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Uk Freelance 3d designer and modeller.
Studied at Teesside University and graduated in 2007.
Currently using Mixtures of Zbrush/Sculptris/3dsMax/Blender to do my works. I have helped design and play-test a variety of games and characters for computer games such as the Character "Baby Bear" for Big Bear Studios and the as yet still in the works Boxy (play test name) character game for the Iphone. Currently looking to start my own animation studio to create animations using open source software as Blender and some paid products like Zbrush and XSI.
Hobbies include creating characters, robotics, human computer interfaces and inventing.

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  1. This is fantastic!, Now if I want to have a scene sorted out and then just set several cameras to record the scenes in the right order. Really thank you for this :)