1. The Revenge of the Beasts


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    When I was a kid I saw a skater jumping for the first time, I believed it was magic that made him fly. I realized that this has been a childish fantasy. But this year we decided to bring back my dream. The Revenge of the Beasts A Film by Sebastian Linda We just won the Webvideopreis in the Category Action. Thanks to all voters! Upcoming trailer for the next part of the Beasts: https://vimeo.com/98111453 www.sebastian-linda.de www.facebook.com/pages/Sebastian-Linda-Cinematographie/236987166380010?ref=hl No tripods or dollies used. Just a skateboard, car, and bodymovement. Filmed on the weekend of the 29 and 30th June 2013. Check out the Making of here: https://vimeo.com/70575221 ERIK GROSS - TOM KLEINSCHMIDT - RICHARD NAUMERTAT - OCTAVIO TRINDADE CHRISTIAN DÖBRICH - DAVID RADERECHT - SEBASTIAN LINDA - CARSTEN BEIER Technical Assistant and Red Epic provided by: Felix Angermaier from Klangbild www.klangbild.com/ www.redrental.de Music: Intro & Outro - Fuse facebook.com/ValentinBoomes.Composer?fref=ts Main Song Woodkid - Conquest of Spaces itunes.apple.com/de/album/conquest-of-spaces/id594233750?i=594233823 Photography by: Erik Gross flickr.com/photos/erikgross/ Carsten Beier: flickr.com/photos/carstenbeier/ Additional Filming by: Tom Kleinschmidt, Erik Gross, Felix Angermaier. Thanks to Valentin Boomes - Yoann Lemoine - Universal Music - Green United Music - Fanny Tardy - Pierre Le Ny - Teoman Saymin - Tina Preuss - Rudolf Diesel - Felix Angermaier - Patrick Schwarz Filmed with: Phantom MIRO LC320 Red Epic Lumix GH3 EOS 550 D Tokina 11 - 16 2,8 Walimex Fish Canon 28, 50, 85, 100 Gorilla Tripod This is a Non-Commercial, indenpendtly produced project. Support the artists in supporting, liking, sharing. Enjoy, have fun. The Beasts Series: Beasts From the East. vimeo.com/33115940 The Epic and the Beasts vimeo.com/45778774

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    • The Epic & The Beasts


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      When we were kids we never dreamt of being a firemen, a pilot or superhero. We always wanted to be skateboarders, jumping up curbs, down the stairs and filp our boards as many times as we could. This has not changed until today. Kickstart our new project for 2014: http://www.startnext.de/en/the-journey-of-the-beasts-2014 TOM KLEINSCHMIDT - RICHARD NAUMERTAT - ERIK GROß OCTAVIO TRINDADE - DAVID RADERECHT - SEBASTIAN LINDA Directed & Edited by Sebastian Linda www.sebastian-linda.de All filmend in one weekend in Dresden, germany. FB Site http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sebastian-Linda-Cinematographie/236987166380010 Music by Giselle - Silk Ianborg Remix Download here: https://www.facebook.com/IanborgOfficial/app_220150904689418 Portugal the man - So American Woodkid Remix https://itunes.apple.com/de/artist/portugal.-the-man/id167649475# Pls support if you like and buy their original music on Itunes. Special Thanks to Ralph Ruthe. He provided the camera for 3 days and this video came out of all the testing: http://www.ruthe.de/ Still photos by Erik Groß: flickr.com/photos/erikgross/ http://hr200.tumblr.com/ Ending Title by Frank Sauer. Filmed with Red Epic Tokina 11 - 16 2,8 Pelang Fisheye 8mm Canon 28, 50, 85, 100 Gorilla Tripod

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      • The Journey of the Beasts


