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Tea Time with Tayla is an entertaining and educational show for kids, children, toddlers and babies in preschool, kindergarten, or homeschool.

Episodes include nursery rhymes, ABCs, colors, sing-a-longs, shapes, numbers, and so much more!

Email Club: bit.ly/pjqGzs

-- Educational Playlists --
Nursery Rhymes - bit.ly/1im6ejE
ABCs & Phonics - bit.ly/1hUQ4l3
Learn Colors - bit.ly/1mUFYUt
Learn Numbers - bit.ly/1mVSoZx
How to Draw - bit.ly/1qeTeT6
Animals and Insects - bit.ly/1lLXGJK
Crafts for Kids - bit.ly/1e5XIcP

WEAR a Tea Time T-Shirt:
Kids - bit.ly/IPSB1W
Adults - bit.ly/1fj920b

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