1. Typhoon Haiyan


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    Natural disasters are grizzly things. There's no two ways about it. With little warning they appear, and when they leave they almost always take lives with them. There's no one to blame, and often times there's little that can be done in terms of preparation. After typhoon Haiyan destroyed the Philippines I was asked to document the aftermath. Naturally, I intended to capture a story of destruction. What I found however, was a story of resilience. I hope this story encourages you to be thankful for what you have. Not just that you have a good job or a nice car, but simply thankful that you're alive and have people around you to share your life with. Directed & Edited by Janssen Powers | www.janssenpowers.tv Filmed on: Red Scarlet-x Music: Tony Anderson- Diana & Rise (feat. Salomon Ligthelm)

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    • After the Storm: Washington, Illinois


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      Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality. To avoid skipping, please let the video fully load. On Sunday, November 17th, 2013, an EF4 tornado touched down in Washington, Illinois, destroying as many as 400 homes. Leaving Monday night from Indiana, I arrived in Washington around 4am Tuesday morning. As the sun rose, I began seeing the debris left in the tornadoes wake. After sunrise, I was able to enter the town to see some of the damage. Because of safety concerns, the curfew for the city was from 6pm until 7am. I stayed in town for two days shooting video and timelapse. At the end of the second day, I felt that I was starting to intrude by filming, and decided I had what I could get. Motion Control was achieved using the Kessler Crane Cineslider paired with CineDrive. https://www.kesslercrane.com/ Music, Used with Permission The American Dollar - Anything You Synthesize Available for Purchase on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-memory-stream/id279279307 Website www.EricHinesPhotography.com Twitter Twitter.com/EricHinesPhotos Facebook Facebook.com/EricHinesPhotography EHinesNWI@Gmail.com

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      • Empty Rolls - SUPPENDAPO


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        It's Blake! You Alive? Wanna Stay that way? Make sure you call SUPPENDAPO today! 206.666.2621

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        • No Ward


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          No Ward is a short documentary about the forced migration of New Orleans residents to cities in Texas. The film juxtaposes the migrations that occurred as a result of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and Hurricane Gustave in 2008. funded by The Southwest Alternative Media project Emerging Filmmakers Fund camera by Norvis Nance sound mix by Vincent Wheeler additional editing by Tracy Thompson music by Cocorosie and FourTet special thanks to: all the interviewees, my mentor Sam Pollard, Talibah Newman, Harold Stewart, Nelson Nance, and Cheryle Washington who all helped out on the production. Also many thanks to SWAMP, the other mentors and filmmakers (mexican and american), and Mary Lampe.

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          • Devastated - F-5 Tornado in Pleasant Grove, Alabama


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            On a Wednesday evening in April, the community of Pleasant Grove, Alabama, took cover as a tornado approached from the west. When they emerged from their homes a short time later, the devastation was simply unfathomable. The April 27th tornado was a massive F-5 - the second most deadly tornado in history - and demolished whole neighborhoods and communities with its mile-wide destructive path that went on for 200 miles across Alabama. By the time all the homes were searched, the death toll had risen above 350 people. I shot this film two weeks after the tornado occurred. The people of Pleasant Grove, as well the other cities affected, will be picking up the pieces for months to come.

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            • It´s coming


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              (ENG) War, tension, hunger, chaos, natural disasters, ambition, hate and fanatism. 21_12_2012. It´s coming... 500 words, hundreds of selected images, many concepts, a few icons and a dark sound atmosphere. This is an audiovisual hit of actuality/reality and there is a message just for you! Enjoy and share it, please! Audio+Video: The landscaper / Lateralideas http://www.lateralideas.com http://www.soundcloud/thelandscaper (CAST) Guerra, tensión, hambre, caos, desastres naturales, ambición, odio y fanatismo. 21.12.2012. It´s coming... 500 palabras, cientos de imágenes seleccionadas, algunos conceptos e iconos y una atmósfera oscura. Esto es un impacto audiovisual de realidad/actualidad e incluye un mensaje pensado especialmente para ti. Disfruta y compártelo, por favor! Audio+Video: The landscaper / Lateralideas http://www.lateralideas.com http://www.soundcloud/thelandscaper

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              • Earthquake stories: Llolleo


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                Lots of people are going through very rough times after the earthquake that affected Chile on February 27th. By helping, not only you contribute to rebuilding hundreds of homes, but also thousands of lives that were tocuhed by this disaster. An entire country, will be deeply thankful. To access more information on how to help, visit: http://www.chileayudaachile.cl http://www.chileayuda.com Thank you, very much.

