1. LACMA Interactive Exhibit


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    • MOBGEN interactive analog christmas art installation


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      Each year at MOBGEN we organise a christmas decor competition. This year our team of ui ux designers put together this interactive analog christmas art installation within 16 hours, and yes we won :). Brent Rovers and Martijn Kroneman made this awesome video, I worked out the concept inspired by Niels Shoe Meulman, Maikel Haas, Daniel Campo, Silviu Agapi and I put the concept into motion and build the installation. And of course big ups to everybody at MOBGEN for there participation, we are all creators.

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      • "All the Old and New Splashed Red with Blues" (那些染红了的蓝衣)


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        They’re so great and miserable you know, all these taught little chain-smokers that wore blue and built the world. Maybe you knew or heard about some of them. They always woke up so early and never smiled. They sold their bags of blood and bone and muscle for dog shit and free soup. They had principles because they never read the kinds of books that made you burn all of those off in the name of youth. The facts are the facts I’ve heard and the fact is that we live in and on their staggered monuments of industry. We occupy this world of walls their little brick bodies stacked to make us and we owe them as we hate them. So say a little silent thanks when you’re spitting on a sidewalk. [Ryan Nimmo] TITLE "All the Old and New Splashed Red with Blues" (那些染红了的蓝衣) ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛 MEDIA TFT display, acrylic painting, teakwood frame EDITION Unique DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2014 SIZE 67(W)×48(H)×7(D) cm | 26.4(W)×19(H)×2.8(D) inches CREDITS Zhang Wen Zhong 张文忠 (performance) • Xu Yihan 徐义涵 (painting) • Anto Lau (art direction & video) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Anto Lau (art direction & video) • Jean Le Guyader (documentation) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor) For more information: http://www.island6.org/AllTheOldAndNewSplashedRedWithBlues.html

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        • Vika Kova Powers of the World - multimedia, interactive project (3D)


          from Vika Kova / Added

          This triptych of the on-going cycle visualizes a continuous exploration of the global perspectives on human duality and universality, expressed in images and sound. The interaction between video images, audio and the materiality of each of the works enables them to co-exist and "speak" to the audience.

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          • Archaeolgy of The Present


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            In Archeology of the Present, phenomena from the recent past are artificially translated into a more remote history, directing our attention to the present. A collection of frames from half-burned reels found in the abandoned cinema in the village of Devetaki are rearranged through the keys of a toy piano. Each spectator can play their own film. Placed in the role of a musician from the silent film era, the spectator alone defines its history and tempo.

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            • MIrror Mind-New Music Theatre


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              MIrror Mind-New Music Theater COIL FESTIVAL 2015 Lila Acheson Wallace Auditorium US Premiere 2015.1.13 5p & 8:30p RSVP: http://www.ps122.org/shanghai-rsvp/ [意境] 运用现场戏剧表演、器乐演奏、多声道交互电子音乐与新媒体相结合的多元化形式来进行“泛听觉”式的叙事。表演者现场的即兴演绎与其“镜像”在多维空间内展开“声-形-影”的对话,同时,通过4声道环绕声音与影像的实时交互虚拟了意象的游离、冲突、幻化、升华。作者试图通过以上方式,表现人物“内”与“外”的相互映射并探讨人性的深层境界。 [意境] 运用现场戏剧表演、器乐演奏、多声道交互电子音乐与新媒体相结合的多元化形式来进行“泛听觉”式的叙事。表演者现场的即兴演绎与其“镜像”在多维空间内展开“声-形-影”的对话,同时,通过4声道环绕声音与影像的实时交互虚拟了意象的游离、冲突、幻化、升华。作者试图通过以上方式,表现人物“内”与“外”的相互映射并探讨人性的深层境界。 MIRROR MIND is a cross-over experiment combining dramatic performance, live percussion, interactive multi-channel electronic music and new-media visual arts. Mirror Mind expects to explore the multi-layered nature of human being by rendering the reciprocal reaction of one’s inside and outside world with a “pan-acoustic” narrative approach. The Kunqu performer tries to talk with the digital illumination and his reaction in mirror initiating a dialogue between sound and image, and then break up with them, which causes a series of wobble, distortion, metamorphosis and sublimation… 共同委约: 上海国际艺术节 上海音乐学院 CO-COMMISSION: CSIAF SHANGHAI CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC 昆曲表演: 吴双 打击乐: 张祖晶 PERFORMANCE: WU SHUANG PERCUSSION: ZHANG ZUJING 作品创意/作曲/音乐制作: 秦毅 / 徐志博 CONCEPTION/COMPOSER: QIN YI/ XU ZHIBO 声音工程/交互声音程序设计: 房大磊 MUSIC PRODUCTION: SOUND ENGINEERING: FANG DALEI INTERACTIVE SOUND DESIGN: REACTIVE VISUAL ART DIRECTOR: DA YAN MOTION/CODE DESIGN: 交互视觉艺术指导/动画/程序设计: 达彦 MEDIA ENVIRONMENT DESIGN: DA YAN 媒体环境设计: 达彦 LIGHTING: HAN JIANG 灯光设计: 韩江

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              • Reflections on Rotation - Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar


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                LeuWebb Projects created the interactive installation 'Reflections on Rotation' as the inaugural installation for the Gladstone Hotel's renovated Melody Bar. The piece draws on the Gladstone Hotel’s rich history for its inspiration while suggesting portals to new possibilities and unforeseen outcomes. The archetypal guest room mirror takes on magical qualities through its evanescent re-colouring, inviting the telling of fortunes and sharing of secrets. Inhabiting the ceiling space overhead, the piece resides in a zone of collected conversations, reverberating karaoke cries and vestigial clouds of cigarette smoke. The slowly rotating mirrors allow for fleeting glances that are subverted and distorted, casting about shifting images of the room below and projecting light in fluid motion. The piece will be featured as part of the 2015 Come Up To My Room design festival.

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                • INTO THE WIRE


                  from Alina Giesler / Added

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                  Into the Wire is an interactive art project that compares a relationship in the era of network communication with one from former times. As our daily lives are all based on smartphones and social media, real conversations are becoming rare. For this reason we decided to put our main focus on a significant example, the communication between two lovers. The aim is to show the difficulties faced by a relationship in times of a global world and permanent attainability. To embody a human being we built a doll out of paper. Certain areas of the body which are marked with aluminum foil can be touched by two different wands. One represents the present, the other one the past. If you touch a particular part of the body, a corresponding movie appears. These films, shot by us or created with Adobe After Effects, show relationship-situations nowadays and in the past. Two people communicate with each other in an analog manner or using modern technology like WhatsApp, Facebook or Skype. The aluminum foil parts are attached to cables which are connected with Arduino. The wands are also attached to cables that extend Arduino. The films were inserted by processing.

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                  • SPACE MAESTRO - LEAP OVR ver. gameplay 2014 Dec.


                    from Jake Jonghwa Kim / Added

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                    Quick playthrough video of the Leap + OVR version of SPACE MAESTRO.

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                    • "Yellow" performance


                      from Robbie Lynn Hunsinger / Added

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                      Excerpt from "Yellow", part of a three movement composition performed with "Blue-Yellow-Red", an interactive audiovisual installation inspired by Kandinsky's writings on synesthesia -with Robbie Lynn Hunsinger on Irish Whistles and Missy Raines on Bass. Frist Center for Visual Arts, Nashville, TN November 2014 Many thanks to Brian York, Mark Mitchell and Seamus Frawley for their documentation of the project. kandinsky.robbiehunsinger.com

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