1. J. Michael Straczynski: The Julius Schwartz Lecture


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    The 2009 Julius Schwartz Lecture speaker featured transmedia creator J. Michael Straczynski, who has most recently entered the motion picture arena, writing the period drama Changeling for Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie, adapting such books as Lensman for Ron Howard, World War Z for Brad Pitt’s company, and They Marched Into Sunlight for Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass, as well as reviving Forbidden Planet for Warner Bros. and selling two new original movies, The Flickering Light and Proving Ground to Universal and Tom Cruise's United Artists, respectively. He has also begun work on Last Words, a pilot for a new TV series for the TNT network. Previously known best for his role as the creator of the cult science fiction series Babylon 5 and its various spin-off films and series. Straczynski wrote 92 out of the 110 Babylon 5 episodes, notably including an unbroken 59-episode run through all of the third and fourth seasons, and all but one episode of the fifth season. His early television writing career spans from work on He-Man, She-Ra, and The Real Ghostbusters through to The New Twilight Zone and Murder She Wrote. He followed up Babylon 5 with the science fiction series Jeremiah. Straczysnki also enjoys continued success as a comic book writer, working on established superhero franchises, such as The Amazing Spider-Man, Supreme Power and Thor, as well as his own original series, such as Rising Stars, Midnight Nation, The Twelve, and The Book of Lost Souls. He is also a journalist, publishing over 500 articles in such periodicals as the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Writer’s Digest Magazine, and TIME Inc. He was one of the first television producers to actively engage his fan community online and has consistently explored the interface between digital media and other storytelling platforms.

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    • 12:01 Beyond - Episode #2: "Kneel Before The Future"


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      In this episode of 12:01 Beyond, we venture into post-apocalyptic worlds and wild adventures where robots run amuck. Take the time to absorb yourself into the 12:01 Beyond universe with a mix of music videos, animated shorts, a science fiction feature film, and a new serial from Neon Harbor - "Ninja The Mission Force!" Produced by Josh Hadley and Nicholas J. Michalak Created by Josh Hadley Edited by Nicholas J. Michalak Narrated by Cat Thompson A 12:01 Beyond / RavensFilm Productions (SM) Co-Production www.1201beyond.com www.ravensfilm.com

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      • Science and Dystopia: Primo Levi on Science Fiction


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        Primo Levi Forum 2011 Film Screening: Sleeping Beauty in the Fridge, RAI, 1979, based on Primo Levi's short story and co-directed by the writer for the Italian television. In Italian w/English subtitles (16 min.) With: Paola Mieli (psychoanalyst, Après-Coup, New York, Paris), on Sleeping Beauty in the Fridge Gérard Haddad (psychoanalyst, Paris. Author of "Lumière des astres éteints", Grasset 2011) on The Mirror's Maker Daniela Schiller (neuroscientist, Mount Sinai, New York) Made possible through the support of the Viterbi Family Foundation, the Cahnman Foundation and Dr. Claude Ghez Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò New York University November 8, 2011

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        • PANTHERION - Reality Is Debatable (All Season 1 Episodes in one big movie) VOD


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          PANTHERION - REALITY IS DEBATABLE (complete season 01 movie) extremely-low-budget independent production; Austria 2012, 2h 30' 29'', german version with english subtitles 2nd DIRECTOR'S CUT / ALL EPISODES! www.pantherion.at Soundtrack download: http://gschier.bandcamp.com/album/pantherion-o-s-t

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          • 2001 A Space Odyssey: Dubstep re-edit


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            We all love Space Odyssey and it's soundtrack but what would Stanley do if we was making it today? He'd put a heavy dubstep soundtrack to it that's what. Watch Space Odyssey in it's entirety only with a 21st century soundtrack. You can listen to an audio mix of the tracks we used in the project here http://www.mixcloud.com/flatd/.

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            • Gunslinger, P.I.


