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    http://www.libros2012.net El 21 de diciembre de 2012 termina el Calendario Maya. Varias profecías interpretan esta fecha como la llegada del fin del mundo, pero este documental analiza las investigaciones de varios expertos que nos descubren los secretos de los Mayas y otras culturas ancestrales que nos anuncian un cambio hacia una nueva conciencia y el inicio de una nueva era para la humanidad.

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    • Da vedere prima dell'11 11 11


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      l'evento del 19: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=236364383083513 PS Mikhail Gorbaciov è anche un membro del Lucis Trust! ATTENZIONE: I DATI DEL WHOIS SONO STATI MODIFICATI DOPO IL 18 OTTOBRE, COME RIPORTATO NEGLI ARTICOLI CHE SEGUONO: 1:http://lalternativaitalia.blogspot.com/2011/10/forse-non-tutti-sono-pronti-leggere.html 2: http://lalternativaitalia.blogspot.com/2011/10/11-11-11-appello-agli-indignados.html 3: http://lalternativaitalia.blogspot.com/2011/10/ufficiale-la-massoneria-e-con-gli.html

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        Sound and Visions by Larry Carlson, 2008 Visually arresting and deliciously weird smorgasbord of strangeness. A virtual psychedelic trip. Download the free mp3 of this soundtrack at larrycarlson.com/mp3.htm Check out larrycarlson.com for more of his mind morphing work.

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        • Sathya Sai Baba - Sai Christmas Memories - Sathya Sai Baba Christmas -inspired by Sai Baba


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          From: https://vimeo.com/jsairam/videos Profile: https://vimeo.com/jsairam email comments to: jsairam108@gmail.com This is uploaded to www.saicast.org Related Works: The Miracle of Sai Baba at https://vimeo.com/58469934 Sai Christmas Memories https://vimeo.com/56049752 Divine Names of Sai Baba https://vimeo.com/54725312 Sai Baba - Padhuga Memories https://vimeo.com/54232664 Please view this and others at: http://www.saicast.org Music played, sang and recorded by Dennis Neal. The discourse was adapted from the Sai Christmas discourse on December25th 1998... This video is a Sai Gift. A Sai “Merry Christmas” message… Within this vidoe are some tracks that have been converted just now into mp3s from a Christmas cassette tape that Dennis made in 1995 titled Christmas Comes Anew. Dennis went through a period of time making Christmas recordings and sending them to relatives and friends as Christmas greetings. He took the data files for these old recordings from an old computer on the Garageband; and one evening converted these to mp3s and sent these our way for our enjoyment in this video. Dennis found it interesting to attempt to create selections using only keyboards instead of a large pipe organ. He chose to intersperse portions of Marcel Dupré’s: Variations Sur un Noël Pour Grand Orgue, with an English version of the French Carol: Noël Nouvelet on some of the recordings to illustrate what composers can do with the inspiration of a melodic line. It is from that carol that he took the title for one of his Christmas recordings, Christmas Comes Anew. Dennis was inspired by Tennyson in the creation. Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892), was an English poet who had penned the poem: Ring Out, Wild Bells, a text which was probably appropriate at the time when written, and still bears a timely New Year’s message for us presently. Charles Gounod (1818-1893), a renown French composer and organist, set these words to music. In Ring Out, Wild Bells Tennyson wrote: Ring out , wild bells, to the wild sky, The flying cloud, the frosty light; The year is dying in the night; Ring out, wild bells, and let him die. Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow, The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true. Ring out the grief that saps the mind, For those that here we see no more; Ring out the feud of rich and poor, Ring in redress to all mankind. Ring out the want, the care, the sin, The faithless coldness of the times. Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes, But ring the fuller minstrel in. Ring out old shapes of foul disease; Ring out the narrowing lust of gold; Ring out the thousand wars of old, Ring in the thousand years of peace. Ring in the valiant man and free, The larger heart, the kindlier hand, Ring out the darkness of the land, Ring in the Christ, ring in the Christ, Ring in the Christ that is to be, Ring in the Christ that is to be. www.vimeo.com/jsairam

