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Film is a part of his many passions. When the dream of taking over Kurt Cobain as the next big rockstar was over(being kicked out of bands too many times) and playing professional football in Europe wasn't an option anymore(dodgy ankle), he decided to venture into film making.

So far, film editing has been a big part of his professional career and he's getting recognition for it. He has collaborated with some of the most awesome directors all around the world. But his theory is, " Editing is only a stepping stone to being a complete film maker. I learn from being away from the limelight, I have observed how people climb up the hills and fall down to the ground. Every project is a learning classroom for me. If I suck in directing, I'll still be a kickass editor"

So let's see what he can do...


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  8. Derek Richards
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  10. Rain Li
  11. Gravity Films
  12. American Buffalo
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  15. Wanda Productions
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