own rates.” on lause jota hän tykkää käyttää toidensä kuvailuun. Jorge viettää kaksi kuukautta Titanik A.i.R. -residenssissä Jorge Boehringer is an composer, artist, musician, and researcher exploring large scale landscapes and microscopic layers of process and form and how they interact with perceptual experience. Utilizing a protean platform for experimentation and presentation, Boehringer creates performances, recordings, music, installations, texts, three-dimensional objects, and visual phenomena. Inspired by, and at times modeled after observed environmental processes and structures Boehringer’s work offers an experience of reality presented as a textural field. “Multiple systems of events, appearing and disappearing, and evolving at their own rates…” is a phase Boehringer uses to describe both the material world and our experiences of it. Structures and processes which, when apprehended from diverse frames of reference or differing orders of magnitude, offer the experience of multiple states of complexity, creating the presence of the world before us. Through the use of immersive sound and visual environments, as well those small, silent, and/or singular, which are only noticeable through single points of focused perception, or which may be so tentative as to barely exist at all, an opportunity to explore shifts in one’s awareness is offered. Continuous sound of long duration, changing densities across time and space, repetition and layering, and on the other hand, chaotic aperiodicity are used by Boehringer to provoke a phenomenological ripple in the moment of experience of his works. Simplicity and complexity wink and one another, and trade places. Boehringer is also known on occasion to make drawings of alien-cyborg bunny rabbits, sculptures out of tape and light bulbs, and write songs either about animals, or with mystical texts. http://www.multiplesystemsofevents.wordpress.com

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                • Mediasis


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                  Mediasis [arte de los nuevos medios en Colombia] es un proyecto apoyado por el programa de pasantías del ministerio de cultura de Colombia en al área de artes visuales 2013 desarrollado en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Bogota por Francisco Alejandro Cifuentes // xixkoo bajo la tutoría del docente y artista Nelson Vergara.

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                  • "Bell Chamber" (钟楼) - island6 Arts Center


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                    The blurb and the title express this artwork perfectly; no doubt about it. Every artwork you see here has a story behind it, a reason, and an inspiration that prompted the artists to create it. How many times have you seen such a special artwork and thought, "oh, that it is an interesting piece." A LED girl gliding gently across rice paper, playfully glimpsing at you, and of course a beautiful Chinese vase painted with such intricate detail. You've looked from up close. You've looked from a distance. You've taken your time to admire. And then, when just as you grew excited, you came up to the label. You're yearning for a reason, an explanation, some sign as to where the inspiration for this ethereal image came from. You are convinced that the title will give it all out. Instead, you find “Bell Chamber." So "Bell Chamber" it is, and sometimes it is best to leave it a mystery. Take it as an opportunity to flex your imagination. ARTIST: Liu Dao 六岛 MEDIA: RGB LED display, acrylicpainting, paper collage, teakwood frame EDITION: Unique DATE: Made in island6, Shanghai 2014 SIZE: 103.5(W)×103.5(H)×5(D) cm | 41(W)×41(H)×2(D) inches CREDITS: Xu Yihan 徐义涵(painting) • Katrina Louy 卡萨琳娜 (performance) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Anto Lau (art direction & video animation) • Jean Le Guyader (documentation) • Guan Yan 官彦 (production supervisor) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Mark Mehanni (casting)• Weronika Nossowicz (author) For more information: http://island6.org/BellChamber.html

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                    • "Best of Days" (最好的时光) - island6 Arts Center


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                      They say that when one sense goes away, the others gain considerable strength. Those scientists dont even know the half of it. All my senses greatly improved when I married Sir. Davenport and made my entrance into the luxurious world of the filthy rich. No longer can I wear cheap linen against my, now silken smooth skin, pampered by armies of beauticians and cosmetic surgents no doubt. Nor can I drink a cheap Russian champagne like I used to every New Year’s Eve at 12:00 with my girlfriends. No more sad fast food, no more factory made clothing, turn-your-skin-green jewelry, no 6$ face masks from Mannings, or body spray that leaves me smelling like a cheap call girl. My life became much more 'sensitive'. I cannot spend my days any other way other than wrapped in the luxurious arms of the Imperial Majesty perfume, a mere $215,000 for 16.90 ounce. Chump change. Everynight I worship in the altar of my closet, I fall to my knees and raise my Dom Perignon filled glass, to thank the Gods. For the best of my days have yet to come and I only keep getting more sensitive. ARTIST: Liu Dao 六岛 MEDIA: RGBLED display, one-way glass, teakwood frame EDITION: Unique DATE: Made in island6, Shanghai 2014 SIZE: 42(W)×42(H)×7.5(D) cm | 16.5(W)×16.5(H)×3(D) inches CREDITS: Katrina Louy 卡萨琳娜(performance) • Thomas Charvériat (technical guidance) • Anto Lau (art direction & video animation) • Jean Le Guyader (documentation) • Guan Yan 官彦 (production supervisor) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) • Mark Mehanni (casting)• Weronika Nossowicz (author) For more information: http://island6.org/BestOfDays.html

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