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          • Rosicrucian Kabala #3 -Part 2 - Mysteries of the Word


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            From: https://vimeo.com/jsairam/videos Profile: https://vimeo.com/jsairam email comments to: jsairam108@gmail.com From Unpublished writing of The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" written by myself. This is: From the Akshaya Patra Vol1 Book 1 Manasa Bhajare:Worship in the Mind. Discourse 2... The Mysteries of the Word as Named Part 2 Discourse 2 (Cont’d) Mysteries of the WORD (Logos, Mathra, Mantra or Shruti)as Named Part 2 "To observe a very small particle, you need a microscope; to see a remote object clearly, you need a telescope. These are yantras or instruments." "The instruments that help you visualize the Core (Basis) that has such contradictory attributes of being more minute than the minutest and more magnificent than the most magnificent, are called Mantras - formulae that save you when you meditate on them." "They are also called Tantras (ceremonies and rites) when their practical application has to be emphasized. Faith in the efficacy of these Mantras, in the utility of the procedure prescribed, and in the existence of the Core (Basis) - all of these are essential for success in the great adventure of acquiring the ultimate knowledge; just as faith in the efficacy of the instrument, in the correctness of the procedure, and in the existence of the material one is seeking to know more about, are essential for the scientist." –Sai Baba The Lost WORD on the Tree of Life is the loss of the power of language in the mountain or tower of rhetorical babel or academics. We have built our towers to the stars, extended mental desire and imagery that amount to nothing; are powerless; and have lost connection with the base or foundation in the seat of power. In the first verse of Genesis “Bereshith Bara Aelohim” -Bereshith (created six) Bara Aelohim (the serpent that winds around the Tree of Life to connect in six places, worlds or spirits) that forms the Shamayim and Aretz or translated Heaven and Earth. It begins in the belly whirling (Brahm or BaRam) and winds round the Tree sowing its seeds, until it finds the center to strike or plant itself within the sacred heart. That is the Power of the Word; the ultimate lightning strike that breaks the Tower of Babel. It is the power of the Hebrew Ayin (70), Ong or Aum. That is the six days work and the seventh of rest. It’s seed is Yod, Yah or Yam. "You are the Formless (Niraakaaram) come in the form of Man (Naraakaaram), the Infinite, come in the role of the finite, the Formless Infinite appearing as the formful infinitesimal, the Absolute pretending to be the Relative, the Atma behaving as the body, the Metaphysical masquerading as the merely physical." "The Universal Self is the basis of all being. The sky was there before houses were built under it; it penetrated and pervaded them for some time; then, the houses crumbled and became heaps and mounds; but, the sky was not affected at all. So too, the Atma pervades the body and subsists even when the body is reduced to dust." –Sai Baba We say Man is created in God’s image… But, Man is the image of God; both in the form and in the formless. The Tree of Life is the image of the life force living in man. We see this life force in the form of the Kundalini/Leviathan that travels on the tree of subtle energies...

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            • Rosicrucian Kabala #2- Part 1- Mystery of the WORD


