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TDF Advertising specializes in Above the Line (ATL) advertising strategies, which promote brands using conventional forms of mass media such as the television, the radio, printed media and outdoor space.

We began with a simple idea; In order to be seen, you have to do something new. Competition is increasing day by day, and unless your brand is in regular communication with its target groups, it will get lost amongst the growing brands. But what is just as important as the communication is the communication itself. This needs to be novel and eye-catching. And we strive to make our work reflective of this belief.

Tusker Mattresses became Tusksys, ‘Your Friendly Supermarket’, and also underwent an image change; it became hipper and trendier, with the lyrics of ‘Tusksys Mambo Yote’ also echoing this.
We cast a lion in a lead role for a TV commercial, making heads turn and yet again, consolidating Supaloaf as brand leader in its category.

We are also the first to introduce Inflatable Advertising to Kenya, with our exclusive tie-up with Nakumatt. In addition to that, we are also introducing various other innovative and cutting-edge in-store and outdoor advertising concepts. So, whether it’s a print design, a storyboard or an outdoor concept, we believe that our ideas are unique and can make your brand stand apart from the rest.

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