Tara Lee Burns

Brooklyn, NY

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"Burns is gifted with a movement style that appears as if her energy stems from a wild, primal source and is then tamed through her strength and direction." ~ Lindy T. Shepard, Orlando Weekly

Choreographer and media artist Tara Lee Burns creates collages of grand imagery balanced by detailed physicality and humanity. In her latest work, The Making of Statues, Burns carefully integrates athletic and sensual movement within a projected environment. Her choreography has been performed throughout Florida, including as an Alumna Emerging Choreographer at the University of Florida and the Orlando International Fringe Festival, among others, and in NYC at Triskilion Arts, the HATCH Series, Soundance Theater and most recently at Red Bean Studio Theater in Nov. 2010. She has performed throughout the US, Germany & the UK with various companies and currently dances with Adele Myers and Dancers. Tara received a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Florida and an MA in Digital Performance at The University of Hull/Doncaster, UK.

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