1. my lingerie play


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    Diana Oh in her {my lingerie play} Installation 1/10 Find her on https://www.facebook.com/mylingerplay or #MyLingeriePlay "I'm standing here in my lingerie because I'm a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie but does not enjoy: being catcalled, being trafficked, being sold, being owned, being told to be unhealthily thin, being told to age unnaturally, being street harassed and followed home by a car full of men at 2 in the morning (1), being asked to f-ck you like a b-tich or to suck on these n-ts and lick the d-ick (2), being called a hoe (3), a tramp (3), a stupid girl (3), or a little Asian friend (3), and being told that you love my lack of self respect (3), and that you got these b-tches all tipsy trying to sex you (3). I'm standing here in my lingerie because I'm a woman who enjoys wearing lingerie and many MANY other things (4). HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! (1) actually happened. (2) actual lyrics (3) actual lyrics that aren't from hip hop songs (4) see you next time!

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    • CLOUD: An Interactive Sculpture Made from 6,000 Light Bulbs


      from Caitlind r.c. Brown / Added

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      September 15, 2012 You can also find us here https://www.facebook.com/incandescentcloud and here www.incandescentcloud.com CLOUD is a large-scale interactive sculpture created from 6,000 light bulbs (new and burnt out) by Canadian artists Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett. The piece utilizes everyday domestic light bulbs and pull strings, re-imagining their potential to create wonder and inspire collaboration. As part of the process of creating the sculpture, the artists collected burnt out incandescent light bulbs from the surrounding community, forging an informal relationship with non-artists, reducing costs, and asking audiences to reconsider household items in an alternative context. During exhibition, viewers interact with CLOUD by initiating impromptu collaborations, working as a collective to turn the entire sculpture on and off. How CLOUD works: The hand-bent steel substructure of the sculpture is covered in a skin of incandescent light bulbs (new and burnt out), and rear-lit from within by 250 compact fluorescent bulbs, pulling a total power of approximately 20 amps (the equivalent of two household outlets). Each of these bulbs is attached to a pull-string, allowing viewers to control the illumination of the structure – like lightning in the CLOUD above them. Editions of CLOUD have appeared at Nuit Blanche Calgary (Canada) and Garage Center for Contemporary Culture as the centerpiece of Art Experiment 2013 (Moscow, Russia). A third evolution of the sculpture was created in June 2013 in Chicago, USA. Entitled CLOUD CEILING, this rendition is a permanent installation (sans pull-chains) in Progress Bar, utilizing motion sensors and over 15,000 light bulbs. Sponsors: Alberta College of Art + Design, The Nuit Blanche Foundation, The City of Calgary, Calgary Arts Development Authority, Calgary Public Arts, Calgary 2012, and The Awesome Foundation (Calgary chapter).

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      • impress - flexible display


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        Final documentation of my flexible display. More information: www.silkehilsing.de/impress

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        • The Junk King


          from Evan Burns / Added

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          Vince Hannemann, A.K.A. the Junk King, has spent much of his life constructing the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, TX. In 2010, the City of Austin requested a building permit and Vince was forced to tear down nearly half of his creation. Despite this traumatic event and with the help of many supporters, Vince was still able to keep the Cathedral alive and continue its legacy. Directed by Evan Burns Cinematography by Garyle Morgan & Mitzi Morrow Produced by Eduardo Tobias Music provided by Vimeo Music Store: "Horse Steppin'" by Sun Araw (http://www.notnotfun.com/sunaraw/main.html) "Eileen" by Lee Rosevere (http://members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/index.html) "Track 3" by Sun Araw (http://www.notnotfun.com/sunaraw/main.html) Canon T2i/550D with Nikon 35mm 1.4 AIS, Nikon 50mm 1.8 AIS, 85mm Jupiter 9, and Tokina 11-16mm Magic Lantern w/ Flaat picture profiles

