from LAMAR+NIK / Added

    Every word to "Magnolia" (188) was handmade using cardboard (discarded from grocery stores), hot glue guns, and paint pens. Random people at over 65+ locations and a handful of friends were used as rappers throughout the video. The video was done completely practical (no CGI) and wound up costing a little under $80. *2012 ARTE Creative Music Video Award *2013 SXSW Official Selection [Music Video Competition] *2013 Sprockets Official Selection *2013 Winner UKMVA [Best Urban Budget] Official Promo for "Magnolia" by Lushlife ALBUM: Plateau Vision LABEL: Western Vinyl [WWW.WESTERNVINYL.COM] CREATED BY: Nik Harper and Jesse Lamar High DIRECTED BY: LAMAR+NIK PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Spenser Sakurai and Michael Raiden PURCHASE: http://westernvinyl.com/catalog/WV97.html PHOTOGRAPHY: Scott Sullivan [WWW.FLICKR.COM/PEOPLE/SCOTT_SULLIVAN/] Spenser Sakurai [WWW.IMAGESAKPRODUCTIONS.COM] Michael Raiden [WWW.MICHAELRAIDEN.COM] PHOTOS: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lamarplusnik/sets/72157631788294558/ MAKING OF: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeYAAEXoQYJitNXW-hanSkL7Z0J3uL9RT [WWW.THEYOUNGANDINLOVE.COM] [WWW.LAMARPLUSNIK.COM] [WWW.TWITTER.COM/LAMARPLUSNIK] [WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LAMARPLUSNIK]

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    • 1925 aka Hell (by Max Hattler)


      from Max Hattler / Added

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      1923 aka Heaven + 1925 aka Hell won the Animate OPEN: Digitalis Audience Prize at animateprojects.org in 2011. 1925 aka Hell also won "Best Experimental Film" at Animation Block Party 2012 and "Best Short Short" at St. Louis International Film Festival 2010. 1925 aka Hell is one of two animation loops directed by Max Hattler, inspired by the work of French outsider artist Augustin Lesage. 1925 is based on Lesage's painting 'A symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World' from 1925. The second loop, 1923 aka Heaven, is based on Lesage's painting 'A symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World' from 1923 and can be found here: http://vimeo.com/maxhattler/1923 The films were created during 5 days in February 2010 with students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. http://www.facebook.com/maxhattler.artistpage www.animwork.dk www.maxhattler.com www.maxhattler.com/1923 www.maxhattler.com/1925 Director: Max Hattler Technical Director: Allan Lønskov Sound: Adrian Dexter Previz/Layout: Adrian Dexter Modelling: Adrian Dexter, Allan Lønskov, Casper Wermuth, David Otzen, Jakob Kousholt, Kristoffer Mikkelsen Animation: Adrian Dexter, Allan Lønskov, Casper Wermuth, David Otzen, Ditte Frandsen Lighting: David Otzen Rendering: Adrian Dexter, Allan Lønskov, David Otzen Produced by www.maxhattler.com & The Animation Workshop Year: 2010 Versions: - 2 min. festival screening version - forever-looping 1923/1925 double-projection installation ‘Heaven & Hell’

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      • Shit Robot - Take Em Up


        from Eoghan Kidney / Added

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        Feat Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem) Directed & Produced by Eoghan Kidney Rotoscoping by Magdelena Turnier, Jairo Neto, Camilo Rosas, Brett Bittner, Atsushi Yamamoto, Eoin Whelehan and Chris Mooney New York Shoot Line Producer: Theo Avgerinos Steadicam Operator: Ian Woolsten-Smith New York Shoot Assistants: Kris Petersen and Jennifer Kelley For DFA: Jonathan Galkin Special thanks to Johnny Moy, Paul Rowley and Rachel O'Connor

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        • Parade - Dancing Shadow Sculptures


          from Dpt. / Added

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          Parade is an interactive art installation designed by Dpt. and Laurent Craste for the Chromatic festival in Montreal. The installation consists in an imposing wooden cube. A lamp attached to the top of the structure dimly lights a livid and stripped scene where two porcelain vases lie on a white dresser. The lighting highlights their shadows on the wall. As soon as someone pushes the lightbulb, the shadows of the vases come to life and animate, as if by magic, to the rhythm of the swinging light source. Ceramist by trade, Laurent Craste is an internationally renown visual artist. Dpt is a creative digital agency specializing in the design and production of immersive experiences. Music: Ljoss by Forest Swords. http://www.dpt.co http://www.laurentcraste.com ----- Parade est une installation artistique interactive conçue par Dpt. et Laurent Craste dans le cadre du festival Chromatic à Montréal. Céramiste de formation, Laurent Craste est un artiste visuel de renommée internationale. Dpt est une agence de création interactive spécialisée dans la conception et la réalisation d’expériences immersives. Musique: Ljoss par Forest Swords. http://www.dpt.co http://www.laurentcraste.com

