1. Parto Vaginal - Childbirth


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    • A Second A Day From Birth (Twin Girls)


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      I shot a video every day of my twin girls from birth to their 1st birthday. To My Layla and Ava, The day you girls were born was the happiest day of my life. My world instantly collided with overwhelming feelings of love that I have never known. Both of you were so small and innocent, and at that moment I first laid eyes on you, I wanted to hold you close for the rest of eternity. I knew nothing bad had ever happened to you, I wanted to cling to that, and protect you. Love, Daddy Website: http://www.facebook.com/TheArtOfTimeLapse Videographer: John Eklund Equipment: iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Music Artist: relaxdaily Music Track: N°025 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTcMzJTv7i8

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      • Welcoming a tiny new trunk to the herd!


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        Find out from our keepers how Woburn Safari Park's adorable new elephant calf has been getting on in her first few weeks. After a 22 month pregnancy the long awaited female calf was welcomed into the world by her mother and father, along with the rest of the park’s four-strong herd. The calf is yet to be named and is currently dwarfed by her mother but she's expected to grow up to an impressive three metres tall and weigh in at a hefty four tonnes.

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        • Newborn Visual/Audio Brain-Centers Stimulator for Baby Phaedra


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          A Visual/Audio Brain Center stimulator for newborn babies! Newborns are only capable of focusing 8 to 10 inches from their face. They also prefer black and white, high contrast images to color graphics. This audio based visualizer is designed help newborn babies develop their vision & hearing brain centers. I made it for my daughter Phaedra Love :) From 0 - 3 months, a newborn's retina lacks the ability to distinguish details and textures. "When your newborn looks at your hair, she doesn't get a sense of the individual hairs, but just a sort of generalized, uniform color," says Charles Gilbert. For that reason, "infants tend to seek out things with a lot of contrast, which are easier to see and more interesting to them," adds Claire B. Kopp, Ph.D., adjunct professor of psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and author of Baby Steps. When a newborn looks at your face, for instance, they ignore your nose and mouth, which are subtly shaded and blend into the rest of your face. Instead, they are more likely to stare at the contrast between the dark of your pupils and the whites of your eyes. Newborns are not, as was long believed, color-blind. By measuring a baby's brain waves and eye movements, researchers have determined that the typical newborn can even tell the difference between red and green. I have then created this brain-stimulator in hopes of improving the development of my baby girl, Phaedra's visual and audio brain centers. www.kaliptus.com kaliptus.arts@gmail.com

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          • Parto Vaginal con episiotomía - Chilbirth + Episiotomy


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            • Welcome Ella-Rose (A fun Pregnancy timelapse)


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              We're very excited to welcome little Ella-Rose into the world. This is a little time-lapse video we made during the pregnancy, photographing about once every week or two from week 21 of the pregnancy until delivery. A big thanks to my very co-operative family, especially my gorgeous wife Liz and darling daughter Zara. Also thanks to Yertle the cat, Monty the dog and Lindy, Liz's mum for making an appearance. Please enjoy, we had fun making it and hope you find it fun to watch Liz grow!!

