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  1. Visual/Special FX

    by BK Garceau, III joined

    13.4K Videos / 5,010 Members

    For any film/video that uses visual or special effects, whether its 2D/3D animation, green screen compositing, or just cool effects! Share your creative ideas, thoughts and expressions!

  2. Digital Matte Painters

    by daniel giron joined

    7 Videos / 12 Members

    A place for photoreal matte paintings

  3. Matte painting with Photoshop

    by keltoi joined

    96 Videos / 103 Members

    Matte painting made with photoshop, video of elaboration of matte painting.

  4. Matte painting

    by Rasoul joined

    50 Videos / 48 Members

  5. Matte Painting

    by Gordon Tarpley joined

    472 Videos / 908 Members

    A place for anything related to matte painting and/or set extension. Tutorials and Demo reels are more than welcome.

  6. VFX Projects

    by alberd jacuzzi joined

    6,926 Videos / 2,660 Members

    In this group you can find all VFX and Effect-tests made by vimeo artists. Every effect from every program is desired. Have fun

  7. compositing, animation, VFX Group

    by alex kuznetsov joined

    11K Videos / 3,107 Members

  8. Motionographer

    by Matt Daniels joined

    26.4K Videos / 6,872 Members

    Share your motion graphics. Thanks. Enjoy.

  9. Motion Graphics

    by Cagri Cesmeci joined

    12.7K Videos / 3,601 Members

    Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

  10. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    44.5K Videos / 11.8K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  11. Motion Graphic Artists

    by Danny Garcia joined

    74.4K Videos / 25.9K Members

    A place for all the creative people that create today's motion graphics for film, television, web, and everywhere in between! Don't forget to post (or link) your best work here. Especially…

  12. VFX Motion Graphic

    by Ragazzo joined

    15K Videos / 5,302 Members

    Hello folks, this group should be a big place for new inspirations. So be creative and upload the best work you can. I'm glad to see you here. Still another thing, please don't upload…

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