1. Stop Idling - Take the Pledge


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    Did you know idling your car for longer than 10 seconds actually wastes more fuel than restarting? It's your turn to turn it off, this small action can foster big change. Learn more at www.iturnitoff.com

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    • Smart Design: Reducing Glance Time on the Ford SmartGauge


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      When Ford came to us to design an LCD based instrument cluster, we had an immediate (and we think innovative) response. Design can influence driving behavior. While Ford’s engineers would optimize the efficiency of the vehicle - we would optimize efficiency of the driver! This includes not only fuel efficiency – we also used the LCD display to reduce driver distraction. Our team at Smart Design devised ways to clarify communication between driver and machine. Building on an experience architecture designed by IDEO, we suggested the use of clear information design and graphic techniques that can reduce visual demand, not increase it. The result is the SmartGauge with EcoGuide, an innovative instrument cluster for Ford’s hybrid vehicles. Its ability to coach drivers to save fuel is revolutionary. However, there’s more to the story. In this video we discuss another innovative benefit – the use of color and contrast to reduce glance time, and even make certain gauges readable in peripheral vision. The Ford Fusion was named 2010 Motor Trend Car of the Year and the 2010 North American Car of the Year. SmartGauge with EcoGuide was named a Finalist in the 2009 IDEA competition through IDSA/BusinessWeek, earned an 2010 Outstanding Achievement honor from the HOW Interactive Design Awards and was named Best in Category for Disruption in the 2012 IxDA Awards. Smart Design is an innovation consulting firm. To learn more, please visit www.smartdesignworldwide.com.

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      • Global Currents


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        Combined Ocean and Tidal currents with global coverage. An exclusive new product from Tidetech

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        • 2010 Toyota RAV4 vs. 2010 Honda CR-V - Car Comparison Video - NewCars.com


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          http://www.newcars.com/honda/crv/reviews/toyota-rav4/index.html - The 2010 Toyota RAV4 and the 2010 Honda CR-V are two of the most popular SUV/crossovers on the market today, but which one is better? This car comparison video by NewCars.com provides all you need to know about the 2010 RAV4 and CR-V.

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          • 2011 Toyota RAV4 vs. 2011 Honda CR-V - Car Comparison Video - NewCars.com


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            http://www.newcars.com/reviews/toyota-rav4-vs-honda-crv-suv.html - The 2011 Toyota RAV4 and the 2011 Honda CR-V are two of the most popular SUV/crossovers on the market today, but which one is better? This car comparison video by NewCars.com provides all you need to know about the 2011 RAV4 and CR-V.

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            • 2011 Toyota Camry vs. 2011 Honda Accord - Car Comparison Video - NewCars.com


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              http://www.newcars.com/reviews/toyota-camry-vs-honda-accord-sedan.html - The 2011 Toyota Camry and the 2011 Honda Accord are two of the most popular sedans on the market today, but which one is better? This car comparison video provides all you need to know about the Camry and Accord.

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              • Testing TrailerTail


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                This video highlights the fuel efficiency testing of the 2012 TrailerTail by ATDynamics

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                • Arbitrage The Electric SUP