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              From: https://vimeo.com/jsairam/videos Profile: https://vimeo.com/jsairam email comments to: jsairam108@gmail.com From Unpublished writing of The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" written by myself. This is: This is Discourse 2 of Volume ONE Book ONE Part One of the Akshaya Patra: Manasa Bhajare- Worship in the Mind. Discourse 2 Mysteries of the WORD (Logos, Mathra, Mantra or Shruti)as Named Part One "Repeating the Name of God saved Prahladha from the agony of torture. He learnt the Sacred Name and understood its sweetness. He chanted it constantly and internalized its nectarine taste. When an enraged elephant rushed towards him, he did not call out for his physical parents to rescue him; he instantaneously cried out 'Narayana'. " "The Lord is the source of strength for the weak and the strong; He is the Supreme Power. When Prahladha took the Name of the Lord, enraged elephants backed out, no fire could touch him and no poison could affect him. The Lord’s Name was his armor, his shield, his breath, in fact his very life." "For chanting the Divine Name, no expense is involved, no materials are needed, no special place or time is required. Scholarship, caste or creed does not matter. When a piece of iron is rubbed on a slab of stone, heat is generated. So too, in order to generate sufficient heat to melt the soft heart of the Lord, repeat the Divine Name vigorously and constantly. Then, the Lord will shower His Grace." –Sai Baba This experience of Prahlada is not uncommon in sacred literature. Even from the west we see this in the Book of Daniel in reference to the greatest of the ancient Hebrew Kabalists or prophets for whom it was said, “…in whom is the spirit of the holy gods; … light and understanding and wisdom, like the wisdom of the gods, was found in him; … made master of the magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans, and soothsayers;… the spirit of the gods is in (Daniel) and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom is found in (Him)...” Thru this power of the divine he was protected from the fire and lions as we well know from the record. Many believe they have understood the Mysteries having read books. How can that be? A book can only map out approximations “about” something. This is academics. Our natures are habitual and ritualistic. Where once sacred rites provided a pattern for moral, ethical and sacred development and harmony within society, today’s festivals seek weekly drug induced drunken rites of lechery and self-indulgence that center around work, family life, ball games, politics and meaningless parties. We ritualize violence in the theaters and games; then blame weaponry for our insanity and bad behavior. This is like blaming the pot for a bad meal. When Truth is false we blame it on psychological tendencies, addictions or genetics. Something has to be blamed, as an excuse for psychological rhetoric, but it is the lack of self-restraint and self-regulation that points to the Self again and again. Our world is the lesson plan. We are here to learn. Ancient mysteries invoked transformation in man thru the power of Word Symbols. This is our inheritance. Word Symbols invoke, and evoke, thru the thoughts; and the word, letter meanings - powerful subtle forms; fields of energy animated with life and meaning. O' Mystae seek the Mystery, the secrets resting in the mind and soul. Seek the meaning to find the Sacred Mystery or those lessons fostered by the Living Sun...

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              • Rosicrucian Kabala #1- The Awakening Axiom on theTree of the One Thing


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                From: https://vimeo.com/jsairam/videos Profile: https://vimeo.com/jsairam email comments to: jsairam108@gmail.com From Unpublished writing of The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" written by myself. This is: Volume One Book ONE Discourse ONE Manasa Bhajare- Worship in the Mind of the Akshaya Patra Discourse 1 The Awakening Axiom – On the “Tree of the One Thing” Ong Sri Sai Sachchidekam Brahma “God is in me, God is me, I am God.” That is our fate if God is everywhere - ONE. We come “into” Being, not born “of” atoms, but “into” atoms. God as Brahma is by definition Consciousness whose property is that of superconscious energy... Truth is pragmatic; enduring, mature and insightful. Truth is wedded to righteousness; eternal, unchanging. Truth is reflected in the sweetness in the voice. Truth is power; unfailing; witnessing. Truth is super-natural. Nature is bound to Truth. Nature is bound to righteousness; like the monkey to his master. Space is a boundless Eternity. Awareness occupies Space. Space is at PEACE. Nature is energetic and changing. Nature is the measure of space. Space is no-place. Space is unchanging. Time is change that sweeps thru eternity as motion, as vibration. Time is the measure, the division of the timeless Eternity. Time divides space as the instance of vibration and rhythm. Nature is bound by the measure. Eternity and Space are measureless; beyond the limits of motion. We are created out of what is everywhere. What is everywhere is bliss. Love is boundless bliss; in the Superconscious energy that is in it. Nature is bound in it....

