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Some of the footage and timelapses of Telling Life are available for licensing through Getty Images:

I'm Noelia, an award-winning Visual Storyteller Journalist / Filmmaker / Photographer originally from Spain, but living in Australia (for 3 years now, wow, time really flies!), before was London, Barcelona, my beautiful Tenerife and next...? I don't know, where the next project or/and idea takes me...

I love telling stories through image, it is what I have done all my professional life, during 15 years, through documentary films, short films/videos, photography and as a Tv News reporter and journalist. I like to tell stories from different perspectives. And I just see things 'in my head' and actually, this is my answer when people ask me about how I do what I do; It just comes to my mind and flows, I just see angles, light, stories, scripts, shots, beginnings and ends... in everywhere, so, yes, it is more than a job, it is pretty much a way of living. Sometimes, you can find me walking through the streets and looking to the sky; "I'm sure I saw a new perspective from here or I can use that corner for my next project..."

Sometimes, this passion drives me crazy, seriously. And many times when I'm filming or taking photos, I feel that I’m flying and time stops. Crazy eh? I don’t understand life without telling stories, it would be so boring! I’m a ‘story-teller of life’, or at least, it is the way I like to see myself.

During these 15 years, I've worked as a journalist for TV Channels such as Antena 3, Telecinco in Spain, and as a documentary storyteller - filmmaker, and photographer for corporate clients, and specially for governments, public sector and NGOs in Europe and Australia. Filming and photographing different kind of sectors and themes: tourism, culture and art, education, sport, science, nature and environmental conservation, multiculturalism and many other beautiful stories...

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  • Telling Life - Telling Life is a CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY who uses VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY as a strategy to tell your story. It is not just a video or a photo, we always find a story to tell! And we take care of the entire process: from the script to the end product


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