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For more television themes visit us at teeveesgreatest.webs.com/

I'm serious about TV themes, and I endevour to find rare themes and if I cant find it, I'll make it.

The ones here are sadly not allowed on YouTube as sometimes there's absolutely no reason and its just not fair.
I do believe in copyright, but not when its a small snippet or theme that may actually encourage a person to buy the DVD or soundtrack. I don't believe in posting whole programs at all, and making whole CD's available for download free. I know the damage it does to these professions,

I look at TV themes as educational, as how else are people able to see where this industry has come, and what their parents listened to as kids.
I quote Mark Twain when he said “Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.”

Well enjoy and leave a comment so I know you've dropped by!

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