1. Steve Gunderson: Keynote Speech


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    Steve Gunderson, President and CEO, APSCU Keynote Speech at the eduMarketing Summit 2012

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    • Ryan Busch, Publisher of Today's Campus Magazine, Interviews Steve Gunderson, President of APSCU


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      Steve Gunderson is a truly inviting and engaging guy to interview. Perhaps his easy style is the result of 16 years spent as a congressman from Wisconsin to the House of Representatives; but I suspect it is the reverse; he made a natural public servant because of his plain-spoken and honest manner. Gunderson as the new president of APSCU (as of February 2012) seems to relishing the new role. And that straightforward manner I mentioned is making its way into his policy and vision as he begins to settle into the presidential seat. It is good to hear him expressing an attitude of openness and a desire to see greater transparency for the private sector institutions that are members of APSCU. He exposes an attitude of "opening the door" to the public with a desire to let everyone in to see the work of these institutions. Likewise, he is reaching out to other higher education leaders and starting the process of building bridges between the different sectors -- pointing out a resumed membership in ACE and mentioning the inclusion of various organizations in APSCU blue-ribbon leadership panels. On the whole, it is respectable and refreshing to see this and encouraging for higher education to have leadership interested improving relationships rather than pointing fingers.

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      • Ryan Busch of Today's Campus Interviews Trace Urdan of Wells Fargo Securities


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        We recently had the opportunity to speak with Trace Urdan with Wells Fargo Securities. As Trace sat down with us in Las Vegas, he discussed current events with us, including the government’s regulatory involvement in the sector, competition from the traditional sector in the marketplace, and of course, hopes for the future of the education sector. Trace also went into a little more detail about his personal opinions regarding laudable efforts to improve regulations, as well as the current economy and its impending implications. We had a great time chatting with Trace, and thank him for taking the time to speak with us at APSCU 2012.

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        • Ryan Busch Interviews Fred Lockhart, Executive Director of The Arizona Private School Association, for Today's Campus


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          We were honored to have the chance to speak with Fred Lockhart, Executive Director of the Arizona Private School Association, at APSCU 2012. Founded in 1967, APSA is the oldest and largest association of private postsecondary schools in Arizona. Lockhart took the time to discuss evolution of the private sector from land grants to a necessary amenity in today’s society. With a myriad of disciplines, as well as a plethora of specialties and subspecialties currently available within the private sector today, Lockhart discussed the relationship between the private and public sector, including the existing education system. We also asked Lockhart how Arizona fits into current federal regulations, and what we should be thinking about this election year with regards to education. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Mr. Lockhart and listening to an overhead perspective of the current landscape in higher education.

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          • Ryan Busch Interviews David Johnson, CEO of First Associates, for Today's Campus


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            David Johnson is the CEO of First Associates Loan Servicing, LLC, and Today’s Campus had a chance to interview him regarding loan servicing within higher education at this year’s APSCU 2012 conference. With over 25 years experience, First Associates combines the technology to meet the demands of banks and credit unions with quality customer service to provide a hands-on, high-quality loan servicing experience. However, First Associates has only started servicing student loans within the past four years. Johnson spoke to us about this transition into servicing student loans, and some of the areas he witnessed needing additional attention. By bringing technologies and methods from other asset classes that First Associates had previously serviced to the student loan class, First Associates has become the fastest growing student loan service in the United States. We certainly appreciated David taking the time so speak to us and discuss the areas of the student loan experience that can and should be strengthened, as well as how to make the experience the best that it can be for the borrower.

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            • Ryan Busch Interviews Shadee Barkan of CUnet at 2012 APSCU Convention


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              Shadee Barkan is Managing Director of Inquiry Generation at CUnet, a division of CUnet that deals specifically with generating data and phone inquiries to help meet an institution's enrollment goals. We had a chance to sit down with Shadee at the APSCU 2012 conference to ask her about CUnet, higher education's enrollment challenges, and CUnet's most recent project, Inquiry IQ. Inquiry IQ aims to recruit and enroll students online-- by working backwards from an institution's individual enrollment goals. We thoroughly enjoyed Shadee's take on enrollment strategies and appreciated her taking the time to speak with us!

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              • Ryan Busch Interviews Jami Morshed of Three Rivers Systems


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                At APSCU 2012, we were excited to have the opportunity to speak with Jami Morshed, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Three Rivers Systems, touted as “The only truly disruptive academic ERP serving higher education.” And how exactly is Three Rivers Systems disruptive? According to Jami, by coming into an established market but offering innovative technology that can change the order of business, Three Rivers Systems is able to essentially do what Netflix did to Blockbuster. We asked Jami what it takes to adopt these systems for schools, the implementation process the process, and which establishments can benefit most from Three Rivers Systems services. As Jami says, institutions are often bogged down by tasks that don’t advance their original purpose—to educate the public—and Three Rivers Systems seeks to help institutions focus on that important goal. We enjoyed our chat with Jami, and appreciated him taking the time to chat with us. Bogged down with tasks other than their original purpose—to educate students.

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                • Ryan Busch of Today's Campus Interviews John Lynch, President and CEO of ECSI


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                  At APSCU 2012, we had the opportunity to sit down with John Lynch, President and CEO of ECSI. With over 40 years in the financial services industry, ECSI has grown from servicing the loan servicing, delinquent accounts receivable, and refunds needs, among many others, of 40 schools to 1400 schools. With so many years of experience, we asked what changes have been witnessed within the financial sector of education over the years, where do this year’s election will take us and how this impacts each sector, and which schools ECSI services.

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                  • Ryan Busch from Today's Campus Interviews Shannen Doherty, Education Connection's New Spokesperson at the 2012 APSCU Conference


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                    Today's Campus had an opportunity for a little fun while we were at the 2012 APSCU conference in Las Vegas. Many people might recognize Shannen Doherty from "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Charmed" fame, but she's taken up the cause of the adult-learner as the spokesperson for Education Connection, a a college matching site run by Education Dynamics. Shannen was onsite in Las Vegas and she was gracious enough to spend a few moments talking with me about her return to education and involvement with her online program at Ashford University. Fame aside, her story sounds so familiar when you've heard the challenges faced by other adult learners. It was great talking with her--it is not everyday that a celebrity asks you for your tutoring support! And who knows, maybe there's a reality TV show starring Shannen and I--perhaps "Tutoring Shannen" will show-up on E or Bravo soon! We hope you have as much fun with this as we had filming it.

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                    • 2014 GREAT Award Winner Bambie Jordan


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                      The Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) awarded, on March 4, 2014, its highest graduate achievement honor to Bambie Jordan. Bambie Jordan once suffered from inflammatory breast cancer. Now, she works at the medical facility that helped treat her. Jordan is among five graduates of APSCU institutions to receive the honor during a 2014 ceremony in Crystal City, VA. The Graduate Recognition for Excellence, Achievement and Talent (GREAT) Award recognizes former students who have demonstrated outstanding academic and personal achievement.

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