1. Fusioneer


    from Kai Clear / Added

    For three years Dr Jonathan Howard has dedicated himself to finding a solution to our energy crisis. In the spare room of his South London flat he's constructed a fusion reactor from bits of recycled scrap, and parts bought from ebay. Scientists say that 'Fusion is like trying to put the Sun in a box – but we don't know how to make the box'. Can Jonathan put the Sun in a box without getting burnt? 20 min Documentary

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    • Nuclear Power (and Cows)


      from Alessandro Della Bella / Added

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      Deutscher Text weiter unten. This short film is not a political statement, although the international debate about nuclear energy after Fukushima inspired the making of it. In Switzerland, there are four nuclear power plants, running five reactors: Beznau I & II, Mühleberg, Goesgen and Leibstadt. Nowadays, Switzerland’s power production consists of 55% hydroelectricity, 40% nuclear energy and 5% from other sources as for instance incinerators (Source: BFE). After the shutdown of the Oldbury reactor in Western England at the end of February 2012, Beznau I is now the oldest pressurized water reactor worldwide, running since September 1st 1969. Last but not least, major concern regarding the safety of the Mühleberg reactor arises from the formation of cracks in the core shroud inside the vessel and has provoked a heated debate regarding the necessity of a shutdown of the reactor. With its cooling towers, Goesgen and Leibstadt are far more photogenic for time-lapse than Beznau and Mühleberg. And cows, you will find them all over Switzerland. So switch on the lights! For the "making of" information and photo gallery check out the project website www.helvetiabynight.com. About: ‘Helvetia by Night’ is a time-lapse project about Switzerland by night. Short videos of long nights present you the stunning beauty of the Swiss Alps and show you the magic of a spectacular nighttime sky. Imagine watching a slide-show at fast speed or looking at a flip book. It is photography turning into a movie. Everything in the videos is real and happening out there while most of us are sleeping. The three videos ‘Helvetia’s Dream’, ‘Frenetic Zurich’ and ‘Nuclear Power (and Cows)’ are my first footsteps on the road of time-lapse photography. It is a most exciting road to follow with lots of testing, trying and learning every night I spend photographing in the Swiss mountains. Right now, 3D motion control is my biggest challenge. More time-lapse videos of existing footage will be published soon. Helvetia is the female national personification of Switzerland. The name is a derivation of the ethnonym Helvetii, the name of the Gaulish tribe inhabiting the Swiss Plateau prior to the Roman conquest. Identification of the Swiss as ‘Helvetians’ became common in the 18th century and Helvetia appears on official federal coins and stamps (Source: Wikipedia). Some words about me: I grew up in Arosa, a small paradise in the mountains of eastern Switzerland located 1800m above sea level. Inspired by such great scenery, photography has become my passion early in life. Since 2005 I work as press photographer for the Swiss press photo agency KEYSTONE in Zurich. Time-lapse photography became a favorite hobby of mine in the year 2011. Besides that I am doing some other private work which can be found here: www.dellabella.ch Have fun watching the time-lapse videos! Alessandro Della Bella Dieser Kurzfilm ist keine politische Botschaft, obwohl die internationale Debatte über Atomkraft nach Fukushima die Produktion inspiriert hat. In der Schweiz gibt es vier Kernkraftwerke mit insgesamt fünf Reaktoren: Beznau I & II, Mühleberg, Goesgen und Leibstadt. Die Stromproduktion in der Schweiz setzt sich zusammen aus 55% Wasserkraft, 40% Atomkraft und 5% anderen Quellen, hauptsächlich aus Kehricht-Verbrennungsanlagen (Quelle: BFE). Seit der Stilllegung des Oldbury Reaktors in England ende Februar 2012 ist Beznau I der weltweit älteste Druckwasser Reaktor – in Betrieb seit dem 1. September 1969. Bedenken zur Betriebssicherheit des AKWs Mühleberg sorgen regelmässig für Schlagzeilen und haben eine heftige Debatte über die Notwendigkeit einer baldigen Stillegung ausgelöst. Mit ihren Kühltürmen eignen sich Goesgen und Leibstadt besser für Time-Lapse als Beznau und Mühleberg. Und Kühe, die findet man überall in der Schweiz. Nun denn, schaltet die Lichter ein! Eine Fotogalerie und mehr Informationen über das "making of" gibt es auf www.helvetiabynight.com ‚Helvatia by Night‘ ist ein Zeitraffer-Projekt (Time-Lapse) über die Schweiz bei Nacht. Kurzfilme zeigen die atemberaubende Schönheit der Schweizer Bergwelt und einen spektakulären Sternenhimmel, wie Sie vielleicht erst davon geträumt haben. Alles was hier präsentiert wird, ist jedoch absolut real. Schnell aneinander gereihte Fotos werden zu einem Film, wie in einem Daumenkino. Einige Worte zu meiner Person: Ich bin in Arosa aufgewachsen, einem kleinen Paradies in der Bündner Bergwelt auf 1800 Metern über Meer. Inspiriert durch die beeindruckende Berglandschaft habe ich schon früh die Fotografie als meine Passion entdeckt. Seit 2005 arbeite ich als Pressefotograf bei der Schweizer Bildagentur KEYSTONE in Zürich. Die Time-Lapse Fotografie ist seit 2011 mein Lieblingshobby. Weitere private Arbeiten gibt es auf www.dellabella.ch Viel Vergnügen beim Schauen der Time-Lapse Filme! Alessandro Della Bella

