1. Einstein | Ancient Aliens - Crystal Skulls


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    Einstein | Ancient Aliens - Crystal Skulls

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    • 黙示録 - Crystal Skulls (Produced By: edk)


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      Directed by Apak Masters... This track is from the album "Future From The Past" Available @ https://apakalypse.bandcamp.com/album/future-from-the-past-2 http://www.iamesf.com ..(Lyrics).. Good and evil are apart of the same coin conjoined binded by universal laws like the light and darkness without one the other cannot exist in the wicked wilderness carnivorous vicious predators feed off the herbivores and only the strong will survive if the sun burns out and explodes into a supernova life in our solar system as we know it will cease all physical beings will perish but at a universal scale elements are nourished nature is not human hearted the weak minded and malnourished lack the god like consciousness free will is the most powerful force and its important to know this the only all seeing eye is the eye of GOD the Most High see's everything exposing all you false prophets and frauds that pretend to be righteous that are truly satanic religion divide and makes you choose sides blood shed and lost lives the battle between good and evil opposites attract all connected a chaos theory the shit I’m about to drop will make your brain fucking pop shroud of turin blood stains DNA extracted Hitler tried to clone a superior race and captured many sacred relics that our now in possession by the illuminati and secret elites in the united snakes the holy war is being fought right now in outer space wake the fuck up you dumb fucks the proof is right in front of your fucking face cell phones spread rumors as well as those fucking brain tumors many may come only a few are chosen your mommas a dumb ass bitch do you even know what you fuck you feeding your children do you know what they chewing growth hormones and unknown chemicals pesticides that will destroy your insides the conspiracy is real the conspiracy is to kill as many as possible and the trick is to kill you while your still alive money is your god and everyone has a price and the tricknology is perfect we all need money to survive to live comfortable who the fuck whats to struggle the perfect plan hustle hard and get locked the fuck up corporate america prison business modern day slavery nigga I’m dead ass serious chemtrails dropping poison in our atmosphere leaving a cloudy mist ha ha to have the nerve to think your breathing in fresh air get the fuck out of here with that bullshit age of computers technology on the rise steady incline frequencies online used to control your mind suggestive thinking making you consume shit you really do not need to buy microchips embedded mark of the beast implanted actually everyone will have a alien implant without being abducted all the world governments know the truth its beyond 2102 the day heavens assassins rebel and turn earth into a living hell Yo don’t believe the hype and the subliminal media spells I’m not here to mislead do the research for yourself but be careful what you read indigenous indigo star child the last star fighter my soul has been here since the beginning of time so this is no coincidence that I’m here to bomb you devils with the power of rhymes on a mission to save souls as well as open your mind to a higher vibration threw constant elevation….

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      • Legend of the Crystal Skulls - full programme


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        The story of the legendary Crystal skulls which have puzzled and dazzled people for almost 150 years. The film lifts the lid on an enduring mystery.

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        • Crystal Skulls


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          Not much is widely known of the Crystal Skull phenomena. Joshua Shapiro has become intrinsically associated with Crystal Skulls. He is currently one of the foremost "experts" in the field of crystal skulls, and his passion for them drives him to share the crystal skull phenomenon with people all over the world.Join me live to uncover the history, myth and continuing mysteries behind it all.

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          • 12.12.12 Crystal Skull Ceremony in Miami, FL


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            The Crystal Skulls are carvings of human skulls in crystal. There is much speculation and mystery about their origins and authenticity. Some are alleged to be Aztec or Mayan artifacts, while others are alleged to be sculpted by intelligent life not of this planet. The legends of the mystical healing powers and paranormal phenomena of the crystal skulls are subjects of film, television, novels and video games. With my trusted iphone, I captured the Miami Circle Ceremony, on 12.12.12, conducted by Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo. A beautiful rainbow of humanity assembled for World Peace at a protected sacred Indian ceremonial site on Brickell Point amidst uber-high-rise condominium construction in Downtown Miami!

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            • Crystal Head Vodka Review


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              A review of Crystal Head vodka, created by the Blues Brother and Ghostbuster himself, Dan Aykroyd. A video about how and where it's made, and showing off the bottle.

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              • Q & A with Kiesha Crowther in Zurich 2010


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                Kiesha Crowther Little Grandmother, was in 2010 on a European Tour spreading her message on how to start living from the heart. This is the 3rd video from the Zurich CrystalSun.ch -workshop covering questions from the audience on subjects such as crop circles, star beings, God, the Masculine and Feminine, UFO sightings, the purpose of crystals and who are the 12 Wisdom Keepers. Recorded on November 2/3, 2010. Don't worry about the small cuts in the video; it is due to editing out the German translations to make it more compact, keeping only the English original. http://www.crystalsun.ch http://www.facebook.com/CrystalSunPage The Video of this CrystalSun-Workshop is produced by Kedar Misani, Zurich

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                • Sweetly Inked - Director's Cut


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                  Sweetly Inked Lingerie Brand Image Spot

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                  • Sweetly Inked


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                    Sweetly Inked Lingerie Brand Image Spot

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                    • Crystal Skull Encounter - From Pushing 50


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                      David Chan describes his Crystal Skull, now gone missing.

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