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I would have never thought I would be in the film business. it is almost like this career chose me. I first started in photography with another photographer; we became business partners and started making a name for ourselves called J&J Multimedia Group. We then started doing music videos for upcoming local artists and I was also good with computers so I taught myself how to edit photos and videos. Further along in our journey, we came in contact with a director who wanted to put us on set to help shoot his thriller featured film "The Class Reunion" and ever since then, I fell in love with film making. Awhile later, my business partner and I decided to take different routes and venture out on our own so I went on my journey to become an aspiring director. Through it all, it was rough sometimes because it felt like nobody believed in my new dream of becoming a film director. At one point, I couldn't get anyone to work with me; from writers to actors, etc. I then started to lose hope and motivation. Until one day, my cousin sent me a link to check out and recommended that I check it out as soon as possible. It was a speaker by the name of Eric Thomas and I'll never forget his speech "If You Really Want To Do Something You'll Find A Way If You Don't You'll Find An Excuse". That speech alone spoke volumes and gave me a whole new outlook on life and my dream. It gave me a stronger drive than before. I went back to work and told myself if people don't believe in me, I'm just going to have to show them what I can do rather than tell them. So I then started to write my own scripts learning more and more about directing, editing, camera movements, and other equipment. I learned how to do my own mini videos and created skits with some friends around the way. One of my biggest accomplishments was working on my first film "Bad News: The HIV Awareness Short Film". It took awhile to shoot but became a success in the end. I got back a lot of unexpected but great feedback along with some bad which motivated me more. Now in 2014 I'm on an mission to greatness and will not let anyone get in the way of my dream.

Success Does Not Require You To Look Out The Window. It Requires You To Look In The Mirror.

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