1. FOLD Preview


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    FOLD is a reading, authoring, and publishing platform allowing storytellers to structure and contextualize stories. FOLD is made by Alexis Hope and Kevin Hu, and is a collaboration between the Center for Civic Media and Macro Connections research groups at the MIT Media Lab. Follow @readFOLD or sign up for our mailing list at http://fold.media.mit.edu for updates!

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    • Rest-Art-Work Festival – large format projection documentation


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      Wideos presented during large format projection by: Marta Dunal, Agnieszka Janik, Krzysztof Kaczmar, Dorota Tylka, Jacek Złoczowski, Małgorzata Łuczyna, Bogusław Bachorczyk, Axel Gercke, Julian Vogel. for learning more about this work or the artist, visit: http://ohkrzysiu.wordpress.com/2014/07/25/restart/ or http://www.restartwork.pl/

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      • Heart of Worship: Introduction


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        This video is about 20140706

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        • Global Prayer Institute: Christ in the Gospels pt. 3


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          The Gospels have so many stories and events that it can be a challenge to find the cohesive threads throughout the different books. Join Stephen Venable as he continues his Global Prayer Institute class on Christ in the Gospels and brings clarity to the overall message of the Gospel books.

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          • Global Prayer Institute: Christ in the Gospels pt. 2


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            Approaching the Gospels with the right historical and cultural context is critical for understanding what is going on in these books. Join Stephen Venable as he continues his Global Prayer Institute class on Christ in the Gospels.

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            • The MindMeld API: Introducing Multilingual Support


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              Watch this quick guide on how to start using MindMeld's multilingual support feature. Begin building apps today at http://developer.expectlabs.com. TRANSCRIPT: Hello there. In this screencast we're going to show you how the MindMeld API supports multiple languages. One of the first spots where you can specify the language is in the documents so when MindMeld crawls your website, if your documents contain a certain tag, we will know the language of that document. Specifically, there's this el:language tag where you can specify the language of the document following this convention that is used throughout the language settings for the entire MindMeld API. We follow these three letter language codes that you can find in this Wikipedia page. So that's for the first document endpoint, which is the crawler. The second one is in the document itself. If you don't use a crawler to automatically post documents to the backend, you can certainly post a document directly in which case you can also have this language attribute as part of the POST request to the backend and that follows the same convention where you specify the language through this ISO639-2 standard. A third endpoint is in the text entry. Now here is where things get interesting because you don't actually have to specify the language for the text entry endpoint. We will automatically try to detect what language the text is in. However, if you already know it because you've set the language top down for the entire application, then you can also include the language attribute when you post a text entry. Another of the endpoints that support the language attribute is the entity and typically this language tag will be automatically set, because the entity is derived from a text entry and we already know what the language is. But the API also supports the direct posting of entities in which case you can include the language attribute. Also at the session level when you have a request for what the most relevant documents are at any given point, which is kind of the key functionality of the MindMeld API. In this case, you will get the most relevant documents in the language of your most recent text entries or entities. However, if you choose to, you can also specify in the query parameter a filter that would then narrow down the results to only be documents in a certain language. That is specified through the query string. Now the final place and probably the most important where you can set the language is for the speech recognizer. So, for example, if you use the MindMeld JavaScript SDK in the class listener, you can specify the language through the property here lang, so that the recognizer knows whether to expect the audio in English or German or any language that we support. In this case, we actually use the BCP encoding for languages. So, for example, for US english is EN-US, or for German would be DE-DE. So this is an example of an app that supports multiple languages, as you can see from this drop-down, and we've crawled a bunch of sports sites. So let's start with an utterance in English. "Is Kenny Phillips still with the New York Giants?" OK, so we get a bunch of results about Ken Philips. How about we try with German now? "Was ist das letzte mit der futbal Weitmeisterschaft?" OK, well we get a bunch of results about the World Cup, like this article here. Wow, there are still tickets available. Cool. Alright, so let's try with Spanish now. We'll go Spanish from Spain. "Hace de nunca al museo de combate de Las Vegas?" Well, yeah, so there's this boxing museum in Vegas. How about we try some Portuguese? "A cupo do mondo do futebol." Oh nice. We got this article with a historical overview of all the World Cups. So you can see how easy it is to get MindMeld to work with a bunch of languages.

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              • SIX STREAM: The Custom CMS


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                One day we will look back at this video and say 'this was the beginning of it all.' Introductory video to Team Sixstream. Team: Nathaniel Duncan Sushil Tailor Diogo Pinto Divyesh Minstry Jay Pandya (Cameraman)

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                • Meaningful messages thru Storytelling.-


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                  Arturo Ortega is the Insight Hunter: A passionate about Marketing & Human Behavior.- Insighthunter.com tarincontreras.com

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                  • Content & Context


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                    Another brief blog video on topics related to high performance Above The Line company culture from Michael Henderson - Corporate Anthropologist www.michelhenderson.com

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                    • Drugged to Death | Vanessa's Law | MP Terence Young | Dr. Jake Thiessen | 1329


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                      www.ContextWithLornaDueck | All drugs cause adverse reactions but its a gamble we all take. A pill for every ill? 27 drugs have been taken off the market for killing people -- including Vanessa Young whose' father avenged her death with a new Canadian law on drug safety. We'll hear from that dad, MP Terence Young, and a leading authority in pharmacology about the hidden dangers in the medicines so many take for granted.

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