1. Action day on rebreather and sidemount, playing with the big toys! :)


    from Susi Barth / Added

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    AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD ........ ACTION!!!!!!! :) What we call an action day is a new way off diving. Diving silently, diving with rebreather is a definetly an unforgettable adventure! Ever tried some sidemount diving, also called monkey diving! :) UUUUUNNNNNDDD........ ACTION!!!!! :) Was wir als Actionday anbieten, gibt Euch die Möglichkeit in die geräuschlose Welt des Tauchens, einzutauchen, Mit Rebreather zu tauchen ist definitiv ein neues unvergessliches Erlebnis! Oder hat ihr schon mal Sidemount Tauchen ausprobiert! Macht auch ne Menge Spaß!!!! :)

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    • Advanced Technical Wreck Course


      from David Larbalestier / Added

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      A video of an Advanced Technical Wreck course in Subic Bay, Philippines. Shot using a GoPro Hero 3.

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      • Adv. Trimix Course - Malta 2011


        from keen-dreams / Added

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        the Iantd Adv. Trimix Course in Malta with Diving Matrix. A stunning course with loads of fun and good diving. Thank you!

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        • Aggertal - Brecher


          from Arkadius Oszczygiel vel Atra / Added

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          • A little underwater fluorescence - footage by Liquid Motion Film


            from Liquid Motion / Added

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            Experience a new dimension in diving so new and exclusive that more people have seen earth from space than have seen corals in this totally new light! Discover something so different and magical, that you will never see marine creatures the same way again. Taking you back to premier ocean discovery, we call this " FLUO-Diving". Not to be confused with phosphorescence, or bio-luminescence, Fluorescence is the absorption of one wavelength of light (or colour) and the re-emission of another, totally different wavelength of light (or colour). A fluorescent object under white light reveals its true colour. But under near UV light, it absorbs the blue and re-emits a fluorescent colour, transforming the blue into a brightly glowing, totally different colour. Thus, underwater, marine animals that fluoresce have the ability to convert one colour into an entirely different colour! Dr. Charles Mazel Ph.D & leading Fluorescence Research Scientist & inventor of fluotechnology: "The odds of you going in the water and finding something, seeing some animal fluorescing, that no-one else in the entire history of the universe has ever seen is probably over ninety percent! Anywhere in the world. Simply because so few people have done this"... The true reason for fluorescence in corals remains unclear today, but the reason for fluorescence in more complex creatures is completely obscure. The subject of fluorescence extends all boundaries in understanding and even now remains as controversial in the science community as it is fascinating. In what has been labeled 'the underwater series of the decade' and 'a pioneering breakthrough in underwater communication' internationally acclaimed cinematographers Liquid Motion Film recently brought the phenomenal imagery of underwater fluorescence to giant screens around the world for the very first time. Working alongside the worlds leading Marine Research Scientists to unravel the mysteries of underwater communication, a 4 year journey of documentation and research culminated in international press, highest accolades, global recognition, over 35 major Awards and a revolutionary series which fast became a National Geographic Television exclusive. Asking "Why are marine animals such incredible colours?", and conclusively proving that "colour is the prime cryptic language of the fish", Liquid Motions' Guy & Anita explored marine animals visual systems, unraveled crypsis and camouflage, deciphered how fish 
change colour and pattern to express emotion and mood and, in a world premiere, for the first time ever, documented the integral role that fluorescence plays in marine animals daily lives. From Green Blennies becoming pink, to the exhilarating first ever 600m deep fluorescent shark, their vivid, electrifying images of marine animals changing the very course of nature enraptured viewers - yet only heightened 
the ultimate questions of how they do this, and why. New creatures are being discovered every dive, every day. New discoveries are made, yet with each answer comes more questions. In an environment dominated by blue, bright colours are quickly absorbed in just a few feet, But fluorescence is a way to maintain bright colours. One of the worlds leading Research Scientists, Professor Justin Marshall, Neurobiologist, Zoologist, Doctor of Philosophy, Marine Biologist and the worlds leader in colour vision, visual behaviour, colour change, colour signals and more, theorizes: "For the fish, for the animals on the reef, being colourful is about really wanting to say something. They're using fluorescence as part of their colour communication channel. It's a way of being even more colourful than colourful" ... During a recent NOAA Deep Scope Expedition, Prof. MIKHAIL V. MATZ PH.D , Research Scientist at the Integrative Biology Section of the University of Texas was around 1820' depth in a sub and, for the first time ever, came across a fluorescent shark. Why a shark at such depth would be using the subs lights to fluoresce is a total mystery to science, but perhaps since this shark's known to ascend up to 60 meters, where light IS available, we can theorize that his fluorescence may help him communicate and find some mates. "Having seen the UW fluorescence movies of Anita and Guy, I was of course burning to see this exciting new effect with my own eyes.Taking my teenage daughter along for a thrilling lesson in physics made it even more fun; with the yellow filter over the mask and the eerie blue dive light in hand we started right off the beach.Gliding over the reef top, hidden animals in screaming bright fluorescent colours were suddenly easy to spot - we felt like 007 with a secret weapon:-)...." Fluorescence in marine animals reveals such extraordinary behaviour, brand new science and mind-blowing phenomena that the worlds leading Scientists are still striving to understand "the inconceivable ability of marine animals to change one colour, into another”! Enjoy, and thank you :-)

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            • ALVBOV: First in a series of presentations on the Apocalypse Type IV iCCR


              from Open Safety Equipment Ltd / Added

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              Short presentation of the auto-bailout functionality of the Apocalypse Type iCCR ALVBOV auto-bailout and PPo2 display. For a complete listing of functionality, please refer to the manual at www.opensafety.eu

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              • Amazing Whale encounter


                from Rodolphe Holler / Added

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                Diving and snorkeling with humbackwhale in Tahiti and her Islands

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                • American River 10oct10.mp4


                  from MYKA DIVING / Added

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                  A dive in the American River, under the Rainbow Bridge. October 10th 2010. Max deep 42ft (12m). Almost 2 hours of dive... Divers : Dylan N. (Double) & MYKA (Rebreather). Camera GoproHD... MYKA.

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                  • Anchored at the 3 sisters (Point Lobos)


                    from MYKA DIVING / Added

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                    A long shore-kick dive with my buddy... Where is it ? Point Lobos State Park, near Monterey, California. From the Whalers Cove, there is a lot of beautifull place to discover; more far you kick, deeper you can dive... I hope you like the music : SOAD.... Myka

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                    • ANDI Europe Deep Wreck Week - Malta, 2010


                      from Thomas Heinemeyer / Added

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                      This video is dedicated to my friend Jordi Mateo Rubio (1971-2012†) R.I.P. ANDI Europe CCR Expedition to Malta (May 29 - June 6, 2010) to identify an unknown WWI wreck. Participants: Prof. Dr. Helmuth Biechl (Expedition Leader) Jordi Mateo Rubio Berni Leicher Bernhard Jungwirth Prof. Dr. Dirk Berben Thomas Heinemeyer (Cameraman) Equipment Rebreather: AP Vision Inspiration & ISC Megalodon Scooter/DPV: Bonex Exploration Systems Camera: Sony CX560 + Silverfish housing Lights: TillyTec

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