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Takafumi Tsuchiya / takcom™ /土屋貴史


Takafumi Tsuchiya, also known as Takcom is a Tokyo based independent motion director, designer and animater.
He has been working for both commercial and artistic projects constantly challenging existent boundaries, through his collaborations with several cutting-edge musicians at cultural events and nightclub live performances.
By using the various technique such as mixing pre-recorded sources and handmade (or keyframed) animations with generated materials,
He is on constant quest for universal visual language, based on new ethics.

His works were highly praised by legendary experimental film maker Toshio Matsumoto when in college.
Now, they have been screened at international festivals, galleries and publications around the world
including Onedotzero, Pictoplasma, Rojo-Nova, Portable Film Fest, EMAF, DOTMOV, Stash, Nowness, among others.

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