1. "Get Old" Anita, 59


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    In March of 2013, Variable was commissioned by Edelman to produce a series of mini-documentary films along with the print advertisements for Pfizer's cause-driven campaign; "Get Old". The purpose of the campaign is to spread positive awareness on aging by showcasing stories that break the mold of the negative pre-conceived notions surrounding the topic. As a team of ambitious young creatives, we thoroughly grasp these negative connotations so we were thrilled to put our energy into a campaign message that we truly believe in. The second "Get Old" film features one of the most energetic and inspiring women we have ever met. Anita's film was the last of four films we shot, so needless to say, everyone was a bit exhausted from all the traveling and tightly-knit production schedule. However, Anita's drive and energy rubbed off on the whole team, further enabling us to seamlessly push through the shoot days. Anita's personality was so pure and magnetic, it was hard for us to not want to find out how, or why she was so full of life. Looking back on the production process now, we're almost thinking that we should consider hiring Anita after she retires as our "Production Motivator"...Hmmm... -- Production Company | Post Production | Creative Collective: Variable Director | Editor: Jonathan Bregel Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter Producer: Alex Friedman Production Supervisor: Paige DeMarco Production Coordinator: Alexandra Van Voorst van Beest Cinematographer | Photographer: Khalid Mohtaseb Art Director: Joseph Sciacca 1st AC | DIT : Dan Stewart Sound Mixer: Anthony Viera Assistant Editors: Dan Stewart, Jeff Levine Motion Graphics: Maha Mohtaseb Creative Assistants: Ashley Horton, Michelle Brooks, Dotsie Bregel Client: Pfizer Agency: Edelman Creative Development & Casting: Edelman & Variable Executive Creative Director: Jimmie Stone Executive Producer: TJ Sponzo Copy Supervisor: Kristen Dietrich Original Score: Keith Kenniff Unseen Music, 2013 | www.unseen-music.com Sound Mix & Design: Brooklyn Post Studio www.brooklyn-post.com -- www.WeAreVariable.com twitter.com/WeAreVariable hello@WeAreVariable.com

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    • Stripped Bare


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      "Stripped Bare" is a brief insight from my Godfather whom I trust, love, and respect. I must first thank him for sharing his wisdom with me and entrusting Variable to share his beliefs with the world. The theme for this film was sparked through an e-mail I received from my Godfather earlier this year when I had reached out to him for advice during a transitional period in my filmmaking career. His e-mail stated something so obvious and true to my foundation that I immediately felt shame amidst the incredible awakening effect it had on me. The following sentence in his e-mail struck me like a lightning bolt from above: “Your highest purpose in life isn’t to be the greatest filmmaker ever, but to become as human as possible.” What this meant to me was that the "work" I was striving so hard to accomplish was blinding me from what really matters most in life; the joy that comes from loving and truthful relationships I carry with me until the day I die. To this day I firmly believe that without truth or honesty, and love of self and others, we are failing to experience all the joy that life has to offer. Ever since receiving my Godfather's e-mail our relationship flourished. I needed help, and thanks to his selflessness I was able to receive the necessary guidance. After spending a solid portion of this year in deep thought, the one topic that kept coming to the surface of our conversations was “joy.” The topic of “joy” is very intriguing as it's my understanding that we all seek contentment within our lives, yet a good portion of us spend extended periods of time seeking it in many of the wrong places. That was the case with me at least, and I can confidently say that I did not find joy solely in "doing", however I did find joy by slowing down, focusing on what's important in life, and simply "being." At this point in our fast-paced society, I think it's safe to say that we all need to come together and cure what we created ourselves to be in order to live out what we were created to be; Human Beings, and not "Human Doings." Thanks for reading! -- Directed | Filmed | Edited: Jonathan Bregel Production Company: Variable Score: Goldmund - "Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier" itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-will-prosper/id474044338 -- www.WeAreVariable.com twitter.com/WeAreVariable hello@WeAreVariable.com

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      • Andy Casagrande "Cageless" Subaru