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          • The Psychedelic Experience


            from Aubrey Marcus / Added

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            Blog: http://www.warriorpoet.us Twitter: https://twitter.com/warriorpoetus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarriorPoetUS Featuring music by Tribe Called Red - Electric PowWow http://electricpowwow.com/ Strangeloop https://soundcloud.com/strangeloop Icaros recorded live in ceremony, Maestro Orlando Chujandama - http://thenewrisingsun.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/8/ FEATURING SELECTED ART and FOOTAGE FROM SHUTTERSTOCK STRANGELOOP // WES RICHARDSON // LAYNER MORI HUAYTA // KORB // BEN ZFFILMS // TWO TIGERS // TOM GERAEDTS // GUY SHECHTER // BEEPLE // SAMUEL CURTIS //GAVIN KEECH - ENTPM FULL TEXT: What is the psychedelic experience? Aldous Huxley believed it was the fundamental craving of the human spirit. A desire to turn off the survival biased filter of perception just for a moment... and catch a glimpse beyond the bars of our cognitive prison. The psychedelic experience does not require drugs. Religious history and spiritual traditions are built upon these sublime moments. Messiahs hear the voice of God after a 40 day fast. Holy men, having isolated themselves in a cave, suddenly emerge with visionary truth. But to indulge in a 40 day fast to reach this heightened state is like burning your house down to bake a loaf of bread. One hour in a salt-water isolation tank quiets the noise of sensation until awareness becomes the mirror that reveals you to yourself. A single session of holotropic breathing restricts our mental chatter long enough to plunge you into the zero-state of visionary Inspiration. Then there are the earth movers... The plant medicines at the core of many religious sacraments, which according to Graham Hancock were integral to inspiring the earliest known art in caves throughout Europe. These plants are technologies. In a recent placebo controlled study completed by Johns Hopkins university 18 healthy adults were given Psilocybin, the active ingredient in ‘magic’ mushrooms. Fourteen months after participating in the study, 94% of those who received the drug said the experiment was one of their top five most positive experiences; 40% said it was the single most meaningful experience of their life. Ayahuasca, long called the Master Medicine by the healers of the rainforest, offers an experience with the most visually powerful and mysterious of all molecules endogenous to life, DiMethyltryptamine. Iboga, the root of an African shrub, confronts you with the voice of your own inner truth for 24 waking hours and is being used to treat Heroin addiction with relapse rates reported at a shockingly low 7%. Why doesn’t the world embrace these technologies? Terrence Mckenna has an answer, “It takes courage to take psychedelics – real courage. Your stomach clenches, your palms grow damp, because you realise this is real – this is going to work. Not in 12 years, not in 20 years, but in an hour!" What can the Psychedelic Experience be? The cloth that wipes clean our lens of perception, The compass that points true north to our life’s calling, The lantern in the catacombs of our subconscious, The sword stroke that unfetters the muse, The sunlight that dispels the shadows of our past Or simply a respite of eternity, in the fast flowing river of time. I’ve been to the other side, stared unflinching into the eyes of my eternal soul and seen a matrix of a thousand possible destinies. I’ve witnessed the span of our current universe contained in an unceasing heartbeat, each world a single bloodcell and each contraction a new existence for life itself. I’ve learned of humility on the back of a dragon, felt the terminal extreme of heaven and hell in the marrow of my bones, died and been reborn anew. What will your psychedelic experience be? Courage to you all. *Special thanks to Marija of Not This Body for making this vision come to life, Cory Allen for help with sound, to Jason Silva for inspiring the genre, and to all the teachers, shamans, and the spirit of the very plants themselves that have guided me along this path.

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            • Vision


              from Kirsten Murray / Added

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              A film created by Kirsten Murray and three creative comrades (Matt McArthur, Anna Muckart, and Ben Symes) for the Vision art and design exhibition 2007. Music by Four Tet.

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              • Hipster Vision


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                This video was created for educational purposes. It's the result of a 2 week extra course in AE and video. Film and animations were created by students Digital Design and Media ( DEVINE ) at Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen under supervision of Filip Joos. Idea RetroFuture is a fictional company and this movie is a commercial/ident campaign for it's latest product HipsterVision. The rest is self-explanatory. Film and Animation Jonas Keppens Florian Vanthuyne Chatchai Sribunruang Vaha Malsagov Filip Anthonissen Joeri Wauters Floris Hugelier Sound The Boy That Ate His Glasses [ http://vi.be/theboythatatehisglasses ] Music Soko - I Just Want To Make It New With You Software Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D Camera Canon 5D mark II

