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Tasook (Tasos Bakas) is a motion and interactive media designer, specialising in motion graphics and interface design. He started his career in Athens in 1998, then moved to London in 2000, where he has successfully freelanced since.

His studies and strong background in visual communication design and graphics, translated easily into web design and rich media. Since 1998, he has delivered a variety of projects in which he has participated in part, or worked on from beginning to end. He is comfortable being involved in all stages of a project, from conceptual design to final production. He mostly enjoys working with a team and in agencies, but is also happy working in his own studio and for his own clients.

Concept is everything. Tasos believes that every creative solution is ideally based on a solid, unique and intelligent idea. Each project follows it's own process and explores new ways of expression, in order to communicate the message and the brand.

Agencies he has worked with include:

LBi, FramFab, Crayon, Fjord, Oglivy Interactive, Dare Digital, Agency.Com, EHS Brann, AllTogether, Disney, Engine, Saatchi & Saatchi and more

Clients include:

Sony, Deutche Bank, Nokia, AOL, TfL, Boots, Chesterfield, Marlboro, Macromedia, Kodak, BA, BT, ntl, Abbey, 3, Vodafon, Vauxhall, Phillips, RSA, The Roundhouse, Epson, Selfridges and more.

Motion Graphics and Interactive Design.

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