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  1. 29:53


    by Tagtool

    6 Videos

  2. 21:07

    Tagtool for iPad

    by Tagtool

    13 Videos

    Some videos showcasing Tagtool for iPad, the multi-player app for live art. Find out more at www.tagtool.at Get connected at www.facebook.com/tagtool

  3. 01:06:31

    7 Sessions

    by Tagtool

    7 Videos

    7 Sessions is improvised live animation with Tagtool.

  4. 00:00

    Maja Osojnik Band

    by Tagtool

    3 Videos

    Kunstwerkstatt Tulln, 18. 6. 2010 MAJA OSOJNIK | Text, Konzept, Komposition, Gesang MICHAEL BRUCKNER-WEINHUBER | Gitarre CLEMENS WENGER | Akkordeon PHILIP JAGSCHITZ | Klavier BERND SATZINGER | Kontrabass MATTHIAS…

  5. 00:00

    Čira Čara

    by Tagtool

    4 Videos

    festival glattundverkehrt klangraum krems minoritenkirche maja osojnik band mega extended & schnittpunktvokal & oma international 17.7.2010

  6. 00:00

    Wassergasse Sessions 2010

    by Tagtool

    2 Videos

    Tagtool Sessions recorded at Wassergasse in Austria in 2010

  7. 00:00

    Sternbilder @ GarageX

    by Tagtool

    3 Videos

    Huntopia Tourist Board presents: improvised & animated sights and sounds from the star sign with the beak, destination of Hilti’s Odyssey of Oddities, home of the Huns. Live drawing &…

  8. 00:00

    The Wall of Light

    by Tagtool

    11 Videos

    Tagtool Sessions at Illuminating York 2009

  9. 00:00

    Workshop in Košice

    by Tagtool

    9 Videos

    From a Tagtool workshop at the former military barracks in Košice June 13th 2009

  10. 12:37

    Das Tetete: Bienenkino

    by Tagtool

    11 Videos

    Bienenkino ist live improvisierter Trickfilm für Kinder - präsentiert von Tetete. Ensemble: Christian Reiner - Stimme Philip Zoubek - Klavier Mathias Koch - Schlagzeug Maki Dorninger -…

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