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          • Soundmachines


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            http://www.the-product.org/soundmachines An instrument for performing electronic music Three units, which are resembling standard record players, translate concentric visual patterns into control signals for further processing in any music software. The rotation of the discs, each holding three tracks, can be synced to a sequencer. The Soundmachines premiered on the Volkswagen New Beetle stand at the IAA motor show in late Summer 2011. In cooperation with the sounddesigner/producer Yannick Labbé of TRICKSKI fame, we developed three unique discs, each controlling one track of an Ableton Live Set exclusively made for the Event. The show was supported by a set of realtime generated visuals, running on a 25m wide LED wall. 
 One/One http://oneone-studio.com TheProduct* http://the-product.org ©2011 Client
 Volkswagen Agency
 Vok Dams, Hamburg Sounddesign/Producer IAA Yannick Labbé http://www.yannicklabbe.com Special Thanks
 Lorenzo Cercelletta http://www.behance.net/lorenzocercelletta Matt Karau
 http://matt.karau.com Andreas Schmelas http://invertednothing.com

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            • Rain Room at the Barbican, 2012


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              • Starfield


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                Starfield is an installation where a swing is used to create a large interactive starry sky. With a Kinect installed behind the swing and a video projector, the software creates a galaxy of stars in which the user wanders with the rhythm of his swing. Created with openFrameworks, the application allows to configure almost any type of swing. With anaglyph glasses, a 3D mode gives an even more immerse experience. Music : Chapelier Fou - Postlude http://www.chapelierfou.com/ An installation by lab212 - http://www.lab212.org

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                • Nervous Structure (field) (2012)


                  from Cristobal Mendoza / Added

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                  Made in collaboration by Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza http://cuppetellimendoza.com Music: "Guitar Plume" - Portable Sunsets http://flatflat.org/ps

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                  • TETRAGRAM FOR ENLARGMENT


                    from Apparati Effimeri / Added

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                    ITA Apparati Effimeri a giungo 2009, ha mappato e registrato le forme architettoniche della Rocca Malatestiana, ha realizzato poi i contenuti attraverso l'utilizzo di software 3D e ha sincronizzato audio e video. Il lavoro sulla Rocca non può eludere dalla storia dell'edificio posto a difesa della città. Gli elementi di rottura con l'uniformità della superficie, le decorazioni e le finestre della rocca sono stati utilizzati quali elementi generatori di forme e particelle che hanno invaso l'intera superficie.Per 30 minuti lo spettatore ha assistito ad uno spettacolo insolito e mai visto. Le forme architettoniche hanno cominciato a muoversi e a vivere di vita propria. La Rocca ha cambiato veste assumendo prima uno stato liquido e poi roccioso: I mattoni hanno cominciato a distruggersi e a ricostruirsi. EN Apparati Effimeri created in june 2009, a primal mapping to register the architectural silhouette of the Rocca Malatestiana; then, using a range of different 3D softwares, they realized the video contents and finally synchronizedthe audio e video. The arrangements displayed on the Rocca could not "escape" from the building's own history which was originally built as a defensive outpost .The elements of discontinuity with the uniformity of the building's surface, its decorations and the windows of the castle itself have all been reemployed as generators of new shapes and particles which permeate the whole façade. For 30 minutes the audience watched a very unusual show, never seen before. The architectural shapes started to shift and to become alive. The Rocca changed appereance, acquiring first a liquid state and then a rocky one; the bricks began to crumble and then to reassemble. Sound design: Be Invisible Now!

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                    • CYCLIQUE (short version)


                      from Bruno Ribeiro / Added

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                      ( Light and Sound Installation by Collectif Coin et Nohista / 30mn ) Cyclique is a light and sound installation composed of a matrix of 256 balloons inflated with helium and equipped with LED lights. The floating 700 square-meter structure changes its shape as the wind flows through the balloons, immersing viewers in an artificial synaesthetic landscape where the soundtrack becomes the orchestra conductor. Director - set design - concept : Maxime Houot Set design - sound and lighting design : Nohista Production : Collectif Coin Coproduction : CCSTI Grenoble-La Casemate ( shot @ Amiens / Nuit Blanche 2013) more infos + contact http://www.collectif-coin.com/ www.nohista.org

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