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Seattle, WA

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We are a group of filmmakers who are all current or past mentors or staff of Reel Grrls (reelgrrls.org), an after-school filmmaking program for teenage girls.

In 2008 we joined together to enter the International Documentary Challenge (documentarychallenge.org), a timed filmmaking competition. The competition is five days long. Teams receive a theme and a genre on the first day, and turn in their final film before midnight on the end of the fifth day. Our entry that year, "Click Whoosh," won the grand prize: Best Film.

Since then, we've competed as a team in the International Documentary Challenge every year. We've learned from each other and grown as filmmakers, and we've had lots of fun making 7 short documentaries to date. These films have screened internationally at over 20 festivals, winning a total of 9 awards.


Past and current members of Union Street Films:

Celena Adler
Stacia Beer
Launa Changnon
Ruth Gregory
Holly Houser
Mandy Hubbard
Lila Kitaeff
Sami Kubo
Reid Kuennen
Maile Martinez
Sara McCaslin
Moira Morel
Dacia Saenz
Sukhi Sanghera
Kelli Schmidt
Rebekah Stackhouse
Lane Stroud
Danny Tayara
Nadja Dee Witherbee