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                Enviado por " CONSULTORIO MÉDICO JAVIER FLORES BUISSON " MÁNCORA- PERÚ... URL: http://consultoriomedicofloresmancora.es.tl/ ... Si desea ver el parto completo, entrar a: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6rwmK... If you want to watch the complete birth enter to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6rwmK... El Periodo de alumbramiento: se inicia al terminar la salida del feto y finaliza con la salida de la placenta y membranas ovulares. Las fuerzas que actúan en este periodo son las contracciones uterinas y la prensa abdominal de la mujer. La duración máxima es de 30 minutos. Tiene dos periodos: -Desprendimiento: de la placenta y membranas. Con el nacimiento del niño el útero se vacía y sufre retracción para adaptarse a su menor contenido. Se produce una brusca disminución de su tamaño y un aumento de su grosor. Como consecuencia del acortamiento del cuerpo uterino, hay una importante reducción de la zona de inserción de la placentaria. Como la placenta carece de elasticidad, tiene que doblarse, con lo que se produce la separación y se forma un hematoma entre la placenta y la decidua del útero. El desprendimiento se produce a nivel de la decidua, quedando una parte de ella en el útero, a partir de la cual se regenerará el endometrio. Cuando la placenta está casi totalmente desprendida, se inicia el desprendimiento de membranas, que se produce por las contracciones del útero y por la tracción que ejerce la placenta. El desprendimiento de la placenta se identifica cuando se observan los siguientes signos: -Aparición de sangre oscura en la vagina. -Descenso del cordón umbilical. -Modificaciones del fondo del útero. -Exteriorización placentaria. Cuando sale el feto y se corta el cordón, queda una pinza hacia abajo, el desprendimiento de la placenta hace que esa pinza descienda hacia abajo y se produce una ligera hemorragia ( hemorragia del alumbramiento). Para que salga la mujer debe empujar un poco. La matrona debe elevar el cordón ( sin tirar) con una mano por encima del abdomen, se aprieta el abdomen un poco para ayudar. No se agarra la placenta, se deja que fluya, poniendo las manos por debajo, dejando que caiga por su propio peso. Cuando termina de salir hay que comprobar que las membranas están íntegras, que los cotiledones están completos. Existe un punteado blanquecino que son calcificaciones de la placenta, se hace vieja ( en la cara materna. Cuando estos punteados son zonas más amplias en la cara fetal, son infartos ( en la cara fetal se inserta el cordón). -Expulsión: de la placenta y membranas. Su expulsión se produce como consecuencia de la presión ejercida por las paredes del útero, en el proceso de reducción de su tamaño, por las contracciones uterinas y por la prensa abdominal de la mujer. Después del nacimiento del niño se produce una contracción tónica del útero, seguida de fuertes contracciones rítmicas que permiten la formación de las ligaduras vivientes de Pinard, mecanismo por el cual se cierran las boquillas vasculares de la zona de inserción placentaria, formándose así el globo de seguridad de Pinard. Este es un mecanismo fisiológico que asegura la hemostasia en el lecho placentario. El útero inmediatamente después del alumbramiento presenta a la palpación un grado de contractilidad intenso, se halla situado dos traveses de dedo por debajo del ombligo, ligeramente desplazado a la derecha y su tamaño y consistencia se asemejan a las de un puño cerrado. Al décimo día el útero ha regresado a la sínfisis del pubis. A la semana entre el ombligo y sínfisis púbica. Otros mecanismos de hemostasia son la activación fisiológica de los mecanismos de coagulación durante e inmediatamente después de la separación de la placenta y el recubrimiento con un capa de fibrina de la zona de inserción placentaria. Birth: When the fetus is born, its placenta begins a physiological separation for spontaneous expulsion afterwards (and for this reason is also called the afterbirth). In humans, the umbilical cord is routinely clamped and severed prior to the delivery of the placenta, often within seconds or minutes of birth, a medical protocol known as 'active management of third stage' which has been called into question by advocates of natural birth and 'passive management of third stage'[7] The site of the former umbilical cord attachment in the center of the front of the abdomen is known as the umbilicus, navel, or belly-button. Modern obstetric practice has decreased maternal death rates enormously. The addition of active management of the third stage of labor is a major contributor towards this. It involves giving oxytocin via IM injection, followed by cord traction to assist in delivering the placenta. Premature cord traction can pull the placenta before it has naturally detached from the uterine wall, resulting in hemorrhage.

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                • Vaginal Childbirth


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                  • Gestação


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                    A poetic and emotional visualization of a pregnancy.

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                    • NuRoo Pocket: Demo Video


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                      This brief video shows Hope Parish, co-founder of NuRoo, demonstrating the NuRoo Pocket - a babywearing shirt designed for skin-to-skin contact. Want to know more? Visit our website nuroobaby.com or find us on facebook/twitter/pintrest/instagram.

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