1. DIY Steadicam Shot Without a Steadicam! DSLR Camera/Editing Trick!


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    Check out this simple and effective tutorial to learn how to shoot a tracking shot of a running scene with just your camera and a tripod! This camera trick will give your next film the look of a steadicam or zipline dolly rig. Thanks for watching! Check out my Youtube Channel for more great Filmmaking Tips and Tricks! http://www.youtube.com/knoptop Music from this episode: http://www.incompetech.com http://www.freesoundtrackmusic.com Edited on: CS3 Premiere Pro Camera's used: Flip Ultra HD and the Panasonic DMC-TZ5 Lumix Photo camera in HD video mode

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    • Kodak Zi8 TEST - 1080p / 30fps / Landscape


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      Kodak Zi8 Test

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      • Sasha Grey & Microwave [Porn Negative Space]


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        Starring: Sasha Grey holding a magazine & talking to a man. A microwave - Sharp A door & hinges, vanity table & mirror, the angles between wall & ceiling, security cam. Filmed using: Kodak Zi8 & External mic - Sony ecm-ms907 Taken from a clip of Sasha Grey on "CoverMyFace.com"

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        • Kodak Playsport vs. Kodak Zi8 - Comparing resolution test


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          This test compares a "Pre Production" Kodak Playsport and the Kodak Zi8. Same location, same view, same 720p 60fps capture. On the left you see the Zi8-view, on the right the Playsport-view. The introduction is in German, feel free to scroll until the split screen views. Split screen view Kodak Zi8 and Playsport (NO color correction) with original sound Other views Panasonic HDC-SD5 and Canon 7D (these shots with Magic Bullet Looks) I´m sorry for the blur at the beginning. May be I´ve chosen the wrong sequence settings within Final Cut ...

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          • Kodak Zi8 vs. Kodak Zi6 - Comparing resolution test (english version)


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            This test compares the new Kodak Zi8 and the Kodak Zi6. Same location, same view, same 720p capture. On the left you see the Zi8-view, on the right the Zi6-view. We were asked to do this test in English for better understanding, but please be patient ... :-) Split screen view Kodak Zi8 and Zi6. Fullscreen Kodak Zi6. Sound Zi6 and Zi8 with external microphone. 720p because of Zi6 limitation (the Zi8 does 1080p). Final Cut Pro without using Plug-Ins.

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            • Kodak Zi8 Test


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              First video with the new Kodak Zi8

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              • Im Test: Die neue KODAK Zi8 gegen Zi6


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                Wir haben sie als Erster: Die neue KODAK Zi8 und testen sie gegen die Vorgängerin, der Kodak Zi6. The test is in German, but anyway you can see the difference between the resolutions.

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                • Kodak Zi8 1080p Test Footage + Review