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        The Journey of the Beasts Co-Produced by www.Titus.de (The boards and shirts from the movie will be available soon.) A film by www.Sebastian-Linda.de - FB: http://on.fb.me/1xVxHAX
 “24 years ago I saw the first Skateboarder in my life. Since that day I had the dream of being a Skateboarder. 24 years later we took our Skateboards and travelled to the other side of the world, to create that dream for someone else.” Sebastian Linda Stills by www.erik-gross.net FB: on.fb.me/WVITmd Buy the Beast Deck here: http://bit.ly/X3yk0h Language:German, English now Russian subs! Mr. Elektro was released on Vimeo on Demand today. https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mrelektro Beast Series: The Revenge of the Beasts https://vimeo.com/70323400 Beasts From the East. vimeo.com/33115940 The Epic and the Beasts vimeo.com/45778774 OCTAVIO TRINDADE - RICHARD NAUMERTAT - TOM KLEINSCHMIDT - ERIK GROSS - DAVID RADERECHT - 
Daniel Kelly Brown - 
http://www.danielkellybrown.com/ Jakarta Timelapse Shots - 
Iphelo Lastiko&Rama Sutjipto
 Thanks to Laksama Skateboarding and Kieron Brodie 
Laksamana Skateboards
 https://www.facebook.com/LaksamanaSkateboards Temple music by Fuzz Me https://soundcloud.com/fuzz-me , https://www.facebook.com/FuzzMe?fref=ts Thanks to Chris Heck for pushing me back on the board. Thanks to Zeal for their sunglasses which kept our view perfect. http://www.zealoptics.com/ Music will be updated within the next days.
 City Part: 
Thanks to Indonesia, Bali and all the happy people on our trip. Mr. Elektro will also be released within the next days. Share for the love of skateboarding and the freedom our generation has. Please do not use any footage in musicvideos, remixes or that kind without asking or licensing. Shot on Fs700
Canon 5d Mark III Raw
 Lumix Gh3 Canon Lenses
 Samyang 14mm 2,8 
 Canon 24mm 1,4 L 
Canon 50mm 
 Canon 100mm 2,8 Macro Lumix Lenses Tracklist in order of the film City Of Souls  (2039/5) Darren Leigh Purkiss (PRS) / Terry Devine-King (PRS) Race To Destruction  (2039/4) Darren Leigh Purkiss / Terry Devine-King The Big Stare Out  (1098/2) Chris Blackwell Wish For It  (2100/2) Christopher Brooke Tall Tales by Human Pyramids Delta Detective  (2113/4) Lincoln Grounds / Thomm Jutz City Of Souls  (2039/5) Darren Leigh Purkiss (PRS) / Terry Devine-King (PRS) ( 5 different versions combined. ) Creation 2  (1780/17) Paul Ressel Yarrow  (1943/3) Richard Lacy Chase The Pig  (1095/4) Barrie Gledden / Richard Lacy Bring The Action  (2098/5) Adam Drake / Tom Jenkins Way Of The Warrior  (1525/18) Darren Leigh Purkiss Thunder Approaches  (1909/4) Alex Arcoleo Shine  (1589/6) Chris Blackwell Little Meteor  (1607/3) Helen Jane Long Fuzz me - Undestroyable Beasts Stratosphere  (1378/2) David O'Brien / Gareth Johnson Spirit Of Indo  (1525/3) Darren Leigh Purkiss Sophie  (1996/1) Philip Guyler / Lily Bell (instrumental and normal version.) Tony Anderson - Rise (feat Salomon Ligthelm) Keep Me Warm  (2091/9) Tom Rosenthal / Alex Brenchley

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        • 60 Minutes in a Skateboarder´s Life


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          There are these guys shooting this "One Second out of an hour" Moments and putting them in a magazine called Humbug, pretending it´s Skateboarding. Well, when I had the mission to write an article for them, I discovered what Skateboarders are really doing within an hour of trying a single trick. Enjoy. Humbug. Number 2 out 27th April. https://www.facebook.com/humbugzine?ref=ts&fref=ts ____________________________________________________________ Skater: Erik Gross Photographer: Carsten Beier - http://www.carstenbeier.de/ Filmed, Edited by Sebastian Linda https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sebastian-Linda-Cinematographie/236987166380010?ref=hl Typography by Steffen Krones https://vimeo.com/steffenkrones Music Tick-a-Tock Clocks - Children Love to Sing & Dance Kids Action Song https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/tick-tock-clocks/id637798279?i=637798675&l=en Check out and buy their songs on iTunes if you like. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/love-to-sing/id351051489 Filmed with: Gh1(3), GH3, Gorilla Tripod, DSLR Magic 12mm, Voigtländer 25mm 0,95, Canon FD 50mm, Dslr Skyler Minicam

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          • Born To Skate - Trailer