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              An independent film shot in 2006 by 18-year-old writer-director Greg Sisco (who also stars as the titular character). After being warped through time in a meteor accident and setting up a name for himself in the 21st century in the field of private investigative work, a private eye named Garret "Gunslinger" Gallagher spends five days in an increasingly bizarre case involving an Irish mob boss and a modern-day cowboy who could pose as a threat to Gunslinger, his ex-convict partner, and his girlfriend, a talking car. After watching this film, please take a moment to post a review on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Gunslinger-P-I-Greg-Sisco/dp/B002BH4OO8/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1326434296&sr=1-2-catcorr

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              • Geek Speaks: The Uses (and Abuses) of Science Fiction


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                Recorded November 7, 2013 From its conception, science fiction was a genre which has encouraged speculation at the limits of known science, sometimes in the name of popular science education, sometimes as a mode of theory formulation and discussion. Across its history, the range of topics that science fiction might address has expanded to include topics in media, communications, gender and sexuality, race, political philosophy, and the social sciences more generally. Increasingly, science fiction concepts and themes are being folded directly into the design process at major companies, as they seek to identify potential products and services and prototype the needs and desires of consumers. On this Geek Speaks panel, each of the speakers: Cory Doctorow, Henry Jenkins, and Brian David Johnson, has done work exploring the interplay between speculative fiction and real world communities, and each is also a hardcore fans of the science fiction genre. In this free-wheeling conversation, they will discuss the roles that science fiction has played, for better or worse, in shaping the ways we think about innovation and confront the challenges of designing for the future.

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                • Flash Gordon 1936 (feature length fanedit)


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                  An editing experiment I recently did cutting down the 13-episode, 245 minute movie serial "Flash Gordon" to a 112 minute, feature-length movie, as an alternative to the crudely slapped-together feature edits "Rocketship" (72 min.) and "Spaceship to the Unknown" (97 min.) that were issued to television by Universal and King Features many years ago. The goal was to cut together an enjoyable, coherent feature-length film that kept as much of the story and memorable sequences from the original serial as possible, while streamlining and clarifying the plot, and reducing the repetitive and redundant elements - although there's no real getting around the episodic nature of the original narrative. Emphasis is placed on the romantic rivalry between Ming/Flash and Aura/Dale that propels most of the story forward, while padding and plot elements that go nowhere have been discarded. The Kala sequence again falls on the chopping block - although it has a lot of fun elements, it's not solidly connected to the rest of the story and was pretty easily jettisoned, and its exclusion brings Prince Barin into the action a bit more quickly and effectively. A few aural adjustments have been made - some early sequences, most previously lacking music, have tracks from the classic "Bride of Frankenstein" score added to enhance mood and quicken the pace, as well as a few new Foley effects for dramatic punch in certain action scenes. The classic "Crucifixion" theme from BOF (familiar from later "Flash" serials) was specifically added to the opening credits to distinguish this edit from other feature edits. This fanedit is a first effort, and a bit crude and clunky technically. I hope to have a better, more polished Beta version of this edit finished soon. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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                  • Fable: Teeth of Beasts


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                    Lilith Noir is a hardboiled freelance enforcer for the shadow government that keeps watch over the city of Fable, a mythical realm that exists just beneath the surface of our awareness. When a fast talking private detective shows up on her doorstep, Lilith is faced with the case of a lifetime. A new drug has hit the streets of Fable, black market Ouija boards are everywhere, victims of bizarre murders are choking the city morgue, and the prime suspect is an ancient demon masquerading as an urban vagrant. Blending elements of fantasy, science fiction, horror and even film noir creating a unique action thriller.

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                    • The Reality of Ghosts


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                      You've seen all the TV shows and movies about spirits and the possibility of their existence. We hooked up with paranormal investigation teams and mediums to try and determine whether ghosts REALLY exist or not. If you are looking for Sci Fi Channel productions with creepy music playing during the investigations, you won't find it here!

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