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With the cooperation of Elvis Presley’s estate, artist Jeff Scott gained unprecedented access to Elvis’s personal possessions and property. For the past decade, Scott has been creating enigmatic and challenging fine-art objects and has produced, Elvis: The Personal Archives, a complex portrait of the man as told the prism of his private belongings. The way Scott juxtaposes Elvis’s gun collection and his vanity police badges reveals a fundamental rift between Presley’s rebellious reputation and his private obsession with police and authority figures. Elvis’s Gold Bedside Telephone, TV with Bullet Hole, Hai Karate Cologne, Thumbprint and Elvis’s Tennessee Drivers License all provide a rare portrayal of Elvis’s inner life, placing the very public man in a more intimate context. With this work, Scott explores our complex relationship with modern celebrity culture and the ways in which our possessions and material objects often outlive us to tell our story.

The combination of objects and words—or more accurately, of objects and objects with words—found in Scott’s photographic works not only recalls aspects of classic cubist collages and paintings but also forms echoes of similar joinings in earlier American still life painting. – E.A. Carmean, Jr.

Scott is known for his iconic imagery of America’s cultural landscape. Scott has exhibited widely in the United States, and his work is in the Permanent Collections of the Dallas Museum of Art, The Smithsonian Institution, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Polo Ralph Lauren, Disney and The National Trust for Historic Preservation. Photo-polymer gravure works from his fine-art series based on Elvis’s personal objects have been on exhibition at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh. Scott is the author of Elvis: The Personal Archives, a stunning collection of his artwork from his series of the same name.

Scott's latest work, Notes From A Kitchen: A Journey Inside Culinary Obsession, explores what happens when the world's most celebrated and innovative young chefs grant unrestricted private access to an obsessive contemporary artist. Scott's rare access inside these chefs' kitchens and private lives allowed him to uncover and reveal the enigmatic creative process inside the culinary world.

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