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                  I just received the Kodak Zi8 from Adorama and took it around NYC for a little while to get some test footage and see how this thing holds up. I decided to purchase it instead of a FlipCam because it seemed it had a better feature set… let's see! Here's some commentary on the clips from the video: Clip 1 - "Waiting for the 6 Train" Here you can see that because of the mediocre lighting conditions, there's a bit of digital noise in the visual… not terrible, but visible. As far as the sound, I was expecting there to be a lot of distortion on the recorded clip, but it appears the Zi8 automatically attenuated the signal, so the screeching train didn't cause clipping. Clip 2 - "Macro Fountain" The Zi8 has a little "landscape-macro" switch on the top of it. For the most part, you'll probably be leaving this in "landscape" mode, but in the case where you'll want to get close to something and capture a lot of detail, you'll probably need to switch to macro. It seems like it's a "fixed" macro setting, so it only looked crisp when I was at the right distance from the fountain, if I was too close/far away, the image was out of focus. Clip 3 - "Drummer" The microphone on the Zi8 is just a mediocre little mono thing located on the front of the unit. You're not going to capture anything too special with this (sonically), but it does get the job done. There is a manual microphone attenuator in the settings of the Zi8, so I took it down a bit expecting the loudness of the drums to overpower the normal setting. It doesn't sound great, but it's not terrible… for this sort of situation, it appears to get the job done. However, this IS a 3.5mm input jack on the unit, if you'd like to attempt using an external microphone or source. If you really wanted to, you could hook up something like the Rode Stereo VideoMic to the unit, and hold that in one hand while you film with the other. This would be a little precarious, but it would sound a great deal better, and isn't impossible. Clip 4 - "Dancer" Here we can see how the Zi8 captures motion… really not bad, I was expecting worse, especially with the fast movements of a dancer. The captured sound does the trick, especially in this case, where it's really the visual that matters most. Clip 5 - "Soho Street" Here I'm walking around a little bit, and you can see that the image is a bit wobbly. The image seemed to be best when I was using both my hands to try and stabilize the camera, but the image is pretty shaky regardless. This is something that I suppose just comes with the fact that it's such a small and light unit, it's difficult to stabilize. I've seen this issue in other people's test footage as well, kind of a bummer. Clip 6 - "In the R" Here you can see that quick handheld movement in a moving vehicle is… going to make you feel sick. You probably won't be getting too much meaningful footage inside a subway or car/bus for that matter. Perhaps if I was sitting down it'd be a little more bearable. Clip 7 - "Manhattan Skyline" Here I'm doing a pan of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn. The wind makes for a messy audio signal, so if you'd like to get usable audio in a situation like this, you'd probably need an external microphone with a windscreen on it, otherwise you'll just have this. Again, a bit shaky… if I had moved a bit slower it probably would look better, but you get the idea. Pros: So for under $200, this really isn't a bad unit. It does NOT come with internal storage, which one might consider a bad thing, but that's actually something that led me to purchasing it. It takes SD cards, and with those being so cheap nowadays, I felt it was a better choice that being stuck with the internal memory. I mean, you can carry around an infinite number of SD cards, but you can't do anything about increasing the internal memory on a FlipCam. Also, this means I can just pop an SD card into a card-reader rather than having to plug the actual unit into the computer. With the Zi8, either is an option… it has a handy little USB plug that pops out on the side of the unit. There is an HDMI output on the unit and it comes without the proper cable for using it, unlike many more expensive camcorders. Allows you to shoot in 1080p, 720p as well as standard def... it even allows for snapshots. The landscape-macro switch on the top is a nice touch, as you could see in the "fountain" footage. I'm a fan of the 3.5mm microphone input, this gives me some options in the case that I'd like to record better-quality audio. It's a slim and sleek unit, with a relatively large and vibrant screen. There is a tripod mound on the bottom, if you are so-inclined. This would be good for situations where you want to record yourself talking, which would result in an upgrade to your iSight's video for your vlogs and whatnot. Cons: The unit doesn't feel particularly sturdy or strong. Though it looks nice, it feels cheap. Menu/navigation system might be a little over-simplified. Symbols for what you're adjusting could be backed up with words describing the functions, it's just a bit vague at times. Though the rechargeable battery which comes with the unit will last for quite a while, I'd prefer the ability to use AA or AAA batteries. I foresee the situation where I run out of battery power before I run out of space on my SD cards… While on the FlipCam, I've definitely run out of battery power before running out of space, but then I can simply put in another pair of batteries and be on my way. You can charge the unit with the included power adaptor or via the included USB plug, which is convenient. It'd be nice if they had some sort of stereo microphone, especially for when you're capturing casual musical performances. There is no headphone jack… I'd like one of these so I can go through footage without annoying those around me. Final thoughts: Kodak has definitely made a worthy competitor to the FlipCam. I'll be using this unit to gather B-Roll footage on an upcoming shoot, definitely looking forward to it! For under $200, this thing definitely does the trick, especially if you already have a few SD cards lying around. For YouTube version, please go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69NNQgNbRmo (The audio stays synced throughout the YouTube version, not sure why it doesn't here on Vimeo)

