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Margaux started photography at the age of fourteen, and has never stopped since then to practice her passion for images through both photography and film.
After graduating at the London film school in 1998, she works as a director of photography on fiction, music videos and comercials for 8 years.
Then, she moves on to direct her own films. In 2009, she directs her first short film, « That Sunday », which was selected in numerous festivals through out Europe.

Her film experience has a strong impact on her personal work in photography. She controls lighting and framing to dramatize her pictures, and guides her audience into her own emotional experience of the world.
Where the shadows and light encounter, time passes. For Margaux, photography is the medium to catch that moment.

She has a very rich and intense personal work, which is exhibited in galeries in Paris. She also takes part with some her series in international events in Arles(France), Brasil and Tunisia.
The different series of photographs she produces are intimately linked to the questions which preoccupy her and enable us to witness the emergence and construction of a woman (and, by extension, other women), through the emotions felt or seen during her childhood and adolescence and learning about femininity and the perception of others.

She has a very successful collaboration with the American Vintage brand in 2010 in Paris, which launches her as a fashion photographer. Her vision of femininity is passionate and alive. She has great talent at filming women, making them look naturaly beautiful.

Tatiana Margaux lives and works in Paris.

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