1. Tough Day


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    Help a homeless child go to school better prepared. Visit www.operationbackpackNYC.org.

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    • Michael and Danielle, and Family


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      WARNING: This video will mess you up! Being on a road trip focusing on homeless youth it was important to tell the story of the homelessness you don't see - the millions of American families living in weekly rate hotels just barley one step from street homelessness. In fact, when I met this wonderful family today, they were packing up to leave and live in their car. The hotel had given them one day's grace, but they were completely out of money with no place to go. I am still emotional thinking about it even hours later. Truth is, thousands upon thousands of families face being evicted from a hotel to the streets every single day! This family was lucky. I tweet out what I call a "Hail Mary" and a generous heart stepped up and donated a weeks stay. That too messed me up! Michael, Danielle, and their six children live in one hotel room near St Louis. Michael works a full time job, and they used to rent a house, but their landlord didn't pay the mortgage. After the bank took the property back, Michael, Danielle, and their six children were evicted with no place to go. Hotel homelessness becomes a trap. Hotel's cost more than an apartment, but you can move right in without deposit, and a hotel room is far better than the streets. Once in, people who are considered the working poor, have an impossible time trying to save up enough money to afford adequate housing. Often these hotels are not a good place for kids to grow up. There is a lot of emotion in this video. I get messed up throughout, but when the parents start talking about having to run in to the bathroom to cry so the kids don't see - I'm done! I am pissed that families have to live like this and heartbroken because I can literally feel their pain. I don't speak about this much, but I was raised by my mother and we went through some hard years when I was young. If I could get you to watch just one video all the way to the end, and then share, this would be that video. This family is filled with strength and love, and has the courage to share their very real story about the homeless you don't see, but need to see! Huge thanks to the generous donor who helped pay for another week's hotel for this family. Special thanks to Paul Kruse, who helps these families every single day of the year http://www.firststepbackhome.net This Invisible People road trip is made possible by Sevenly and Virgin Mobile USA, who are partnering to end youth homelessness through Virgin Mobile USA's initiative, RE*Generation. For more information please click here. http://invppl.tv/regen . Distributed by OneLoad.com

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      • We Can Do Better: The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Family Homelessness


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        Domestic violence is a prevalent issue among women and families with children experiencing homelessness. In this video, USICH Policy Director Jasmine Hayes marks Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Purple Thursday (October 23, 2014) and the 30th Anniversary of The Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA). Most importantly, she addresses the unmet housing needs of individuals who've experienced domestic violence, leading them to return to their abusers, live in their cars or go without shelter. Learn more at http://usich.gov/issue/domestic_violence.

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        • Lisa and Lexus


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          Lisa and her daughter Lexus are the face of homelessness you don't normally see, but you need to see! After trying to stay with family, Lisa had to return to Missouri for medical reasons. Pregnant and unable to work, after resources ran out, Lisa and Lexus ended up in a weekly rate hotel in Wentzville, just outside of St Louis. Low and no income families living in weekly-rate hotels are a serious crisis. Lisa and Lexus were lucky to find a good hotel through the support of Paul Kruze, but even though this hotel is a little better than most, it's still no place to raise kids. Special thanks to Paul Kruse, who helps these families every single day of the year http://www.firststepbackhome.net This Invisible People road trip is made possible by Sevenly and Virgin Mobile USA, who are partnering to end youth homelessness through Virgin Mobile USA's initiative, RE*Generation. For more information please click here. http://invppl.tv/regen . Distributed by OneLoad.com

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          • What is Family Homelessness?


