1. GH4 Tests: The Duck Whisperer @ 96fps


    from Philip Bloom / Added

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    A little bit of filming down by Richmond riverside as I happened to pop into the shops and the job of the GH4 is the size so it goes in my man bag easily WITH a second lens. A true go anywhere 4K camera/ still camera. You can read more about this and everything else I know/ think about Pansonic's GH4 on my review page here: gopb.co/ gh4 The full video review won't be ready until early/ mid June, but there is loads and loads of info on the blog post. I shot this piece mostly at 96fps in full HD mode with about 3 shots in 4K mode. You can tell them I am sure! There are some images issues at high speed so deep depth of field shots are not recommended! Graded with FilmConvert. 10% off with code bloom at gopb.co/filmconvert Music courtesy of The Music Bed gopb.co/musicbed Les Enfants "Celeste" Lenses Lumix 12-35mm F2.8 OIS and the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Nikon Mount with Metabones Speedbooster for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Again, loads more info about glass, speedboosters and the camera of course at gopb.co/gh4 Thanks to Holdan.co.uk for their help in making the review possible!

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    • Autumn in Richmond HD


      from Philip Bloom / Added

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      Shot on the Z1 and Letus Extreme in Richmond, Surrey. This was my first time using the Letus Extreme. Edited on FCP. Music is by Thomas Newton Howard from Signs www.philipbloom.net

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      • Tiff & Matt [BTD] - BURN THE DRESS SHOOT!


        from RF Weddings / Added

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        Shot 95% on the Canon 7D, 5% with Sony EX1 (the few steadicam shots) Only used 2 lenses; 70-200mm 2.8L 35mm 1.4L Canon 7D - 1080p24 Sony EX1 - 720p24 (overcranked to 60fps) Would have loved to use more steadicam, but was pretty difficult with mud and sand dunes... Anyways so we shot their wedding about a month ago (photo and video), and before they moved to Calgary they wanted to do something fun and memorable with us in Vancouver. So between Pat, Matt, Tiff & I, we brainstormed some ideas together and this is what we came up with! Photos: http://blog.rfproductions.ca/2009/10/tiff-matt-ttd-teasers/ Music: "Lifehouse - Spin" www.rfprodutions.ca blog.rfproductions.ca

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        • Neighborhood Watch


          from MONDIAL / Added

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          You thought your neighborhood was weird. Welcome to Glossbrook. Winner 48hr Film Festival 2009 in Richmond VA for film team COMMON HERD. Winner: Best Film, Audience Award, Best Directing, Best Costumes. Honorable mention: Best Editing, Best Acting, Best Sound Design, Best Musical Score. Shot on RED, HPX-500. Edit in FCP, Crimson, Redcine. GFX in AFX. Music & Score : www.blackiris.tv www.neighborhoodwatchfilm.com

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          • SKYS


            from Daniel Gregoire / Added

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            SKYS is the culmination of about two years of setting up a tripod and a camera, pointing it at the sky and waiting for something interesting to happen. I've seldom gone out with the express intention of shooting a timelapse but instead carry my trusty Canon 5DmkII and a tripod with me while on vacation, on jobs, bicycling or hiking around. I try to let the sky come to me and with good luck I've managed to capture a few. There's a bit of flicker, some dirt on the lens and maybe a jump or pop here or there but after four months of processing to remove such artifacts it's become time to move on and let it out into the world. I hope you enjoy it. Music: 2001: A Space Odyssey - On the Beautiful Blue Danube, The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, 2001: Music from the Films of Stanley Kubrick. Tools include Canon 5D's for camera raw, DSLRemoteHD, Canon Intervalometer, After Effects for GBDeflicker and RSMB, Final Cut 7 for CHV Long Exposure and Final Cut X for editing prores 4444 10bit. Locations include, Richmond UK, Chertsey UK, Mammoth Lakes CA, Joshua Tree CA, Great Windsor Park UK, Santa Fe NM, Santa Monica CA, Prague CZ, Montreux SW, Stonehenge UK, Marina Del Ray CA, Cancun MX, San Francisco CA, Four Corners US, Abiquiu NM, White Mountains CA, Mono Lake CA, Los Angeles CA.