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        Andy Casagrande's fearless passion and caring nature for Great White Sharks sparked his curiosity for filmmaking just under eight years ago. Andy's dual fascinations plummeted his into the deep-dark-depths of the ocean, allowing him the opportunity to spread oceanic awareness by documenting Great White Sharks for National Geographic. Soon after Andy discovered his joy for documenting Great White's, he realized how much his shark diving cage was holding back the rest of the world from experiencing any sense of intimacy with these enormous "fish." As a result of this realization, Andy broke free of his comfort zone and discovered his pure and heartfelt passion for free-diving with Great White Sharks. Andy is living proof that joy can be found by putting others before yourself. This common shared belief is the primary reason why Andy and our team remain great friends to this day. "Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time to figure out whether you like it or not." -Virgil Thomson -- Client: Subaru Creative Development: National Geographic & Variable Network: National Geographic Channel Director Ad Sales: Allison Mitchell Senior Writer/Producer: Alicia Biggs Production Company/Creative Collective: Variable Director/Writer/Editor: Jonathan Bregel Executive Producer: Tyler Ginter Producer: Alex Friedman Cinematographer: Khalid Mohtaseb Underwater Cinematographer: Andy Casagrande Production Designer/Art Director: Joseph Sciacca Production Supervisor: Paige DeMarco Remote Control Helicopter: SnapRoll Media www.snaprollmedia.com Post Production: Variable Editor: Jonathan Bregel Assistant Editor: Dan Stewart Colorist: Khalid Mohtaseb Song: Helios - "Halving The Compass" Purchase Album: www.unseen.bigcartel.com/product/helios-eingya-mp3 Unseen Music, 2013 | www.unseen-music.com Check out Andy's incredible work: www.abc4explore.com -- www.WeAreVariable.com twitter.com/WeAreVariable hello@WeAreVariable.com

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        • Everlast "Greatness is Within"


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          At 6’7” and 215 pounds, Deontay Wilder always imagined he’d be making a name for himself on the football field or the basketball court. After the birth of his daughter Naeiya, his dreams took an unpredictable turn. She was born with severe spina bifida and doctors told Deontay that she would most likely never walk. Torn by the news, Deontay immediately abandoned his dreams of being a professional athlete and began to work multiple jobs to pay for the surgeries and medical care Naeiya required. After a year of tirelessly working to support his daughter, a miracle occurred. Through a friend, Deontay discovered a hidden gift that would change his and Naeiya's lives forever; boxing. With Naeiya as his inspiration, Deontay has rapidly risen through the ranks in the boxing world where he is widely considered the next great heavyweight contender. Fueled by love and compassion, Deontay's boxing has afforded him the opportunity to provide his daughter with the best medical care possible. Naeiya is now able to walk on her own. One step at a time, Deontay and Naeiya continue their fight and journey toward greatness together. From the beginning, this project has been defined by a single word, passion. Our entire team felt it was our duty to share Deontay and Naeiya's story`as it further instills our belief that lives can be changed when you give of yourself for the good of others. -- Production Company & Creative Collective: Variable Creative Development: Henry Busby, Marcus Tortorici, Miller Mobley Executive Producers: Jana & Miller Mobley, Marcus Tortorici, Henry Busby Directors: Henry Busby, Marcus Tortorici, Miller Mobley Director of Photography: Khalid Mohtaseb Production Designer: Joseph Sciacca Post Production: Variable Editor: Salomon Ligthelm Assistant Editor: Daniel Stewart Titles & Motion Graphics: Maha Mohtaseb Colorist: Khalid Mohtaseb Composer: Ryan Taubert Sound Design: Salomon Lighthelm -- www.WeAreVariable.com twitter.com/WeAreVariable hello@WeAreVariable.com

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          • Mucho.tv 008


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            Mieke Moes presents an obsucre selection of visual art. Music by Culprate. This week on Mucho.tv: Claire Edmondson, Ozer, Michael Langan, Adriano Cirulli, Jonathan Bregel, Khalid Mohtaseb, Variable, Callum Cooper, TU+, Varathit Uthaisri, Borre Akkersdijk, Niels Hoebers, Abbie Stephens, Louis Vuitton, Stuart A. McIntyre, Alex Lee, Vanessa Bruno, Stephanie Di Giusto, ...