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            This video was created for South Sound magazine's coverage of Family Homeless in Pierce County, supported by a fellowship from the Seattle University Center for Strategic Communications, under a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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            • Reallocations in the FY 2014 CoC Program Competition


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              Since the September 2014 release of HUD's Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Continuum of Care Program Competition, USICH has created numerous resources to equip Continuums of Care for continued success in the program. In this video, USICH Senior Policy Director Richard S. Cho and Management and Policy Analyst Lindsay Knotts provide a quick overview of the NOFA and its emphasis on reallocating funding toward evidence-informed projects. The video also points to a new guide they wrote, which answer questions, such as: What is reallocation? When should a CoC reallocate CoC Program funds? What projects should be reallocated? What are the unique challenges of "one-to-one same provider" reallocations or conversions? What are examples of communities that used reallocations to create more effective systems to end homelessness? Where can you find more information and resources about the reallocation process? That guide is located at http://usich.gov/resources/uploads/asset_library/FINAL_Reallocation_Tool_09_30_14.pdf. For the rest of the FY 2014 resources, visit http://usich.gov/member_agency/department_of_housing_and_urban_development/fy-2013-nofa/

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              • Imagine LA


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                The Imagine LA mentorship program empowers family to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency. One Team + One Family = Lifetime of Change.

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                • Proof Point: The 2014 Point-in-Time Count Shows that Homelessness Is a Solvable Problem


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                  Laura Green Zeilinger, Executive Director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, provides an overview of the results of the 2014 Point-in-Time-Count of people experiencing homelessness in the United States. With unparalleled community collaboration using Federal strategy since 2010, we've witnessed an overall 10 percent decline in the total homeless population, and of those a 25 percent decline in those who are living unsheltered. Family homelessness is down 15 percent; 53 percent fewer families are living unsheltered. Chronic homelessness is down 21 percent; 14 percent unsheltered. There's been a slight downturn in youth homelessness, but particularly noteworthy are the declines seen among Veterans. Veteran homelessness is down 33 percent, unsheltered down 43 percent. Learn more at usich.gov

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                  • Mary and Family


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                    Mary grew up in a broken family and learned to cope with alcohol from her mother. She began drinking in middle school, hiding booze in her locker and often drunk by lunchtime. She graduated to meth later on. When she did finally get herself off of drugs, with the help of her husband--who quit at the same time--an OB/GYN had told her the drugs had done a number on her body, that she could no longer have children. Two years later, Kori was born. Clean and sober, but with nothing to build on, (family, financial assets), the three are trying to make a like and preserve a family--one that Mary never had. For more stories, go to UnhousedMedia.com

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                    • Laura


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                      A year ago Laura had a job she loved, a car, and a house for her and her two kids. Today, she is lucky that Seattle's YWCA is helping her move out of a tent community into a hotel room. I met Laura while she was moving what possessions she had left from Nickelsville, a tent community located just outside of Seattle's downtown area, to a hotel room provided by the YWCA's family homelessness program . Her and her kids stayed at Nickelsville for a week after "timing out" from a 30 day shelter. Laura was lucky to have a place to go. Nickelsville is the only tent community that allows children, but living in a tent in not the best situation for young kids. The staff at Nickelsville and several social services agencies work together so that families and single parents with young kids get the help they need. If you are not aware, and I feel a blog post on this topic coming soon, many shelters are transitional with 30 - 90 day programs. Some may go for a year or two, which actually makes a lot more sense. Who can get their life back in 90 days or less?!! NO ONE! When a resident goes past the allotted time, in Larua's case 30 days, the family "timed out" and has to be removed from the shelter. Ideally, that would be to their own apartment or a longer transitional program, but that takes a small miracle to happen. Many places just give a reference to a new shelter and do not even provide transportation, or they will "dump" clients to other shelter programs, such as an emergency shelter that takes anyone. (Catherine was dumped to a winter shelter program, where she was kicked out in to the streets and eventually died http://bit.ly/Yi9PL0) I have a lot of respect for Laura. While talking to her, she told me stories of her childhood that were beyond horrible. What she had to do as a child is unthinkable, but she keeps fighting hard to make a better life for her two boys, even against all odds. If you're interested, here is the link to the Facebook page her and her sister created for their band https://www.facebook.com/xSestra .Distributed by OneLoad.com

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