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            Order it here: http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?__mk_de_DE=%C5M%C5Z%D5%D1&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=born+to+skate&x=0&y=0 Edit 17 July 2010 Film will be released on 8th of October 2010 in Germany. You can buy it nearly everywhere in germany. But the film will also be released worldwide. Edit 4 January 2010 Film is finished since a year now. And yess... it will be released in coming future. The film exist and just business is what helds it back from being released. So, keep your eyes open. You will see BTS ;) Edit 2.December 2008! I am glad to tell you: The film is finished now. We are just preparing everything to release it and you may get updates here ASAP. Hope that we may see us in cinema one day ;) Music: The music in the trailer is from Chris Heck. The guy that talks and screams in the beginning. The music is nowhere to buy and nowhere to hear except in the trailer. Chris can tell you more about that. chrixmadheck@gmx.de Description: I quitt skateboard movies when I entered film school. Now, after 5 years I came back to develop a new style of narration in skateboard movies. Together with Chris Heck, who is also a protagonist in this movie we try to make our way. Quentin Tarantino always chilled in the video rental store and was bored of all the same movies. The same happened to with me and all the Skateboard videos. So, "Born To Skate" it is a roadmovie, which does not only show skateboarding, but life in its true sense. It´s my masterwork in filmschool in germany The film itself will be about 60- 90 minutes long. There is still, a lot of hard work has still to be done. Soon, the website: www.borntoskate.de will be online, and more infos will be available. I hope you liked the trailer.Please comment and enjoy it. I am happy about every critic.

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            • Beasts from the East


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              Beasts from the East I am living in the Wild East of germany now, namely in Dresden After a long time I wanted to film some new skating with my new locals. Thanks to the November which wanted to apologize for the shitty summer we had this Year. Great days and a lot of fun. Been a long time since Born to Skate... have fun. Thanks to da boys Skaters: TOM KLEINSCHMIDT - RICHARD NAUMERTAT - ERIK GROß - MARCEL HEBER Octavio Trindade - Fred Störmer - DAVID RADERECHT - SEBASTIAN LINDA Directed & Edited by Sebastian Linda Additional filming by Tom Kleinschmidt, Pät Schwarz Music by David Raderecht (Fuzz Me) http://soundcloud.com/fuzz-me http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fuzz-me/188542681211212 Still photos by Erik Groß: http://www.flickr.com/photos/erikgross/ http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fhr200.tumblr.com%2F&h=FAQEmVbJV Equipment list: GH13, Slider, 20mm Pancake, 45mm Olympus, 50mm fd 1,4 , Eos 550D, Walimex Fisheye, Pelang Fisheye etc.

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              • The Journey Of The Beasts - Trailer


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                The Journey Of The Beasts – Trailer ------ FULL MOVIE STAFF PICKED & OUT-> https://vimeo.com/102501580 Co-Produced by www.Titus.de A film by www.Sebastian-Linda.de OCTAVIO TRINDADE - RICHARD NAUMERTAT - TOM KLEINSCHMIDT - ERIK GROSS - DAVID RADERECHT THOMAS MEINEL - VLADIK SCHOLZ - CHRISTIAN DÖBRICH - STEFFEN KRONES - JULIUS DITTMANN Earlier this year we went to Indonesia, to have the maybe biggest adventure in our lifes. Thanks to all Startnextsuppporters, Titus and everyone else who made this possible. Shot on Fs700, Canon 5d Mark III Raw Lumix Gh3.

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                • Making of - The Revenge of the Beasts


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                  Making "The Revenge of the Beasts" https://vimeo.com/70323400 Still photos by: www.flickr.com/photos/erikgross/ Filmed with: Phantom MIRO LC320 Red Epic Lumix GH3 EOS 550 D Tokina 11 - 16 2,8 Walimex Fish Canon 28, 50, 85, 100. Just normal Photo series objectives. Gorilla Tripod Have Fun Enjoy Sebastian

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                  • What For?


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                    One of the "Beasts from the East" is back! Tom Kleinschmidt faces the fear all skateboarders have to conquer. A Double Kink Hand Rail is his obstacle, which might leave him with some injuries, so how can he pushes himself on the rail and convince himself: What for? Have fun with the video and share if you like. Further episodes might arrive pretty soon. Submitted for the Transworld Skateboarding Cinematographer Contest, but they never downloaded the link... unfortunately. Maybe, but here it is :) Yours Sebastian Directed, filmed & edited by Sebastian Linda Assistant David Raderecht Music by Dave Collin & Cafe Penguin Orchestar Camera: GH1 ( GH13 ) hacked 50mm 1,4 FD manual lenses Go Pro Peleng Fisheye Walimex Fisheye Eos 550D Tamron 2,8 28 - 75 mm

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                    • After Work - I Skate


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                      Edit 22ofMay: Saw potential in this and added sound and some more dynamic scenes. Ending is cool now too i guess :D This is a video i shot in about 2 hours and edited the same evening. I just had this Transformer soundtrack in my mind and wanted to combine it with Skateboarding and the action that it brings to my life. See skateboarding from my point of view and enjoy. I hope you feel on board after seeing that! Filmed with the EX1. Music: Transformers - Score Skated, filmed, edited by Sebastian Linda

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