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            • A Reflection


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              This mini-doc shares the story of Władysław Tomczyk, a gentleman we unexpectedly met in Katowice, Poland after wrapping a month-long commercial project throughout Europe. His hopeful message of creating life-work by honing one's natural ability is one we value to the core at Variable. What began as an insightful conversation, motivated us to extend our trip by 3 days so we could capture this inspiring man's life. With no pre-developed story or shot-list, we let our curiosity & conversations with Wladyslaw guide the film. As a result, his outlook on life furthered our belief that contentment through self-acceptance trumps societal approval. Free your mind. -- Production Company: Variable Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel & Khalid Mohtaseb Producer: Tyler Ginter Art Director: Joseph Sciacca Local Coordinator & Translator: Piotr Labercheck Editorial & Color Grade: Salomon Ligthelm - www.ligthelm.tv Original Score & Sound Design: Tony Anderson - www.tonyandersonmusic.com Post Story Producer: Susan Modaress Polish Translators: Sophia Whitman & Arkadiusz Lesniak -- www.WeAreVariable.com twitter.com/WeAreVariable hello@WeAreVariable.com

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              • Coca-Cola "The Perfectionist"


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                "The Perfectionist" - George Lawrence for Coca-Cola There is no question that Coca-Cola is a successful & iconic beverage, one which many believe to be the “perfect” product. Our goal with this spot is tell a true & timeless story of substance in order to humanize the concept of "perfection." The first step was to find a real person who solely embodies the true spirit of “perfection” within their craft. Fortunately, this was easy for us. The main subject, George Lawrence, is the father of one of the creators/directors of the spot, Joey L. Joey knew there was no better person to portray this truthful message than the person responsible for raising him to be so detail oriented. It's always a great relief to know that there are people out there just like us who are very passionate about their craft. This piece holds a very special place in our hearts because it further instilled in us what we already believe: If you do what truly makes you happy, and do the best job you can, then success & happiness are inevitable. In collaboration with Coca-Cola for Father's Day 2012, we wanted to share a deeper look into the motivation behind this film. Please check out "The Perfectionist" - Behind The Story: https://vimeo.com/43847168 Lastly, after viewing the above, there should be no need to hype-up George's work, his restorations speak for themselves. Support the good man: www.georgescustompaint.com -- Production Company/Creative Collective: Variable Directors: Joey L & Jonathan Bregel Cinematographer: Khalid Mohtaseb Producer: Tyler Ginter Editorial: GoodPenny - www.goodpenny.tv Post Production Producer: Rasha Clark Editor: Bruce Ashley Score: Mike McFadden Mike's Facebook Page: on.fb.me/IHagqn -- www.WeAreVariable.com twitter.com/WeAreVariable hello@WeAreVariable.com www.JoeyL.com twitter.com/JoeyLdotcom Joey@JoeyL.com

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                • Masters in Motion 2011 - Austin : A Recap


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                  Sponsors Kessler, Shoot Edit Learn, Rule Boston Camera, Manfrotto, Kata, Marshall Electronics, RODE Microphones, Red Giant, Zeiss, Planet5D Footage from Joel Graves & Preston Kanak Phantom footage from Mike Sutton & Vince Laforet Edited by Joel Graves The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

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                  • 8 Hours in Brooklyn


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                    Official Vimeo Page of Variable: https://vimeo.com/variable All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. This piece serves as a visual case study on several aspects of daily life in the borough of Brooklyn. -- Shot on Rule Boston Camera's Phantom Flex camera. Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel Color Grade: Khalid Mohtaseb Production NGAFers: Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett Executive Producer: James Douglas Production Company: Variable Song used: Skream - "Where you should be" Download the album/track here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/outside-the-box/id384394570 Special Thanks to: Mike Sutton Rule Boston Camera E-Rock - Breaks Kru Tyler Ginter -- www.WeAreVariable.com twitter.com/WeAreVariable hello@WeAreVariable.com

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                    • Downtown Dubai | Centre of Now | Teaser


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                      See all 13 videos here > http://vimeo.com/channels/mydubai These tourism videos were developed by NYC agency StrawberryFrog for EMAAR corp (the developer of Downtown Dubai) Each video features a specific property and experience located in Downtown Dubai as seen through the eyes of one enchanted visitor, over the period of a day. I was brought on to direct and produce the 13 videos. Agency: StrawberryFrog Client: Emaar Director: Gary Nadeau Video Producer: Gary Nadeau DOP: Ben Jacks Second Team DP's: Khalid Mohtaseb, Jonathan Bregel. Assistant Camera | Time Lapse Photography: Jason Koontz Featuring: Latifa (Bareface Models) Dubai Team (Alchemy): Andrew Clemson, Debbie Dodson, Heather Grace, Candice Partridge, Simone Mazloumian, hair/makeup (bareface) - Kat Sumners POST Editor: Noah Shulman Music: IAN MCGLYNN w. Dave Macarone and Gary Nadeau Sound Engineer: Dave Macarone All shot on 5dmk2 and 7d

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