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                  • CUBA


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                    to celebrate my 4 decades on earth, my husband, stefan, and i headed to my family's homeland, cuba. i'd had a profound relationship with this place my whole life, but had never stepped foot on it. my relationship with it was a made up of hundreds of personal tales, history books, news reports, novels, coffee table picture books, and political debates, all smashed up with melancholy, nostalgia, bitterness, hopes, dreams, aspirations, love and loss, coated with a heady philosophical debate on the meaning of libertad. over the last 5 years, yet another volume of information has come to me via the internet in the shape of blogs and tweets from my generational counterparts on the island. first person accounts from the other side! their connection with the outside world appears to have the potential to be destiny-changing for cuba, but for me, it already has been. in no small part, knowing more about them - the cuban kids whose parents stayed home as opposed to all of us cuban kids displaced all over the world - about what they think, how they express themselves, their desires for cuba, their thoughts about us, moved me to finally get my damn visa and plane ticket and take the ridiculously short airplane ride across the florida straits.  with stefan's support, encouragement and crazy camera skills, we moved across the island over 10 days that i will undoubtedly remember as some of the most important of my life. acting as my personal reality show production crew, my husband followed me into adventure after adventure: meeting, for the first time, my uncle, the brother my mother left behind; a cousin who mirrors the face of my beloved grandmother; more than a dozen cousins ranging in age from 20 to 80 in 4 different cities. we also managed to stand on the land where my mother and my father's childhood homes had stood, and to drink in the incredibly beautiful landscape that surrounds it. we talked and talked with this recovered family, and cried and cried, and laughed and laughed. they enveloped us with warmth and love, welcoming us like their lost children. in the film you'll see here, all of this happens in spanish, but i'm confident every exchange will be internationally understood. i've come away from the trip with a much more informed point of view - about the island and its people, inside and outside its borders, but perhaps not surprisingly, i've also realized that i've opened up the proverbial box... and i'm not quite sure what is going to come of it. i am quite sure the box is packed, and under so much pressure for so many decades that this trip and this film will be just the beginning of something. what lies below this precious series of encounters will be much more complicated, just as cuba is so much more complicated than those coffee table picture books  and che t-shirts would  have us believe. - gina alvarez ed. note: check out the flickr set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stefanboublil/sets/72157626178771014/ and a visit to the spanish fort in santiago de cuba which had to remain on the cutting room floor: http://www.vimeo.com/21050059

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                    • Kodak Zi8 + Zoom H4n Audio Test + Review


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                      After having done a quick video test for the Kodak Zi8, I decided to do something which would focus more on its audio recording capabilities. I also wanted to test the Zoom H4n, a portable flash recorded I recently purchased… so, here I am, killing two birds with one stone. I setup the Kodak Zi8 about 5 feet from the sound source, which is an upright piano… that's me noodling on it. The Zi8 is mounted on a tripod. About 15 feet away from the piano, I've setup the Zoom H4n recorder. This unit has an XY stereo microphone built into it. It also has the ability to record two inputs, in the form of XLR or 1/4-inch. So, we'll be hearing the built in XY microphone on the unit as well as a pair of AKG 414s which I positioned above the piano, pointing into the open lid. "Kodak Zi8 Internal Microphone" Here we hear the internal microphone on the Zi8. Mono, a bit noisy and perhaps a little too close to the piano to capture a clean sound. In any case, this does the trick for capturing an idea, but definitely doesn't cut it if you're looking for high-quality audio. "Zoom H4n XY Microphone" Here the stereo image opens up suddenly. This XY microphone which is built into the unit is capturing a very natural, coincident stereo sound. It's a very reflective room, so you hear that, as the microphone is about 15 feet from the sound source. "Zoom H4n Pair AKG 414s" Here we're hearing the pair of AKG 414 microphones pointing into the piano. Because the microphones are very close to the sound source, there is significantly less "room" sound. This would be more suitable for a studio recording, while the XY sound would be more appropriate in perhaps a classical or field recording. "Zoom H4n Mix of XY + 414s" Here we have the best of both worlds. We have a blend of the direct signal from the 414s AND some of the room sound from the XY microphone. I believe this is the best overall option in most scenarios. Finally we return to the Zi8 internal microphone to hear the major difference when using external audio equipment. At under $200, I believe the Zi8 does a great job capturing the visual and at under $300, the Zoom H4n does a remarkable job with the audio. For YouTube version, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_knK-OTATw

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