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                • Rosicrucian Kabala - The Complete Symbolic Initiation into the Mysteries


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                  From: https://vimeo.com/jsairam/videos Profile: https://vimeo.com/jsairam email comments to: jsairam108@gmail.com From Unpublished Images from my book The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" This is the: Full Initiation and presentation for awakening those insights into the Mysteries of the Word of God called the LOST WORD... This is from a PowerPoint of A Serious presentation on the subject of the Mysteries. The software techniques are based upon what would be the live methods used in Ceremonial Magic taught by Frater Erwin Watermeyer at Rosicrucian Park from the mid 1940's thru 1975. This initiation video is a daily visualization practice. It takes you thru the 10 Sephiroth, Elementals, Kundalini Shakti, Gayatri, Nara-Narayana (Adam Kadmon), Sai Gayatri or the Sai Three, the Kabalistic Tree; and the Unique Imagery of the Akshaya Patra or Wish Fullfilling Tree of Esoteric Philosophy. -- The Akshaya Patra Book Series is a series of seven volumes of multiple books; written as a rewrite of the many Mysteries. They are a collection of thousands of pages of unpublished, unedited writings and imagery inspired to a great degree by the MYSTERY hidden in languages still found hidden in root meaning. It is the voice of the Mystery. So we whisper it gently. -- The name Akshaya Patra is the name taken from the name for the sacred bowl of the East. This is a real mystery. In the west the Akshaya Patra is the sacred cup or Grail Mystery; the endless (Sanathana) "Eternal" message written in the Antedeluvian Royal Mysteries (Dharma). -- The first initiators are the Earth, Moon and Sun. One must experience this in order to gain its blessings. -- In the beginning of the video are the Ten Sephiroth; colored in the colors of the four worlds. Think of these as universal states of the Sun. The Sun is our representative; our heaven. -- There are several ways to view the colors of each Sephirah or sphere of light. The color associations were originally created much like the color wheel with additional techniques applied; i.e. complementary coloring with after imaging effects and the psychological and metaphysical conditions that were associated with these. -- First one can understand by concentrating from the center of the sphere out taking these from the physical body, then the vitality and aura, then the mind and finally the outer ring Akasha or Space itself. -- The second method is starting with the colors from the center of the sphere you should concentrate and recognize these passing thru the physical body and proceed from there, the next being the inner vitality, then the inner mind and finally the center of the chest or sacred heart… --- A third method is to concentrate these energies into the regions of the 10 sephiroth within the human body; interpreting the body of man as a divine reflection of the Universal Man (Adam - Purusha). --- A fourth way would be to take these into the organs or appendages. -- A fifth way would be to let the light form and reflect upon there energies from the center hidden deep within the center of the chest (behind the sternum). -- Or, simply let the radiations of the colors and forms guide and direct their energies... and let the internal mystery unfold and find its way -- Realize that what is within is without, what is without is within. The two realities are ultimately the same i.e. they are ONE THING. -- The Elementals are meditated upon in their way; as are the planets; for those of you familiar with the techniques. -- One must begin to realize, day by day, ones relationship to the Solar System; as well as the Cosmos. These images are doorways or pathways; thru which to project one's consciousness in a profound way. -- In the second half of the video the lettered images should be concentrated upon, internally sounding the letter, sensing the colors and also one could use the natural tones, if you are familiar the method; sensing those same four worlds of color. -- Please note the letters shown with the images are not those normally associated with these, in the arrangement used in the WESTERN practice. As well, certain imagery has been added. This is NOT a blind. I am not attempting to misguide you, but to correct errors made by earlier authors. These letters are meant to be used exactly as shown. -- There is a depth in this that cannot be found without deep reflection that reaches into Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek and Hieroglyphic imagery. -- This you will find will communicate internally when applied to certain words in English, once the inspiration opens up within you. -- -- IL Y' Viavia Viavia Vu -- Music Contributed generously by Jeremiah Jones at Lisztonian. Please view his website at: http://www.lisztonian.com/ -- copyright Daniel H. Schmidt biographical commentary: http://vimeo.com/16395231

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                  • Rosicrucian Kabala #7- On the Life of the ONE Called Hermes Mercury: Sia Sai Shiva


