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After receiving his degree in Graphic Design in Mexico City, Jorge moved to Vancouver to pursue his passion; a career in animation. His first student short film screened at the International Festival of Cinema & Technology in Portland, Oregon in January 2010.

His combined talents of visual effects, graphic design and animation have given him opportunities to work on professional projects such as visual effects on the award winning series "Compendium" from Vancouver Film School, websites for local and international businesses and his first attempt at 2D animation got him showcased on twitter for the Emmy award winning series "Star Wars Uncut".

He was recently granted his permanent residency in Canada and is proficient in both Spanish and English. Currently, he is a freelance CG Generalist who is looking for full time work at a visual effects/animation studio in Vancouver. He is also an AnimSchool student with impressive work on their showcase and is working on an animated short that he co-created that is currently in the early stages of pre-produciton.

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