1. In My Daughters Eyes - A birthday story for Fanny Ferrato


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    Moving birthday message for Fanny Ferrato, beautiful song by Martina McBride and interviews with Fanny and her mom, Donna. Produced by Alex Chadwick. Photographs by Donna Ferrato, Philip Jones Griffiths, Tanya Braganti, Tomeu Coll.

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    • 3. Chasing America


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      Ingolfur Juliusson, Seanie Blue and Sandy Black continue their exploration of the real america.

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      • Pabbi


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        Markús Ívarsson. My father has lived on the farm for 64 years, born and brought up there. He and the farm will always be my home, with childhood freedom and love. shot, cut and directed by Halldóra Markúsdóttir song: Dreams, moonlight project. Wonderbox production.

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        • Explaining Heartbreak As a Celestial Metaphor


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          This is a short experiment in nonlinear story-telling. We're interested in emotional weights and indirect expositions, meaning what we show is not always what we feel or think. In this case, the act of leaving a comfy fire and lovely friends to look for the Aurora Borealis in a blizzard might not be exactly what we should be doing, so telling you why we're doing it comes in this artistic disguise. Not only that, this video ends just when it gets interesting! There are heartbreakers everywhere, people who turn you on and leave you cold. This visual exercise is an example of this. But the bonus is that we do intend to examine heartbreak and report on how it can be used to slow down time. More soon, from Iceland, where Sean and Sandy and Mark Hooker have gone in anticipation of a firestorm at the poles, courtesy of a solar flare or two. January 2 is looking good for this.

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          • David Bromberg Returns (U.K. Promo)


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            Short piece produced by Seanie Blue and Paul Eckert on David Bromberg's improbable return to worldwide touring after abandoning his guitar for 22 years. Bromberg is now the foremost expert on American-made violins, and runs his violin business in Wilmington. This video and another similar to it were produced to promote Bromberg's recent tour of the United Kingdom with Larry Campbell.

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            • The Lunar Eclipse & the Moonlight Project & a Porridge Party


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              The very unusual eclipse last night led the crew at the Wonderbox to put together this short video for their Christmas Eve orphans and porridge late late late night hang. There are several things to watch that night, but the Moon is always such an attractive subject. For Seanie Blue and the players of the Moonlight Project, the Moon is a metaphor for lost loves. The Sun, that burnt-out star, represents love's urges and passions; the bigger the star, the more quickly it burns out. These astrophysical laws apply to love, too. The music comes from the Moonlight Project, and the visuals from Seanie Blue's shoot of the eclipse and the Raindancer. This piece was produced by the Wonderbox. Music produced by Blue, Fox & McCormick as the Moonlight Project.

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              • Wind Cello • Moonlight Project


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                Helmuth Humphrey's camera work in Iceland is paired with a song from the Moonlight Project featuring the voice of Seema Sugandh and the cello of Hailas Baatsch, all mixed by Steve McCormick and edited by Seanie Blue. The Moonlight Project is produced by Blue, Peter Fox, McCormick and Sandra Bishop.

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                • Geysir shot with a tilt-shift lens by Seanie Blue


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                  This is the third installment of a movie about chasing -- and photographing -- the aurora borealis in winter in the Arctic. Shot and written by Seanie Blue for Blue Car Rental in Reykjavik, the movie is both a "how-to" instruction manual for photographers and an account of adventure at the end of the road, to the very northernmost part of Iceland. Blue has combined with Blue Cr Rental's Thorsteinn Thorsteinnsonn to create this movie as a multimedia piece that will give visiting photographers the information they need to see and shoot the northern lights. Check the Blue Car Rental website for more videos, photography and instruction. A new alliance for aurora fans called "AuroraWatchers.com" is being created to provide a network in Iceland for photographers eager to capture one of nature's greatest phenomenons.

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                  • Black Hole Buddha Rehearsal, April 1996 : : : "God Is a Zipper"


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                    In a disused bomb factory 16 years ago, a group of artists assembled an ambitious and outrageous redo of Aristophanes' play "Lysistrata." Called the Black Hole Buddha, the musical and its one-time only performance turned into a legendary event as its authors skipped town and shot off to other projects. The album of 21 songs got a ton of press play and pro interest; but when the heavyweight lawyer Paul Marshall wondered if the project was appropriate to pitch to Disney, uber-attorney Alan Bomser sputtered: "These guys have written a screed that attacks every single fiber of Walt Disney's spirit!" The Black Hole Buddha reluctantly took to the closet and disappeared. The song-writing duo who scripted it to life, Seanie Blue and Peter Fox, eventually crossed paths in the Hollywood Hills and instead of rescuing their offspring decided to make another baby, the "Moonlight & memory" project, with Sandra Bishop and Steve McCormick and a host of stellar musical talents in LAX and DCA. But rumblings from the closet brought the Black Hole Buddha to everyone's attention, and now the authors have been slowly combing through more than 50 hours of video recording of the two-year project. This short piece from a rehearsal a few days before the one and only performance of the BHB shows the crew at work. Or some of the crew, anyway. The army of creatives who muscled the show into existence will be seen in other vids if they aren't seen here. More coming soon!

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                    • Valentine Moon: Seanie Blue's Weird Trip Into Death Valley


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                      Seanie Blue's life is a series of odd encounters, and this Valentine's Day portrait is more evidence of his singular pursuit of story and emotions. Caught between possibilities in Las Vegas and Iceland, he tries to complete wildly different projects but ends up failing at each. On a homage to Antonioni's "Zabriskie Point," Blue travels to Death Valley to find inspiration for a movie about intimacy, but finds himself confused by mixed messages. What is intimacy? How do you create it if nature and chemistry will not provide it? How long does it keep? Why do we need it? Stars the Raindancer and Maya Nelson Wolfsdottir. Songs are by Blue and Peter Fox, and instrumental music is by Frank Arthur Blöndahl Cassata. All photos and video shot by Blue, except for the sequence of him struggling through a Strandir blizzard, which was shot by Helmuth Humphrey. Check out www.seanieblue.com for more info.

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