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      • Von der grünen Wiese zur grünen Wiese - Rückbau eines Atomkraftwerks (AKW Kahl). Der Trailer


        from Stefan Schnelle / Added

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        Nach 50 Jahren wurde das Versuchsatomkraftwerk Kahl komplett zurückgebaut. Der Film "Von der grünen Wiese zur grünen Wiese" zeigt Bau, Betrieb und Abriss mit allen Facetten. http://www.schnewoli.de TV-Journalisten wenden sich bei Interesse an Szenen oder dem Gesamtfilm gerne direkt an uns...

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        • Can Spent Fuel Pools Catch Fire?


          from Fairewinds Energy Education / Added

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          In this Fairewinds’ feature, Fairewinds Associates Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen analyzes a US government national laboratory simulation video that shows nuclear spent fuel rods do catch fire when exposed to air. This simulation video proves Fairewinds’ assertions that nuclear fuel rods can catch fire when exposed to air, and Arnie discusses the ramifications of this phenomena if the Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 spent fuel pool were to lose cooling water.

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          • How Many Light Bulbs?


            from Cambridge University / Added

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            Cambridge University physicist, David Mackay, in a passionate, personal analysis of the energy crisis in the UK, in which he comes to some surprising conclusions about the way forward. The film is based on his new book 'Sustainable Energy – without the hot air', in which Prof Mackay has calculated the numbers involved for the alternatives to fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil. He debunks some myths about energy saving - unplugging our phone chargers, does not make any appreciable difference. After showing us what won't work - he goes on to show what will make a difference at home, like turning your thermostat down. But, his big point is that this will not be enough - individual efforts are not enough. Instead we need to make 'sweeping national changes' to our energy production, and we can't reject everything available to us. If we are going to follow the advice of climate scientists, and get off fossil fuels by 2050, which currently provide 90% of our energy, Britain's main options are wind power and nuclear power. But to make this huge change in our power supply, Mackay says that we 'have to get building – now'! For more information – go to David Mackay’s website www.withouthotair.com

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            • Припять / Pripyat


              from Сooper / Added

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              Prypiat was founded in 1970 to house the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers, officially proclaimed a city in 1979, and was abandoned in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster. It was the ninth nuclear-city, atomograd in Russian, literally "atom city". Its population had been around 50,000 before the accident. Annual growth of population was estimated at around 1,500 including 800 new-born citizens and over 500 newcomers from all the corners of the Soviet Union. It was planned that the Prypiat's population should rise up to 78,000 in the nearest future. Prypiat had a railroad link to Kiev Yazov station as well as a navigable river nearby. Music by Mikhail Maksurov Photos: pripyat.com, photofile.ru and rutracker.org Software: After Effects

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              • Greenpeace 2011 in pics


                from Greenpeace / Added

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                2011 was the year the bottom shook the top, the year the ballerina danced on the bull, and "The Protestor" was named Time Magazine person of the year. The faces in our Year in Pictures pay testament and tribute to our contribution and to the benefit of standing up and taking action. http://goo.gl/A8Fv9

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                • Inside Chernobyl - Directors Cut (2012)


                  from Adrian Musto / Added

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                  A short film based on current conditions in Chernobyl & Pripyat. Please note, I am an amateur documentary filmmaker and this documentary was made on no budget. The only costs involved were just the travel expenses to the Ukraine and the private tour into the zone. Follow my next projects on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/adrianmustofilm If you liked the music, it can be purchased here - http://arkitekture.bandcamp.com/album/inside-chernobyl-2012 Filmed with a Canon 7D with a Canon 17-85mm IS, 70-300mm IS & Sigma 10-22mm. Sound was captured with a Sennheiser wireless radio mic and recorded on a Roland R05. Edited with Adobe Premiere CS5 and After Effects CS5.

