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  1. Documentary Film

    by Brian Van Peski

    736 Videos / 35.1K Followers

    A place for Vimeo's documentaries including full documentaries, single chapters, or extended trailers, over 3 minutes in length.

  2. Socially Minded Documentaries

    by Allison Fisk

    1,102 Videos / 3,839 Followers

    This is a channel for filmmakers to put their finished documentaries, trailers, and teasers so that more people can see them and learn about the people and issues we try to advocate for. Unfinished…

  3. Idealist.org: Making Good Ideas Travel

    by Idealist.org

    294 Videos / 1,531 Followers

    The Idealist.org Channel is the place to find videos about social change, nonprofits, community involvement and good ideas. Share your favorite "good idea" video by sending us a message…

  4. Endangered Animals

    by Team Explore

    3 Videos / 2 Followers

    Endangered Animals

  5. Human Rights

    by Team Explore

    1 Video / 2 Followers

    Human Rights

  6. Spiritual Collection

    by Team Explore

    3 Videos / 1 Follower

    Spiritual Collection

  7. Explore Tutorials

    by Team Explore

    5 Videos / 1 Follower

  8. Dog Bless You Submissions

    by Team Explore

    65 Videos / 1 Follower

    for DBY website

  9. Brazil Films

    by Team Explore

    3 Videos / 1 Follower

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