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            • 'Terminus' Trailer - FS100 & Isco Anamorphic Lens


              from hangman / Added

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              A test of combining the Sony NEX-FS100 with an old Isco MC 2000 anamorphic lens. Man - Adam de la Cour Music by Max Richter 'The Nature of Daylight' http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/on-the-nature-of-daylight/id288286069?i=288286076

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              • AB Productions Demo Reel (2010) (Vancouver Video Production Services)


                from Create Video - Vancouver, BC / Added

                Before Create Video, there was AB Productions or Anthonybortolussi.com. It's okay to get up and dance. This reel only has clips I've directed, or worked on as a director of photography (cinematographer) for the year 2010. I have directed and shot more projects this year (like commercials, corporate promos and so on), but these are my favorite clips. If you haven't already, check out my previous demo reel representing my work from 2005-2009: http://vimeo.com/10711363 Every single frame has been meticulously crafted. Almost every night of the year, I am up late in the evening working on something film related. The time invested always pays off, and this has been the best year yet. Chapter List (click the time): 00:00 The Four Tops: Live Director 00:14 Cheetah Energy Drink Commercial: "Killer Taste" Director of Photography 00:27 Web Series: "After School Specials" Director of Photography 00:36 Science World Commercial: "Moon Man" Director 00:44 Television Series: "Happy Tails" Director 00:54 Guttermaster Commercial Director 01:04 Vouture Clothing Co. Commercial Director None of this would be possible without the following important people that worked with me in the year 2010: Brent Watts Amanda Ventura Jordan Gray Peter Nicholas Kenton MacDonald-Lin James De Boer Bless Watts Lisa Ovies Richard Douglas Shelly Morrow Carson Ho Brent Lapham Matt Lapham Paige D'Antonia Roham Rahmanian Lorne Lapham Debrah Lapham Sarah Schaus Michael Bergunder Scott Cassia Kirstn Hawson Matt Deane Hannah Carter Melissa Ward Shawn Beet Kirstn Hawson Noah Wylie Benjamin Ozga Debbie Bortolussi Doug Cronk David Hofstad Tony Malyk Gary Chomyn Christa Monroe Chris Dalton Rory Blanchard +Many more! http://www.anthonybortolussi.com Contact: info (@) anthonybortolussi.com Telephone: 604-728-5772 AB Productions is an award-winning Vancouver video production company. We specialize in video creation for the Internet, Television, and the Movie Theaters.

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                • The Schmagogaphy Tour


                  from SchmueyVision / Added

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                  "The Schmagogaphy Tour" Dr. Mind U. is our guide and narrator as we pass through the vaults of captured dreams. Program Notes: ================================================================================== The Schmagogaphy Tour is also useful as a Halloween Holiday Getaway package, book your journey soon. While the moon is ever present in romantic images we are constantly reminded of the Tide and other laundry products. Most of our vaults do not have card key access. Please check your watches to see if they are soft on time or would you prefer to melt your own smart phones? We have taken considerable measures to assure that music is evaporated from each chamber. The Home Depot is having a sale on Sea Gulls with extended warranty. Our harbor plays an important role to keep tugs at bay. Electric trains are not allowed to be suspended for more than 3 weeks at a time. 18 wheelers dream too but please do not feed them. Highway lamp posts are also useful to mimic birds of prey. Please be seated when we are asked to walk back to the museum lobby. ================================================================================== Tour guide voice and foot steps.................................................................Ms. Tracey Richards Camera, Editing, Original Music, and Sound Design............................Phil Loarie SchmueyVision.US. Locations: Berkeley, Oakland, & Richmond, California (2010 through 2014) Camcorder: Sony HDR-CX500v Editing suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10 (d) Post Production: Not-A-Studio-Space in Richmond, California

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                  • Twilight


                    from William Robinette / Added

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                    Journey through the various stages of a city readying itself for the coming night.

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                    • Angel Pond


