1. the ethics of stealing a bike


    from Casey Neistat / Added

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    like us facebook.com/neistatbrothers follow me twitter.com/caseyneistat the ethics of when it is and isn't ok to take a bike that isn't yours. it's never ok to take somebody's bike, it's always ok to take nobody's bike. again; the fight at the beginning is not me, i don't know who it is. i don't care, i just think it's a good example of why not to take something that's not yours.

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    • The Panhandler Project


      from Barbara DeGenevieve / Added

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      The Panhandler Project is the outcome of the artist finding 5 men, all homeless and African American, who agree to model nude for $100.

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      • lose/lose


        from zach gage / Added

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        Lose/Lose is a video-game with real life consequences. Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the players computer. If the player kills the alien, the file it is based on is deleted. If the players ship is destroyed, the application itself is deleted. Although touching aliens will cause the player to lose the game, and killing aliens awards points, the aliens will never actually fire at the player. This calls into question the player's mission, which is never explicitly stated, only hinted at through classic game mechanics. Is the player supposed to be an aggressor? Or merely an observer, traversing through a dangerous land? Why do we assume that because we are given a weapon an awarded for using it, that doing so is right? By way of exploring what it means to kill in a video-game, Lose/Lose broaches bigger questions. As technology grows, our understanding of it diminishes, yet, at the same time, it becomes increasingly important in our lives. At what point does our virtual data become as important to us as physical possessions? If we have reached that point already, what real objects do we value less than our data? What implications does trusting something so important to something we understand so poorly have? There is an online scoreboard which is viewable at http://www.stfj.net/art/2009/loselose/ the game can also be downloaded at that link The code for generating the aliens appearances was pillaged from a project I collaborated on with David Wicks in 2009 : thingsiam.com that we developed for Domani Studios : http://domanistudios.com/ audio from gratisvibes.com more of my work at stfj.net

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        • Subject, Theory, Practice: An Architecture of Creative Engagement


          from Adam Nathaniel Furman / Added

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          “Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.” José Ortega y Gasset A 'manifesto' for the curious architect/designer/artist in search of depth, but in love with plenty, in the saturated world of the 21st Century. "In a world where grazing is the norm, in which the bitesize is the ideal that conflates ease of consumption with value, where yoghurts are increased in sales price by being reduced in size and packaged like medicines, downed in one gulp; in a world where choice is a democratic obligation that obliterates enjoyment, forced on consumers through the constant tasting, buying and trying of ever more gadgets; a world in which thoughts, concepts -entire lives- are fragmented into the instantaneous nothings of tweets and profile updates; it is in this world, where students of architecture graze Dezeen dot com and ArchDaily, hoovering up images in random succession with no method of differentiation or judgement, where architects -like everyone else- follow the dictum ‘what does not fit on the screen, won’t be seen’, where attentions rarely span longer than a minute, and architectural theory online has found the same formula as Danone’s Actimel (concepts downed in one gulp, delivered in no longer than 300 words!), conflating relevance with ease of consumption; it is in this world of exponentially multiplying inputs that we find ourselves looking at our work and asking ‘what is theory, and what is practice?’, and finding that whilst we yearn for the Modernist certainties of a body of work, of a lifelong ‘project’ in the context of a broader epoch-long ‘shared project’ on the one hand, and the ideas against which these projects can be critically tested on the other; we are actually embedded in an era in which any such oppositions, any such certainties have collapsed, and in which it is our duty –without nostalgia, but with bright eyes and bushy tails untainted by irony- to look for new relationships that can generate meaning, in a substantial manner, over the course of a professional life. This film is a short section through this process from May 2012." This is a montage film that contains found footage, it is entirely non-commercial, and is based on a lecture delivered by Madam Studio in May of 2012 at Gent Sint-Lucas Hogeschool Voor Wetenschap & Kunst. A Madam Studio Production by Adam Nathaniel Furman and Marco Ginex Official selection @ the New York Architecture & Design Festival 2013

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          • Biolace, Design and Biofacture, Horizon 2050 (english version)


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            BioLace © Carole Collet 2012 Design Research Project by Carole Collet, Reader and TFRC Deputy Director, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London. ‘BioLace’ is a speculative design-led research project that investigates the intersection of synthetic biology and textile design to propose future fabrication processes for textiles. The motivation behind this research lies in the hypothesis that living technology can foster a new approach to address some of the key sustainable challenges of the 21st century. c.collet@csm.arts.ac.uk

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            • Matt Segal 5.14 trad


              from renan ozturk / Added

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              Climbing is an endeavor driven by ethics more than rules. This short is a good insight into the forward thinking climbing ethics of the next generation of talented climbers who choose what style to practice thier art. Featuring Matt Segal sending the 2nd Ascent of the 5.14 trad test piece called "China Doll" in Boulder's Dream Canyon. Stills and Video shot by John Dickey and the edit supported by The North Face.

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              • A Thought Provoking Chat With Mum


                from Georgie Hammerton / Added

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                This video just has a few thoughts I had during and following a talk with mum the other day.. Quick Note: This is not meant to cause offence to anyone and their religious beliefs, this video is based purely upon my own beliefs as an atheist. I would welcome any comments on this video wether you agree with me or not :) Afterthought: This isn't meant to be a list of the people I love, it's just a random selection of some of the hundreds of people I love; if you're not in the video I still love you; I probably haven't taken a photo of you in the last week though lol

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                • Child Circumcision: an Elephant in the Hospital


                  from Ryan McAllister / Added

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                  What is infant circumcision? Why is the practice common in U.S. hospitals and not in other countries? What does it remove and how does that affect the child? Does scientific data suggest that circumcision has benefits? What are the potential complications? How does it affect sexuality? Is it a medical procedure or a social surgery? If it's unnecessary surgery, what about contemporary bioethics principles? Through both a review of scientific literature and a discussion of the human cost of the procedure, this presentation explores these questions from the perspectives of the child, the adult survivor, the parent, and the practitioner. Ryan McAllister, PhD, is a parent, a biophysicist, an Assistant Professor of Physics and Oncology at Georgetown University, and also a volunteer who supports parents and families. Over the last 10 years he has been studying the medicalization of childbirth in U.S. hospitals. The slides, supplementary material, references and a copy of the video can be downloaded here: http://physics.georgetown.edu/~rmca/Elephant_in_the_Hospital/ NOTE: This presentation includes some graphic slides necessary to present the procedure and anatomy being discussed.

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                  • PrintBox


                    from Alem Alquier / Added

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                    As a music video, this film poetically shows a mechanical and industrial complexity of a craftsmanship who strives to work with an ethical “green”. Atelier Graphique Saint-Jean, Albi (France) Made with a FullHD device, with kinetic typography Sous la forme d’un clip musical, ce film montre de manière poétique la complexité mécanique et industrielle d’un artisanat qui s’évertue à produire suivant une éthique « verte ». Atelier Graphique Saint-Jean, Albi mixte FullHD / typocinétique

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                    • R.C. Sproul Discusses the Issue of Abortion


                      from Ligonier Ministries / Added

                      R.C. Sproul & R.C. Sproul, Jr. discuss the topic of abortion—its place in the culture, in the church, and where it has come since the landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. They discuss Christian ethics, what they believe the church should do about abortion, and how they feel the church can make an impact to protect unborn children. Dr. Sproul's book, Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue is being re-released 20 years after the original edition. For more information about this book, visit http://www.ligonier.org/store/abortion-hardcover/ For additional resources on abortion at Ligonier.org, click here: http://bit.ly/hahYqz

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