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                  • Don Henley - Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed


                    from MrSquooze / Added

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                    A brilliant song by Don Henley (of the Eagles) with a very sensual, earthy beat. The title is a metaphor for anticipating certain destruction going the way you’re going, at whatever extreme level; be it personal indulgence, political, cultural or social. Or simply about missing the obvious or the simplest solution in any situation or problem. The lyrics are set in France with references to art and the influential poets Rimbaud and Baudelaire (and the latter’s poems); with symbolism and imagery to sum up the joie-de-vivre, sang froid and even the occasional gaucheness found there. This video shows the variety and colourfulness of French life .. from the fast cars, clubs and ridiculous wealth of the Côte d’Azur, counter posed with the grittiness and melting-pot of provincial northern-mid France, with its wide range of socio-political causes; images of the wonderful French culture and sublime art; the heady romance of fashionable Paris; etc. I have added in some topical themes which arouse much passion too. From hedonism and existentialism, to phenomenology and abstract structuralism … the French seem to combine all these facets intriguingly.. and well. Do turn your volume and bass up for this one, it rocks! I’ve copied below the two poems that are named in the lyrics, for interest only: THE DEATH OF LOVERS ('LA MORT DES AMANTS' TRANSLATED) We shall have beds full of subtle perfumes, Divans as deep as graves, and on the shelves Will be strange flowers that blossomed for us Under more beautiful heavens. Lavishing our final amorous hours there, our flaming hearts shall merge and loom in the twin mirrors of these souls of ours — torches vast which side by side consume. Then some evening, rose and mystic blue, charged with the sobbing woe of our adieu, Love shall links us in one lightning-spark; Later, shall the faithful angel fling all the portals wide, illumining the flameless torches and the mirrors dark. - Charles Baudelaire THE PUNISHMENT OF PRIDE (CHÂTIMENT DE L'ORGUEIL TRANSLATED) When first Theology in her young prime Flourished with vigour, in that wondrous time, Of an illustrious Doctor it was said That, having forced indifferent hearts to shed Tears of emotion, moved to depths profound: And having to celestial glory found Marvellous paths, to his own self unknown, Where only purest souls had fared alone — Like a man raised too high, as in a panic, Crazed with a vertigo of pride satanic, He cried "Poor Christ, I've raised you to renown! But had I wished to bring you crashing down Probing your flaws, your shame would match your pride And you'd be but a foetus to deride!" Immediately he felt his wits escape, That flash of sunlight veiled itself in crepe. All chaos through his intellect was rolled, A temple once, containing hoards of gold, By opulence and order well controlled, And topped with ceilings splendid to behold. Silence and night installed their reign in him. It seemed he was a cellar dank and dim, To which no living man could find the key; And from that day a very beast was he. And while he wandered senseless on his way, Not knowing spring from summer, night from day, Foul, dirty, useless, and with no hereafter, He served the children as a butt for laughter. - Charles Baudelaire ------------------ NB: This video was produced and presented here simply for entertainment sake; no offence is intended to anyone. © WBene 9/13 x ________________ Rider 1: This is a video based on my interpretation of this wonderful song's lyrics (and may not be Don's himself, please note) - no political agenda is implied beyond associations with humanitarian and democratic concerns generally. Rider 2: No rights to this song or video excerpts owned (where applicable), this was put together purely for entertainment and not for making any money whatsoever, no copyright infringement intended of song or images used (various sources). My big, warm, kind thanks to all source owners, clips used simply for art's sake, nothing more. x Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'Fair Use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Totally non-profit educational or entertainment use is deemed in favour of such interpreted 'fair use' category. Warning: This video does contain some flashing light scenes, caution advised for those affected by this. Thank you. Video © Squooze / Bene 27th September 2013

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                    • BlueCastleProject "Home"


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