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Teilo Troncy (1985) is a choreographer, dancer and teacher currently living in Bordeaux (France). After his acting and contemporary dance training at the Conservatory of Bordeaux, he studied at the School for New Dance Development “SNDO” in Amsterdam to develop, challenge and deepen his work in relation to dance and performance art.
His interest on igniting dialogues between mind and body, between the conscious and unconscious, and between audience and performance are central to his artistic practice.
His work has been shown in festivals and theatres in Holland, Germany, France, Ukraine and Spain.
Alongside he has performed (among others) for the choreographers Boris Charmatz, Martin Nachbar, Steve Paxton, Mathilde Monnier. He is currently guest teacher at the professional dance training Lullaby Danza Project (Bordeaux, France) and in Dansateliers (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).

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