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                • The Phantom In The Desert


                  from Philip Bloom / Added

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                  Filmed in the Arizona Desert outside Phoenix and in the Nevada desert around Las Vegas. I have taken my time before posting footage. I first flew a Phantom at the beginning of Feb but haven't had much opportunity to practise my flying skills as I live in London under the Heathrow flight path! There is a lot to learn and as you can see in this edit the best shots, well I think so, are the really controlled slow shots where I held my composition around the cacti. I still am nowhere near good yet. I need the controls to be second nature. The effective reversing of them when facing different ways stills screws with my head the same way switching between Canon and Nikon glass does with it's opposing focus direction! A full review of this and my Phantom 2 with Zenmuse 2 axis gimbal for the GoPro is coming very soon in the meantime this is an edit together of footage shot using the just released DJI Phantom Vision 2+. There is no GoPro footage in this edit. My blog post will also cover in depth the safety aspects as well as the legal stuff you must know! The video review will go much more in depth, compare images etc.... but here are a few words to tie in with this edit to tide you over for now: The 3 axis gimbal of the new Vision 2+ is excellent. It works beautifully and I assume will perform in a very similar way to the the new 3 axis ZenMuse gimbal for the GoPro Hero 3. The camera is the same camera as the standard Vision 2 which doesn't have the gimbal. It's OK. The stills are very good. The video isn't so good, especially when you compare it to the GoPro 3. In fact the GoPro Hero 3+ 2.7K mode is so bloody good that it makes it a shame to shoot with anything else. That being said the integrated system that the Vision 2 and Vision 2+ uses is fantastic and the best way to learn.Having a very good quality "first person view" of what the camera sees on your iphone or android PLUS all the telemetry info which you need makes the system a dream to use. Learning to fly without FPV Is tough as is getting your composition right. The wifi range or the system too is also excellent thanks to the strong repeater built into the controller. In fact it's much better than my current FPV system which I have on my Phantom 2 for my GoPro. That system has many different components from different components that works over an analogue transmitting and receiving system. It's temperamental and far from neat! The Vision 2 set up is SO neat. The 3 axis gimbal does wonders but is fragile. The Phantom 2 is pretty robust. I have crashed a fair few times in my learning curve of flying. I have never done this before, never flied RC helicopters or anything similar. It takes practice, lots of it. The Phantom itself seems to take a fair few crashes with ease. The gimbal though is quite fragile and an impact can cause it to malfunction. In fact if you are learning I would almost recommend the non plus Vision 2 Phantom. You won't get smooth video but the stills are great and it's very robust compared to the gimbal. That is what i bought first to learn with. Made total sense now and I still recommend it even though you will be itching to Upgrade to a gimbal quite quickly. Learn to walk first! :) I shot this in the 1080P 25p. It shoots up to 30p in 1080p. 60p is available in 720p. Avoid the in camera sharpening. I shot this in the "soft" setting. It is that indeed. Really quite soft. I have had to do a lot of work on the footage to try to bring it to life. I still haven't quite succeeded. The standard and high setting are very harsh and unnatural video like. Avoid them! I have done so much sharpening on this footage. Some works better than others. Warp stabilise in Premiere was used on just 3 shots due to high wind. Most of the time it simply wasn't needed. The 3 axis gimbal does wonders. Wind is bloody scary. Even with GPS mode on (which I turn off for intricate moves to avoid the corrections it keeps doing) it can move away from you quite fast if the wind catches it plus also be very careful of battery life. If it gets too low it won't be able to climb and that can be a problem! Bring it back at 30% to be extra cautious. Battery life is around 25 minutes. I ran this through after effects to remove most of the barrel distortion. The bit rate of the the recorded MP4 is also a huge problem. It's around 12 MB/s in the 1080p mode. That's half of AVCHD way short of the GoPro Hero 3+ in 2.7K mode which is around 43 MB/s. If DJI could put a better camera in, it doesn't have to be as high quality as the top end mode of the Hero 3+ (although that would be nice!), something that could give me a highly detailed 1080p image with a higher bitrate then I would be much happier. This edit graded with Colorista II and FilmConvert. 10% off codes below: code: bloom10 at gopb.co/redgiant code: bloom at gopb.co/filmconvert Music is by The Echelon Effect "Safety" from The Music Bed gopb.co/musicbed

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                  • VISION


                    from Alexander Gårdenberg / Added

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                    An experimental collaboration between, Alexander Gårdenberg, Ola Syse & Drasko V. Filmed digitally using ink, oil and an aquarium tank of water. Vision took part in the swedish documentary Press Pause Play, a documentary about the digital and creative revolution. It was broadcasted on swedish SVT2 Visuals: Alexander Gårdenberg www.gardenberg.se Ola Syse www.olasyse.se Music: Drasko V - Inner Life (feat Yoko K.) www.drasticmusic.com

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                    • Hillsong Vision Film 2012


                      from Hillsong Church / Added

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                      God is building a home. He's using us all—irrespective of how we got here—in what He is building. [Ephesians 2]. Hillsong Church is our spiritual home and our prayer is that in 2012 we will continue to be built into all God has purposed us to be. May we continue to build a house of His glory. http://hillsong.com | http://facebook.com/hillsongchurch | http://twitter.com/hillsong

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