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                    From: https://vimeo.com/jsairam/videos Profile: https://vimeo.com/jsairam email comments to: jsairam108@gmail.com From Unpublished writing of The Akshaya Patra Vol. One Book One; entitled "Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind" written by myself. This is: On the Life of the ONE Called Hermes Mercury: Sia Sai Shiva is Part Two of a four Part Series called "What is Inappropriate - What and Who Am I?" on the subject of Hermes Mercury; the Dhwty Thoth-Tehuti or Sia Sai Shiva.... from the Akshaya Patra Volume One Book One called Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind; On the subject of the Mysteries... ============== Discourse 4 What is Inappropriate? What and Who am I? Part 2 On the Life of the ONE Called Hermes Mercury (Quote) Mere reading and singing will not free you from the cycle of birth and death. God has to be planted firmly in the mind, the omnipresent God has to be enshrined in the heart; God has to flow with the blood in the veins. God has to be visualized through the inner eye. And Also: In the present, practice of devotion, worship and rituals, are for the sake of better comforts and more luxury for the individuals themselves. Devotion has degenerated into a business deal. Often one prays, “Please give me this, I shall give YOU so much.” If they feel one shrine promises more, the current shrine is given up. If even in the new shrine, one does not get quick returns, then they quickly look elsewhere to some ‘other’ God who gives more profit! Many people wander in this manner. Some also think, “If I stand amongst many others, God will not notice me. I must stand in a unique position and shout to attract His attention!” Do not behave foolishly! Hold fast to noble ideals. Do not try to bring down the Almighty to your limited vision. Rise up, strengthen your detachment and establish yourself in discrimination, then your goal is brought nearer. – Sai Baba We have lost consciousness of July, Julius, or Juliet the Sun, our sovereign Host and confidant. We have forgotten our Sia Sai Shiva the witness, guide and friend. We have forgotten our DUTY wandering in ignorance in the shadows of darkness; in a lost and hallowed world; pained with untruth; pained with conceit; pained with endless mindless philosophies and academics. One should ask oneself who blindly seeks, “What light it is; truly, that ‘thru yonder window breaks’. Is such a mystery; to witness a Monotheistic Monarchy or Unitarian Hierarchy; but shadows cast on principles? Oh Light, Oh Light, Oh Light; I am your witness thrice; Julie; Jovial and Jolly. O’ Lord in Your Divinity; May you send your Love to ME, with Boundless Energy - SaiRam “R” or “Ram” is the animating principle. It is the self-animating. It is that which attacks. We say “BaRa” “BaRaM” insisting that it explodes from silence emanating from that which is encapsulated as ONE that Self-Forms; bursts from that self-enclosed or unified state. “M” or “Mer” is the “mirror” reflection, the echo return in space of the spirit of the sun as the forces of space; a reflection of the Sun’s glory (Glow-Ray or Glow-Re). It is what is encountered within the reflection, as emanation meets recall or recoil, as the ONE presence that occupies every place, insists on the resistance to movement or the thrill of motion. The word “Mirror” echoes that return, as the “spirit on the waters”, (Nara-Narayana); as a word that reflects the ripple of the recurring echoes. It is the natural form of nature that is insistent upon the thrill; or superconscious resistance; called the hieroglyphic NETER; the divine thrill. That thrill is consciousness or the spirit; like the thrill of energy that runs thru the “so called” body, even our physical body; which is nothing more than the “shell of emptiness” that occupies a place, or cyclical state; as an encasement of superconscious weirdness; called an “intelligent natural geometry”; that is of unbelievable complexity, and intelligence; or our illusion of incarnation in the physical body; which we pretend to identify with for a moment; like a bubble in a stream or droplets in the steam. Our eyes become; from exceptional to deceptional. It is our bubble reflection into which the seeing is seen; the awareness is occupied by its attention and need to witness its reflection...

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                    • Spirit Space


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                      Spirit Space Trailer created 120908

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