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                • 2 Years On


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                  Fourteen-year-old Koyuki Iwama plays a flute near where her grandfather used to live. He gave her the flute as a gift, but never had a chance to hear her play, as the tsunami claimed his life. Just above the din of tractors and backhoes sifting through rubble, Usuzawa Ryoichi begins to sob. In the two years since the tsunami in Japan, the 64-year-old has only returned a handful of times to the place where his home used to be. Before we even begin to talk, emotions overtake him. Standing on the foundation of his former house and looking at the vast expanse of what used to be a busy residential neighbourhood in Otsuchi, his body shakes, as tears mist over his glasses. His beloved dog Taro, whom he rescued from the black churning waters, is clutched tightly in his arms, whimpering. "When I come here, I see all the faces of the people being washed away, every single one of them, my neighbours, my friends. I can't shake them." Like many survivors, Usuzawa lives in a state of semi-depression. If the government had rebuilt and provided more jobs, he believes he would be doing much better. Instead, he and his wife try to find meaning in a temporary shelter. "We've watched families break apart. Domestic abuse is on the rise too, it's just a mess." Two years since Japan's worst disaster in modern times, 310,000 people are still without permanent housing. It's become public knowledge that of the $200bn pledged by the government for reconstruction, some has been used to fund things such as advertising projects in Tokyo for unrelated building projects, or caught up in the country's infamous red tape. Since winning election last December, Japan's new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has overhauled the agency in charge of reconstruction. The former governing party, the DPJ, created the bureau after the disaster to bypass the government's bureaucracy. So far, though, many say it has failed to carry out its mission. 'We are doing our best' The reconstruction office for Otsuchi is a two-hour drive away, in Morioka, the capital of the prefecture. Taiji Yasuda, who has been second-in-charge since last July, admits there have been problems. But he blames a shortage of staff, saying he has fewer than 50 people working on rebuilding communities along a lengthy stretch of coastline. "We understand that people are undergoing extreme social stress and we want to hear from them," Yasuda says. "But we also want to tell them we are speeding up construction, that everything will be faster." Authorities say progress has been slow because of disagreements over land rights and fierce debates over how exactly to rebuild. "Yes, there have been challenges, but the planning stage is over now," says Yasuda. "We have already started building permanent homes. In the next few years you will see a great deal of change. We are doing our best." Usuzawa, though, is sceptical. A former government worker, he says he's tried many times, with other residents, to present to planners their ideas on how to rebuild their town. Instead, he says they've been met with silence. "They've hired design companies from far-away places like Tokyo, and we see these people every night spending their high salaries entertaining themselves in our communities. That is our money, that should be going directly to helping our people." Usuzawa says many of the youth have left for jobs elsewhere because there is simply nothing for them to do here. Deeply attached to his town, he refuses to leave. "You feel like a crazed person, like you could explode with anger at anytime ... They tell us they're making progress … We don't see it." Aljazeera's Steve Chao reports from Outsuchi, Japan (Twitter @SteveChaoSC ) Cameraman/Editor: Matthew Allard (Twitter @mattaljazeera ) Producer: Aya Asakura (Twitter @AyaAsakura )

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                  • 11/3


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                    Throughout the year, our crews have returned to Japan to document the recovery efforts, but also to check in on the many survivors whom we’ve met. This day, obviously, is one of many mixed emotions. Last year, in the initial days, we dispatched our correspondent Steve Chao to the city of Natori - where the tsunami had pushed four kilometres into the community, killing some 1000 people. On this anniversary, he spent more time with some of those he had met; their stories are of survival, but also of the pain that comes with being the only ones left alive. Shot on a Sony F3 in S-log and recorded to a PIX240 in 4.2.2 10bit ProRes. Shot and edited by Matthew Allard Produced by Aya Asakura

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                    • One Dead Mule - SUPPENDAPO


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                      Nobody is gonna believe it until a 9-5 don’t mean shit, and a .357 does. And by then, it might be too late. Are you prepared? Order now, SUPplies for the PENDing APOcalypse! 206-339-6324

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