                      from SchmueyVision / Added

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                      “Angel Pond” During our autumnal equinox I captured time-lapse video of the sky with a modest pocket camera. I was absorbed with cloud formations which suggested to me an ethereal world where angels gather. I imagined that I was beamed up to this heavenly plane for a candid view and found myself observing a band of angels practicing their music near a pond composed of waves of grace. While the Archangel Gabriel calls his fellow angels with his ethereal horn, they respond with a chorus of harps and voices. As dusk approaches the angels welcome the cosmos with their music and for their protection Michael the Archangel is standing guard nearby with his mighty sword. While I was five years old two summers before my grandfather John Louis Loarie passed away I recall him napping in our back yard until I unintentionally woke him up. I asked him what he was dreaming of and he kindly told me he was in the clouds sledding with angels. That image of him sliding down a cloud is forever in my mind. I always think of him in that way having a great time as he had a very rough start and a harsh childhood. Thank you Granddad Loarie ! MUSIC: Since the images were cut first, the workflow demanded that the music be constructed to follow the visuals. My compositional form begins with the traditional ‘call and response’ which develops into an exaggerated extension. The overall scheme is somewhat like a nocturne although some scholars might find this description a bit of a stretch. Much of my inspiration for this piece comes from the following sources: Early Gregorian Chant, Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes for orchestra 3rd movement “Sirènes”, Ralph Vaughan Williams’ “Toward the Unknown Region” as well as his “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis”, Philip Glass’s “North Star”, and Mark Snow’s “The X-Files” theme music. The instrumentation was carefully constructed by electronic means using a Yamaha S08 Synthesizer and a Zoom G2.1u effects pedal. Harps, Voices, French Horn, and Strings were all modified to offer attributes not normally associated with their natural acoustic versions. Biblical scholars indicate that the angels were created before our universe, so with that in mind, I could easily imagine that Gabriel fostered a grand collection of trumpets by including an ethereal French Horn. However, my artistic license may still be pending approval by the DMV (Department of Musical Vices). CINEMATOGRAPHY: “Angel Pond” is a surreal wide angle kaleidoscopic view of clouds drifting across the sky in time-lapse motion. The action ranges from ½ to 8 times faster than normal speed. The entire video was shot near the autumnal equinox of 2011 and on location at Ferry Point, Richmond, California which is coincidentally within eye shot of Angel Island. While “Angel Pond” is a continuation of my interest in the kinetic nature of clouds it is also my first attempt at a more intensive use of compositing images with extensive mirroring and altered motion. Perhaps I made one too many snow angels while growing up? All of the cinematic magic here is aimed at illustrating how clouds suggest heavenly forms such as angels, albeit in this piece some of these angels may be interpreted as fallen angels, centaurs, demons, dragons, fairies, gargoyles, goblins, griffins, or other mythical creatures, possibly Godzilla or your Aunt Trudy as may be conjured up by your imagination. (Nephelococcygia pronounced ne-fê-lê-kak-'si-jee-yê is a term used when people find familiar objects within the shape of a cloud. source: http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=423940) Since this past August I have been almost entirely obsessed with anything cloud related from low level marine layer fog to stratus. What fascinates me so much is that everything about a cloud is changing although this might not be always evident until the event is sped up to see these changes. Very few things change shape, size, color, density, brightness, and contrast with so much diversity in such little time as the way clouds do, which makes clouds an astonishing significant subject for cinematography. Granted, if we were able to alter the time domain of the universe then almost everything from mountains to galaxies would appear to be dramatically changing. While it has been stated that motion is the defining characteristic of life then the motion of change is certainly the defining characteristic of a life well spent. With my head in the clouds armed with smoke and mirrors it appears to me that ‘the sky's the limit’. :> I sincerely hope you enjoy my humble offering of “Angel Pond” as much as I enjoyed making it. -Phil Loarie February 16th, 2012 Technical Information: The entire video was shot with a modest pocket camera on a very old Bogen 3046 tripod which was heavy enough to keep things steady under a good wind. My biggest challenge in postproduction was ‘de-birding’. Anytime you shoot the sky you are bound to get birds but with time-lapse they can look like nasty blips. I removed the worst offenders as outtakes but if you look carefully you can surely find a couple of birds looking like quick gnats. Anyone out there with a time-lapse camera that has a De-bird feature? Most images were shot with 1920 x 1080 at 15 fps, and further sped to 8x in postproduction. Only one clip is at ½ normal speed (at 01:09) which was shot at 720p at 60 fps. While the Nikon S9100 does not have manual exposure controls like a DSLR, it does have the ability to increase or decrease the overall exposure by + or – 2 stops. I found that setting this offset to -.07 allowed for a steady exposure and better overall balance of a partly cloudy sky. All the images have some sort of mirroring effect added in postproduction whether it is a slight cookie cutter slice or a more complicated 4 way mirror. These images at times are also echoed in compositing the same shot but with cropping or zoomed crops or with reversed sides. There were over 35 visual elements compiled in the edit. Other effects included slight sharpening, optimizing contrast and brightness, key framed cookie cutters, key framed spherical distortion (titles), and key framed de-saturation and saturation. I had some “resource” issues in the rendering. I learned that my computer could not handle more than ½ of the video with effects at one time. I had to break it in half and render each section separately. I then brought them together in a merged version which I used for creating the music tracks as well. Technically it was only rendered once as the merge version was a simple matter and did not need to be re-sampled. Camera: Nikon Coolpix S9100 (pocket camera) Editing suite: Sony Vegas Pro 10(d) Original Music for “Angel Pond” was composed and performed by Phil Loarie using a Yamaha S08 synthesizer through a Zoom G2.1u effects processor and recorded directly to the Vegas timeline. Effects included Hall Reverb, Dynamic Flanger, and Multi Tap Delay. As many as 18 stereo tracks were created to make this final version.

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