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                  The bicycle is the most efficient form of transportation in the known universe. For those of you who are fortunate to live near the ocean you may easily exchange your time, money and gasoline for waves. A human on a bicycle achieves 750 miles per gallon, 20X more than a Prius. Parking at the break with a SUP can, in a single year, produce more marginal waves than a short boarder will catch in a single year. Hopefully this motivates you to go and be a wave HOG stealing waves from nothing but . . . . the open ocean, trading your rump in an automobile for adrenaline in your veins. RIP! -------------------------------------------------- The video was originally created to showcase the advantages of the electric bicycle. I have 3 young kids and a supportive wife that allows me to escape for 120 minutes of solo time in the mornings usually on weekends. Since time is money financial arbitrage can translated to time arbitrage. The bike can add 25% to on-water time. 7 years ago I built a surf rack for my bicycle and learned that I could get to surf spots in the same or less time on my bike than by driving and walking. This was typically because I could park my bike closer than my car to the break and reduce total commute time to the water. The only downside was additional exercise on top of an already taxing SUP session. Getting home could be much slower and I would often lose 4 lbs. to as many as 7 lbs. of water weight from a combined bike and SUP session. 3 weeks ago I saw an electric bike at a street fair and knew in 3 ticks I had to have one. The electric bike has since tipped the scales from nearly breakeven to massively in favor of bicycle commuting. Some people will get this. Others with different pressure on their time e.g. empty nesters, no kids . . . distance to the beach > 5 miles, or passion for their vehicles will hear me singing from the rafters to no avail. Believe me I have been crowing about Stand Up for exactly 2 years (today) and have only managed to convert a handful of people. You are the converts, just not yet to bicycle surfing. The electric bike is treated exactly like a bicycle. As long as the motor is less than 750 Watts and the assisted speed limited to 20 mph the only legal requirement is to wear a helmet. You gain all the advantages of a bicycle but travel at 2X the speed. You can zip up and down bike paths, bend a few rules (e.g. go the wrong way on the highway because crossing US-1 on a bike is near death sentence) and lock your bike at the beach steps. As with SUP these advantages will bring out the haters. Southern California has already bred E-Bike free zones and E-Bike Nazis to enforce said laws. The arbitrage only exists until the masses realize its value. I add, what used to be an 8 minute drive, 2 minute unload and 8 minute walk (18 total minutes) has been reduced to 11 minutes on this bike saving 7 minutes each way. Historically a 2 hour window diminished to just 60 minutes of water time when I added the time to get dressed, load, commute and unload. The ~15 additional minutes, +25%, on a SUP can easily translate to 4 more waves per session. 4 more waves 100X per year equates to 400 incremental waves that would otherwise have gone un-ridden while I was driving and then walking to the beach. On efficiency: A human on a bicycle expends 40 calories to travel 1 mile. A gallon of gasoline has the energy equivalent of 30,000 calories. This equates to 750 miles per effective gallon on a human powered bicycle. To pedal the 6.5 mile round trip shown in the video would have cost me 260 calories. Alternately the bike consumed 250 Watt hours. In California this cost 7.5 cents of electricity. Driving my car would have cost $1.30 in gasoline and I could double this expense for the depreciation on the vehicle. In summary the electric bike reduces commute time, reduces cost, leverages the most efficient form of transportation known to exist and keeps my car sand free. Win-Win-Win-Win. The bike hustled me to a spot that others considered too difficult to access or marginal to bother surfing. I put a premium on having fun catching waves. This footage was all filmed in less than 50 minutes, 1 man’s solo session on a beautiful day that wasn’t perfect but pretty darn close and this IMHO is why we SUP. We saw an opportunity to convert the time sitting in the water to the time standing, paddling and getting exercise. We can spot waves at a distance paddle over and catch what used to slip by out of reach. We ride waves too small, too big, too mushy or too sloppy to catch with conventional boards. This is arbitrage. Taking the mundane and making it magical. Creating something from nothing and converting free time to pure stoke.

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                  • Maximizing Stove Efficiency in the Field


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                    We all know that a poor stove set-up wastes fuel, and a using additional tools, like a pot parka, saves fuel beyond a “normal good set-up.” But how much does fuel consumption differ with stove set-up? We put it to the test by testing three Whisperlite stoves with three different treatments. We controlled as many variables as we could by testing the same stove under each of the three treatments, always using the same amount of fuel, always pumping the stove the same amount, always heating 2 liters of water, and always starting with water of the same temperature. Here’s what we found.

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                    • West Wing Week: 05/28/10 or "I, State Your Name"


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                      Thanks for checking out the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, walk step by step with the President as he signs a memorandum on fuel efficiency, meets with his economic team and Congressional leaders about Wall Street reform, delivers the commencement address at West Point, hosts the leaders of Lebanon and Liberia, plays basketball with Russian students, holds a reception for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, celebrates National Small Business Week, holds discussions with Senate, Republicans, travels to California, checks out some solar panels, talks economics with workers, welcomes NCAA Men’s Basketball Champs the Duke Blue Devils and the US World Cup Soccer Team, gives a press conference on the BP oil spill and much more.

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