Jorge Thielen-Armand

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I can’t say I was interested in cameras or art since I was young. I was too busy wearing my Spider-Man costume on any day of the year, doing magic, and listening to grandpa’s stories. I was the kid who refused to believe that Santa didn’t exist, the child who ran away from home at ten years old and turned back after twenty minutes, a little man at the all-boys Catholic School who did everything but learn. Looking back on my childhood, now I understand why I film.
I have always been interested in stories about strange places and people who do wild things (like Santa and Spider-Man), hence all the daydreaming I did during my childhood. I do film because I find great pleasure in conceptualizing ideas and creating surreal scenarios to entertain people.
I finished my B.A. in Communication Studies at Concordia University and I am currently based in Toronto, Ontario. In April 2012, I began working on my first independent documentary, The Lone Pearl. I directed a team of five filmmakers who did incredible things to raise funds for the production and shot the film in Venezuela over the summer of 2012.
While I’m working on the post-production of my film, I offer video services to artists and businesses. I have extensive experience in making marketing videos, music videos, live event videos, corporate videos and more. I work closely with my clients and I am always available during the editing process for any changes. My multicultural background and attentive work ethic has built me strong relationships with clients and peers. My objective is to make high-quality videos to help my clients rise above the competition.

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